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Aliens in the Forest For The First Time Ever, The Eyewitness In One Of The World S Most Intriguing And Least Known UFO Cases Speaks Out In Public And Gives Complete Information Never Previously Revealed About His Terrifying Encounter With Aliens In A Dark Forest Near Cisco Grove, California In The Fall Of 1964, An Event Much Stranger Than Fiction Took Place In The Ruggedly Scenic Foothills Of The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range In The Tahoe National Forest Into This Remote Wilderness Stepped 26 Year Old Donald Shrum, Who Planned To Enjoy A Relaxing Weekend Hunting Deer With His Bow And Arrows As He Entered The Forest, Joking And Laughing With His Two Hunting Buddies, Little Did Shrum Suspect That Shortly He Would Be Locked In The Midst Of A Terrifying 12 Hour Struggle With Alien Forces Armed Only With His Wits And One Of Mankind S Most Primitive Weapons, Shrum Expended Every Ounce Of His Strength In An All Night Battle Against Invaders That Seemed Bent On Overtaking Him And Carrying Him Away To A Fate Worse Than Death This Is The Story That The World Has Been Waiting For Decades To Hear Because He Worked For A Company That Made Missiles For The U.S Military, The Eyewitness Never Revealed His True Identity In Connection With His UFO Encounter Until Now This Is First And Only Fully Authorized Account Ever Written About This Astonishing UFO Incident This UFO Case Was Called The Most Spectacular Report We Have Examined By Coral Lorenzen Of The Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Committee APRO Paul Cerny Of The Mutual UFO Network MUFON Said, There Is Absolutely No Doubt In My Mind That This Incident Is Factual And Authentic I Have Spent Considerable Time Plus Many Visits With The Main Witness, And Along With The Testimony Of The Other Witnesses, I Can Rule Out Any Possibility Of A Hoax The Telling Of This Incredible Tale For The First Time Ever Is With The Full Cooperation And Permission Of Mr Donald R Shrum, The Key Eyewitness, His Wife Judi, And Their Son Dan Judi Shrum, In The Book S Foreword, Writes, After All These Years And For The First Time Ever, We Are Disclosing In This Book The Entire Story Of My Husband S Amazing UFO Encounter In Hopes That Others May Learn From It, That Others May Finally Know Precisely What Happened To Us, And That Perhaps, Even So Many Years After The Fact, Somehow We Might Be Able To Gain Additional Insight Into Exactly What Did Happen In That Dark Forest Prepare Yourself For This Astonishing True Story That Injects You Directly Into The Middle Of A Horrifying Nightmare Come To Life And Is Far Bizarre Than Any Science Fiction Novel Ever Could Be

[Download] ➶ Aliens in the Forest  Author Noe Torres – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 196 pages
  • Aliens in the Forest
  • Noe Torres
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9781467945554

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    Very interesting story I do feel it could have been better told The same information and even the same quotes are used repeatedly, and therefore continuing reading felt tedious at times.

  2. says:

    This is a classic ufo case, which before reading this, I knew very little about This narrative is not your typical saucer story The authors do a satisfactory job of of fleshing out the ordeal The book is laid out in simple chronological order and is easy to follow The writing style can get a little hokey at times, but reg...

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    Poorly written so much repetition throughout the book that it genuinely starts to become confusing and bulked out unreasonably It s hard to say if the whole encounter reported was a bad dream, a tall tal...

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    l automne 1964, perdu dans la for t, Donald Shrum est assi g une nuit enti re par un groupe d humano des qui semblent provenir d un trange engin venu du ciel Un enl vement extraterrestre rat mettant en sc ne de petits cosmonautes et m me ce qui lui a sembl tre, de petits robots.J avais souvent entendu parl de cette rencontre du troisi me type qui semblait sortir tout droit d un film de science fiction Ce livre m a enfin permis de conna tre tous les d tails de cette incroyable aventure Cependant, bien que le travail de recherche semble complet, le livre finit par souffrir des nombreuses r p titions inutiles et, avouons le, de l absence de tout talent de conteur des auteurs Peut tre n tait ce pas par manque de talent mais parce que le r cit tant si fantastique en lui m me que les auteurs ont voulu y injecter toute la sobri t de leur travail de recherche et de leurs entrevues avec les t moins.Pour ceux et celles qui comme moi se passionnent pour ce sujet, il s agit probablement d un incontournable Pour les autres qui ne feraient que commencer s int resser au ph nom ne OVNI et aux rencontres du troisi me type, je ne recommanderais pas ce livre puisqu il relate un cas qui est, ma connaissance, unique en son genre.Quant savoir si Donald Shrum a r ellement v cu ce qu il ra...

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    Although bloated and repetitive, knowledge of this case and its story is essential for anyone interested in UFO encounters.

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    Fascinating storyProvides great insights on extraterrestrial behaviour Mr Don Shrum shows that we are not helpless when confronted by superior technology.

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