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When It Rains: A MemoirPDF Epub When It Rains A Memoir Maggie MacKellar Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk My Body, Suddenly, Carries Two Stories Of Loss One Is Easy For People To Recognise My Mother Died Of Cancer I Watched Her Age Twenty Five Years In Eight Weeks My Other Story Marks Me As Different It Is Silent And Savage, It Is Not Pure And No One Knows How To Approach It Somewhere I Lost My Husband When Maggie S Vibrant Young Husband, Father To A Five Year Old Daughter And An Unborn Son, Dies Tragically, Maggie Is Left Widowed And Due To Give Birth Three Months Later To Their Second Child Then Her Beloved Mother, Backbone Of The Family, Mother To Three Children And Grandmother To Two, Dies Suddenly Of Aggressive Cancer In Two Short Years, Maggie S Life Has Shattered After A Year, She Gives Up Trying To Juggle Single Motherhood And The Demands Of An Academic Career And Returns With Her Children To The Family Farm In Central Western New South Wales To Take Stock And Catch A Breath The Farm Becomes A Redemptive, Healing Place For Maggie And Her Children As They Battle The Heat And Drought That Only The Australian Landscape Can Offer She Throws Herself Into The Horses, Sheep, Ducks, And Chickens And Slowly, Finally, Realizes She Has Found A New Shape For Herself Written By A Brilliant New Talent, When It Rains Is A Meditation On Grief And The Vagaries Of The Human Condition, And A Stunning Memoir About Piecing Back Together A Life, And Moving Forward, One Step At A Time.

[Reading] ➬ When It Rains: A Memoir ➳ Maggie MacKellar – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 226 pages
  • When It Rains: A Memoir
  • Maggie MacKellar
  • English
  • 04 July 2018
  • 9781742752273

    10 thoughts on “[Reading] ➬ When It Rains: A Memoir ➳ Maggie MacKellar – Justinfoline.us

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    It feels somehow wrong to call a memoir of death, loss, grief, and mourning beautiful, but MacKellar s prose is lilting, poetic, and heart wrenchingly haunting Her descriptions of mourning her husband, whom she lost to suicide after a long bout of mental illness, and her descriptions of her mother, whom she lost to cancer,...

  2. says:

    An astonishing memoir Maggie Mackellar faced two significant bereavements within quite a short space of time Firstly her husband kills himself in rather dramatic circumstances, and then her mother gets a nasty cancer It is about them both of course, but also about Maggie, her survival and her kids It s remarkably well written, and a quick read despite the rather depressing subject matter Maggie lea...

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    This is not one to speed read It s written so thoughtfully, I was lulled in by the language The topic, grief, is a bit tough, but the journey is so beautiful, with grief resolved through country living The life of the farm and country trips evokes such wholesome living, quite the opposite of my suburban experie...

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    I thought this book had huge potential when I read the back of it And it certainly could have But in my opinion it was poorly written I found the author wrote about feelings and how she was feeling rather than the unfolding events of the story I prefer both.

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    Some very beautiful and emotive passages describing Maggie s grief and pain after her husband s suicide and mother s death soon after, from cancer Sadly, interspersed between these are repetitive and drawn out pages of descriptions of mundane day...

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    This lady has poured out her grief An emotional book She made me cry so much with her mothers death and the impact on her life forever My own mother passed away several years ago and there is no end to the pain.

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    Easy reading on a very exhausting subject The country aspect was very enjoyable.

  8. says:

    I loved how poetic it was at times This novel really gave a raw insight into dealing with grief However i did find it a little repetitive at times but overall i really loved this novel.

  9. says:

    I loved this book Raw, honest and so personal, I feel like I ve made a new friend in Maggie.

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    This little memoir didn t take me long to read, and once I started I wanted to carry on till it was finished, so I have dark circles this morning after sitting up in bed reading till almost 1 am Maggie tells us the story of her life, how as a young mother of a five year old daughter and an unborn son, her husband spiralled out of control, with his mental health becoming and unstable Faced with bringing up her young children by herself, she is shocked with her mothers cancer diagnosis and death not long after.Finding herself grieving and trying to work and bring up her children by herself, Maggie packs the family up and heads out to the country to stay on the family farm It is here that you can feel a healing happening, a bit of normality even though her dreams are haunted by her husband.I like a ...

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