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    This is one long 2 other short stories by Sheckley, all well narrated.Watchbird is Williamson s The Humanoids crossed with Australia s issues with invasive species It s obvious from the start somewhat clunky in the delivery, but still a good message 3 starsWarrior Race is kind of mind blowing, very well delivered It s a fun sort of puzzler Just how are they going to get out of this mess 4 starsAnd Beside Still Waters reminded me of the Twilight...

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    An interesting story about technology and the perils of introducing one pest the watchbird to eliminate another murder It kind of reminded me of a futuristic version of the cane toad dilemma in Australia.

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    Engineers create an intelligent, learning robot bird which is given the task to prevent murder It s allowed to learn what murder is, and its definition expands and expands until humanity finds itself not even able to operate on dying patients because it causes harm or to eat a salad plants have feelings, too So they must find some way to get rid of these watchbirds, before they starve.A classic warning to not interfere with the natural order Or, at least, to make sure and give your compu Engineers create an intelligent, learning ro...

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    This story is particularly noteworthy today with the expansion of drone technology, butimportantly is the warning it serves for those who think technology can provide solutions to human problems.

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    I found this book read kind of like a comedy, it was a bit silly I found the ending was a bit rushed also.

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here I liked the idea but didn t like implementation Too many flaws in watchbirds, too many times when you read and think Really And they couldn t make watc...

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    One of the best SF stories I ve read Short, but manages to tell you all you need to know It shows how people can get addicted from technology and how this technology can turn against them The only way to save themselves is to create another tech...

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    Great satirical science fiction.Has all the necessary ingredients to satisfy the science fiction reader good hard scientific background and a healthy dose of speculation.It also has the qualities to please t...

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    fun short story with a few things to think about 1950s sci fi rules.

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