[Epub] ➟ R in a Nutshell ➤ Joseph Adler – Justinfoline.us

R in a Nutshell If You Re Considering R For Statistical Computing And Data Visualization, This Book Provides A Quick And Practical Guide To Just About Everything You Can Do With The Open Source R Language And Software Environment You Ll Learn How To Write R Functions And Use R Packages To Help You Prepare, Visualize, And Analyze Data Author Joseph Adler Illustrates Each Process With A Wealth Of Examples From Medicine, Business, And Sports.Updated For R 2.14 And 2.15, This Second Edition Includes New And Expanded Chapters On R Performance, The Ggplot2 Data Visualization Package, And Parallel R Computing With Hadoop.Get Started Quickly With An R Tutorial And Hundreds Of ExamplesExplore R Syntax, Objects, And Other Language DetailsFind Thousands Of User Contributed R Packages Online, Including BioconductorLearn How To Use R To Prepare Data For AnalysisVisualize Your Data With R S Graphics, Lattice, And Ggplot2 PackagesUse R To Calculate Statistical Fests, Fit Models, And Compute Probability DistributionsSpeed Up Intensive Computations By Writing Parallel R Programs For HadoopGet A Complete Desktop Reference To R

[Epub] ➟ R in a Nutshell  ➤ Joseph Adler – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 699 pages
  • R in a Nutshell
  • Joseph Adler
  • English
  • 07 October 2017
  • 9781449312084

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    Good introduction to R reference

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    I picked up this book because i I wanted to learn about R for a long time, ii I had a visualization project for which I needed a good automated graphing tool, and iii I was too sick to do anything else that day But how to start quickly with addressing goals i and ii Luckily for me, after about an hour of Quora and Google ing, I bumped into Joseph Adler s book, R in a Nutshell Overall, and perhaps also due to iii , the experience with this book was truly excellent, and I would recommend to starters to read this book over any other R book.First, R in a Nutshell is a technical introduction to R, a programming environment for building data processing and visualization pipelines, especially of the type I needed This is a mouthful, so let me explain technical, because the author knows the technology behind and in R, and knows how to explain it to a professional with prior technical knowledge A bit of background I ve done programming since I was 10 12, and hold a software engineering degree and programming environment, meaning a programming language, but also an IDE better, as I learned from the book, to use RStudio 1 , and many, many useful libraries 2 High productivity indeed data processing and visualization is in my view a well understood process in information systems, which consists of every stage after collecting data ...

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    A good reference for the R language Adler takes a nuts and bolts approach, starting with R s fundamental classes and working up through it s higher level stuff, and wrapping up with how to actually use it R to do statistical analysis Remember BYOSK 1 I took a cover to cover approach with this book at first but found that it served me better when I neede...

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    Not the clearest O Reilly book I ve read, but it s hard to know if that s the author or R, which is a weird piece of software Assumes you know a lot of stats data science already, and uses a lot of real world data sets examples Not designed as a gentle intro.

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    This is a great introduction to R, but as he says in the book, it is no substitute for a solid foundation in statistics It inspired me to purchase Statistics Unplugged, which I also highly recommend.

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