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Usagi Yojimbo, Book 9: DaishoOriginally Published By Mirage, Stan Sakai S Rabbit Ronin Continues His Journey Through A Lawless Land Usagi Meets A Mysterious Assassin Disguised As A Priest, Encounters Dishonest Gamblers, And Comes To The Aid Of The Unfortunate Introduction By James Robinson Starman, Leave It To Chance.

!!> Epub ➠ Usagi Yojimbo, Book 9: Daisho ➟ Author Stan Sakai – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 197 pages
  • Usagi Yojimbo, Book 9: Daisho
  • Stan Sakai
  • 08 March 2018
  • 9781569712924

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    Damn, this one story with Lady Hirano and Usagi hit me right in the feels Superb drama mister Sakai, hats off Enjoyed the Jei return and as always, Gen was a thrill I love the hornless Rhino, the Gen Usagi duo is pure gold And a big thanks for reminding me why i respect and love Jap...

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    Usagi Yojimbo, on the surface is a simple concept Anthropomorphic animals in 16th century Edo Japan with the narrative centering around a Long Eared Samurai , a Rabbit the eponymous Usagi of the title Usagi,literally means Rabbit in Japanese and Yojimbo refers to Bodyguard Rabbit Bodyguard It mixes several references to the Samurai films of Kurosawa with a deliberate homage to the great samurai swordsman Miyamoto Musashi while treading its own unique path There really isn t another comic like it on the stands and Sakai has been writing, plotting and drawing this gem for the past twenty five years or sticking to what must seem like a cutthroat monthly schedule He makes it all look so easy which just proves it probably isn t Usagi is a Ronin a masterless Samurai He wanders the land on a Warriors Pilgrimage, honing his mind and his sword A near master swordsman, Usagi practices a unique fighting style His gentle demeanor, humble bearing and diminutive frame often leads his adversaries to underestimate him to their detriment The Kill Bill films of Tarantino center around the bloodshed unleashed by Samurai swords in the hands of a skilled wielder The aesthetization of violence is a common theme with Tarantino and he repeatedly uses Japanese samurai motifs over the course of the two Kill Bill films I enjoyed those films but they led me to expect the same within the pages of Usagi Yojimbo The animal characters are mostly cute I ex...

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    I can still tell I m missing out having started well into the series, but this volume was easily as strong as the last, so even Sakai tells several stories that work powerfully toward establishing characters and emphasi...

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    I ve read a few single issues of Usagi in the past, but this hardcover was the first time I read a few in chronological order.The stories are interesting enough, they are usually short, spreading across one or two issues, and can be enjoyed, for the most part, without prior Usagi Yojimbo...

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    Pocali su ponovo na i objavljivati Usagia pa sam s police skinu ovaj nastavak da se podsjetim di smo stali Uze sam prelistat, pa poca itat I nisam sta dok nisam do a do kraja Da, dobar je to strip Dobar koliko pamtim da je dobar Napet, emotivan, uzbudljiv, romanti an.

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    I don t think I can get tired of Usagi Yojimbo While the dialogue definitely feels slightly dated, the series is just too charming and interesting to put down I love the care and attention to detail Sakai pours into every frame as he delves deeper into feudal Japanese history, constantly expanding the feeling of discovery.This volume also takes an intriguing turn in his storytelling style Typically, Usagi stories are one offs, some as short as 3 or 4 pages, rarely connecting to any larger plot But in this volume, events in the small stories led to the events in the larger stories, and the consequences of the larger stories were felt in the preceding tales It s actually a very welcome ch...

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    Nuevamente me deleit leyendo una de las entregas del conejo samurai, extra amente este libro fue el primero que compr de dicho personaje, por all en el a o de 2011 Que puedo decir al respecto Simplemente excelente y que el pr logo es uno de los m s interesantes que he le do hasta la fecha, ya que encapsula ese momento en los comics independientes en qu...

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    The Daisho storyline itself wasn t particularly interesting, though it brought Gen back into the fold and introduced Stray Dog, a compelling character also, a didactic intermezzo about Japanese swordsmithing was very welcome Sakai has also produced some great panoramas and his attempts at intimate close in fight scenes are fine, but easy to skim through they re not quite there yet Dais...

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    The Daisho storyline was engrossing and had a sidetrack about making swords which was interesting This collection also had the flashback story about Lady Hirano and how she and Usagi find themselves trapped by life He discovered his love had married and he can t do anything about it She being required to marry in order to bind two clans together Then again, Usagi has the possibility of finding love again in the future while Hirano is forced...

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    One thing I ve never mentioned in my reviews of Usagi is just how historically accurate the book is One of the best examples happens in this book When Usagi s samurai swords are stolen, Sakai uses it as an opportunity to explain how exactly the swords are made Another gre...

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