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Annihilation (Star Wars: The Old Republic, #4) The Sith Empire Is In Flux The Emperor Is Missing, Presumed Dead, And An Ambitious Sith Lord S Attempt To Seize The Throne Has Ended Fatally Still, Darth Karrid, Commander Of The Fearsome Imperial Battle Cruiser Ascendant Spear, Continues Her Relentless Efforts To Achieve Total Sith Domination Of The GalaxyBut Karrid S Ruthless Determination Is Than Matched In The Steely Resolve Of Theron Shan, Whose Unfinished Business With The Empire Could Change The Course Of The War For Good Though The Son Of A Jedi Master, Theron Does Not Wield The Force But Like His Renowned Mother, The Spirit Of Rebellion Is In His Blood As A Top Covert Agent For The Republic, He Struck A Crucial Blow Against The Empire By Exposing And Destroying A Sith Superweapon Arsenal Which Makes Him The Ideal Operative For A Daring And Dangerous Mission To End Ascendant Spear S Reign Of TerrorJoined By Hot Headed Smuggler Teff Ith, With Whom He Has An Inexplicable Bond, And Wise Jedi Warrior Gnost Dural, Darth Karrid S Former Master, Theron Must Match Wits And Weapons With A Battle Tested Crew Of The Most Cold Blooded Dark Side Disciples But Time Is Brutally Short And If They Don T Seize Their One Chance To Succeed, They Will Surely Have Countless Opportunities To Die

[[ Read ]] ➳ Annihilation (Star Wars: The Old Republic, #4)  Author Drew Karpyshyn – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 286 pages
  • Annihilation (Star Wars: The Old Republic, #4)
  • Drew Karpyshyn
  • English
  • 09 October 2017
  • 9780345529411

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    This is probably one of the better Star Wars books by Drew Karpyshyn, which is quite a relief after the train wreck that I thought was Revan It s amazing what a good writer he can be when he s not being rushed Now that he has left BioWare, I m glad he left us with this before moving on to his future endeavors For a while we ve known that Satele Shan, the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during this time in the Old Republic, has a secret son Theron Shan first appeared in The Lost Suns comic and now he stars in his own novel, which aside from featuring his undercover agent operative awesomeness also reveals a lot about his parents history and his own mysterious past I could tell Drew K had a lot of fun writing Theron s story From experience, I find that characters in books based on movies TV shows video games, etc very often read like caricatures and hardly ever feel like real people However, I thought Theron had a clear personality right away, and even smiled to myself a few times at his wit I also enjoyed the supporting characters, Teff ith the Twi lek whose weak grasp of Galactic Basic was a nice touch, as well as Master Gnost Dural who fans of the Star Wars The Old Republic MMO will recognize as the keeper of the Jedi archives The story is pretty much your run of the mill fare, but very entertaining nonetheless There were the usual space combat and lightsaber battle scenes, but I was surprised at how well done they were Drew Karpyshyn is very good at writing action, but I was even surprised to see how well he tackled some of the emotional issues in this book Like I said, he can be very good when given enough time to develop his characters.One last thing I should note I listened to the audiobook of this Though I m confident to claim Annihilation as a solid entry to the world of Star Wars novels, I have to mention the possibility that the quality of the audio version may have influenced my opinion For one thing, it was my first experience with a Star Wars audiobook, so I ve only just discovered the talent of Marc Thompson, who is probably one of the best narrators I ve ever come across His voices are simply phenomenal, and together with the sound effects and music I was just blown away.

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    Theron Shan is now one of my favorite non Force user characters He s sarcastic and sly, and often considers given orders like guidelines for his actions Despite being pushed to become a Jedi like his famous mother, Satele Shan, Theron has blazed his own path in life This book really goes into detail about Theron s relationship with Satele and his father The reader also gets insight on the relationship between Theron s parents and how they work together to help their son This book did a great job bringing in a character story that we ve never really seen in Star Wars before A non Force sensitive child who can t live up to his Jedi heritage, yet becomes a hero by his own doing.

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    FREE BOOK FROM GOODREADS FIRST READS Good book It has been a long time since I have read a Star Wars book, but this was a good one One nice thing is that the book was very clean no language, sex, etc The story is a good one and while the expectation is that good will defeat evil, you still wonder how it is going to happen Entertaining read.

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    For those that have been wondering why the only reviews I have been doing lately are for updates on books that I have already read, it s because I don t have the best access to new materials right now Being a college student with no steady income outside of summer jobs leaves me with limited time and money, so I have been sticking with Star Wars because my interest in reading primarily stems from exploring Star Wars Lore Anyways, I decided to come back to Drew Karpyshyn s The Old Republic Annihilation for a couple of reasons First, the book s titular character, Theron Shan, is playing an increasingly important role in the SWTOR storyline as a companion in the newest expansion, Knights of the Fallen Empire I also revisited Revan, and finally read Darth Bane Path of Destruction over the summer After reading these two other books, also by Drew Karpyshyn, I was curious to see how Annihilation held up I really loved Annihilation on my first read, but some things came to mind First, I read some other reviews of the book, and after I read multiple ones pointing out its flaws, I had to agree after some thought Second, even though I adored Revan on my first read, it didn t hold up well after I revisited it Third, Path of Destruction ended up rather disappointing, despite its reputation as one of the best Star Wars novels ever, right up there with Heir to the Empire It wasn t a bad book, but I think it is very overrated So that begged the question was this book even that good in the first place After all, I was still relatively fresh off being hit with a jedi mind trick while reading Revan It probably went something like this Fantasy apparition of Darth Revan waves his hand across my face You will love this book Me with a stupefied expression I will love this book Revan waves hand again Matthew Stover can suck it Your love for Revenge of the Sith means nothing Revan is all that matters Me Matthew Stover can suck it My love for Revenge of the Sith means nothing in the face of the epic continuation of KOTOR Revan Hail Darth Revan, your one and only true Star Wars character.Me goggling like Poe the Panda Hail Darth Revan, my one and only true Star Wars character.Goodness was I naive either way, my initial love for Karpyshyn s Revan was still in my mind More importantly, right before this I had treated myself to the abomination that was Fatal Alliance After that little gem, I was ready just to read something different Anything would probably work to wash the horrible taste from my mouth, but Drew K s name on the cover of Annihilation got me excited I recognized the character on the front because he was featured on the loading screen of SWTOR when Shadow of Revan was the MMORPG s most recent expansion, and I just knew Annihilation couldn t be any worse than Fatal Alliance What really surprised me though, was just how well this book held up after I recently completed it again Is it a masterpiece No Not even close But even so, Drew K s Annihilation is my current pick for the most underrated Star Wars expanded universe book I know that seems odd because I declared another one of his books Darth Bane Path of Destruction to be the most overrated EU book, but it s true Even though, again, PoD is a decent novel, the immense praise for it makes no sense, and I think The Old Republic Annihilation does not get enough attention When people talk about Drew K s Star Wars novels, they will almost always praise the Darth Bane Trilogy Revan gets lots of talk as well, whether it s love or, often, vitriol But I have never seen anyone mention this book on EU discussion threads or article video comments sections THE STORY Theron Shan, despite being the son of the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Satele Shan, is not force sensitive But that doesn t stop him from serving the republic Rather than brandishing a lightsaber and magic powers as a jedi, Theron relies on his gadgets and wit as an agent for the Republic s Strategic Information Service The Republic may be winning the Great Galactic War and have the evil Sith Empire in retreat, but it threatens to make a triumphant comeback with a devastating superweapon a seemingly invincible ship called the Ascendant Spear, lead by an up and coming Sith Lord, Darth Karrid.Theron is sent to take down this thing, where he teams up with Karrid s former Jedi Master, Gnost Dural which, I learned from my new Goodreads friend Mogsy , appears in the MMO as the Keeper of the Jedi Archives , and a smart mouthed Twi lek smuggler named Teffith.THE BAD As much as I enjoy this book, I can t ignore it s problems, for while they don t ruin the book, they prevent it from being on the level of other books I gave the same rating like Lords of the Sith or Heir to the Empire.The first thing I ll mention is that this book can get really cheesy at times, particularly the climax view spoiler Theron and Gnost Dural fight the bad guys IN THEIR UNDERWEAR hide spoiler

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    A solid self contained little episode of a book World The world building here is solid and effortless There is not a lot of info dumping and we are very quickly oriented on what the state of the First Galactic Republic is at the moment and the pieces that this book plays with, which is both from the game and the Extended Universe books I liked how small the story was, it was intimate and made the story about character than anything Story The story is solid, it s a very basic mission story with new characters well for me, I imagine the gamers will know them than me The pacing in the first third is a bit slow and when the mission starts it just fast fast fast until the end There are some moments for character development and interaction but I found them to be basic and lacked depth I did enjoy the villain and the idea of the technology behind the ship It was a fun little episodic kind of book Characters I found Theron to be a very typical character in an action adventure, kind gruff, kinda snide so yeah this character is not very interesting He s a clich and that s fine, there are no deeper layers to him which may have been found in the game for a novel s main protagonist The supporting cast is also just as basic with Teff ith, Gnost Dural serving as the smuggler and the Jedi Knight in this band of three The villainess was fairly standard though the idea of her ship was intriguing Overall a very solid tale that felt episodic and doesn t really break any new ground Safe, clich d fun Onward to the next book

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    Video review available now m still new to the Star Wars Expanded Universe whether it be the Legends material that teeters on being non canon until Disney says it s actually canon again, or the new canon that is pretty much only covering the timeline from episode one through the new trilogy I initially tried to enter the expanded works with the Jedi Academy series, but I just wasn t feeling it, despite liking the writing style itself After that, I tried Aftermath by Chuck Wendig which was notorious for being known as the gay Star Wars book but, guys, I m sorry, I just hated reading the writing style so I pretty much dnf ed it pretty fast Contrary, gays can t save unsavory, in my opinion, writing.But, a few months ago, I started to grow interested again, partially from starting up Knights of the Old Republic and then seeing Poe had a solo comic series So, my next attempt into the Star Wars literature was the Poe Dameron comic series, of which I m five issues in and really liking, but I wasn t in love with it However, a week ago, I googled Gay Star Wars characters and came across a specific character named Theron Shan, who is bisexual in the Old Republic 2013 video game, and had a solo novel From the moment I picked it up, I was hooked, and I can officially state that my interest in the Star wars Expanded works in officially invested.Annihilated by Drew Karpyshyn is one of the Star wars Old Republic novels set way back into the past of the Star Wars Legends canon, bordering, with many other works, on the territory of being non canon It s also technically Book 4 in a series, despite being able to be read as a solo adventure novel itself, as I did The novel revolves around several characters, though the main character is, without a doubt, Theron Shan, who works for the SIS Organization, which a part of the Republic s forces Theron is one of their agents and is known for going off book and helping those out as he pleases, and trying to make sure those he cares about are always okay, as is shown in the opening when he is on a planet where a separate, unknown to him mission is taking place while he is trying to help a non SIS friend His mother is the Grand Master of the Jedi s, however Jedi are not supposed to take lovers or have children, so she gave him up in secret to a confidant Jedi named Ngani Zho, who raised him as his own son and with the lessons a Jedi would learn, though he lacked the Force, though Ngani has sadly already passed on by the time the book started Other characters that we met in this novel are Teff ith, a Twi lek smuggler Theron is trying to make sure is always safe and sees as a little sister, The Director of SIS who is always lecturing Theron despite the mad amount of respect he has for him, Colonel Jace Malcolm who is determined to win this war for his people of the Republic, Darth Karrid who was once a Jedi spy amongst the Sith who finally became a Sith, a Jedi Master named Gnost Dural who trained Karrid and wishes to correct his mistake, and then a few other point of views here and there.The novel is not short in the wide variety of characters it supplies some for only a few chapters, some for only one chapter, and some throughout the entire novel, but not once throughout the novel did I ever feel that a point of view was unneeded or impeded the novel While some characters are arguably interesting, charismatic, or lovable than others, I enjoyed the story and characters all the way through The plot itself revolves around Theron getting into shenanigans while on two specific missions for the SIS to help end the Republic s war against the Sith and the Empire, to be vague without giving spoilers A lot happens in this novel, and the team ups and even interactions between this cast of characters is so much fun to read Honestly, the plot itself isn t anything that new or groundbreaking, but it s the characters that help to make it just that much powerful and well written and entertaining If this cast wasn t half as good as they are currently, this novel probably would have only been likable, but where it stands now, I fell in love There were times I laughed, times I cheered, times I started to tear up, times I actually did cry, and then times I felt sheer and utter joy What a way to start off 2017 and the Star Wars literary novels.

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    Theron Shan may be the son of Satele Shan, Grand Master of the Jedi, but that doesn t mean he s a Jedi or even a Force Sensitive He s a spy, an intelligence agent, a loner, now that his father figure is dead.He has been given a new assignment The Sith have what could be their ultimate weapon the Ascendant Spear, a ship so powerful and controlled by Darth Karrid Together with Jedi Master Gnost Dural, Theron has to do whatever possible to destroy this ship.NOTE I received this through the Vine Program.If you would have asked me 6 months ago what I thought of Drew Karpyshyn, I would have said something like ZOMG, da best SW author EVAH Okay, maybe not exactly like that, but you get the point But after reading Revan, a book so disappointing, I was at a loss for words to describe how disappointing it was, I wasn t so sure Up until Revan, I had been excited about Annihilation after Revan, I was ready to be disappointed.Well, there is good news and bad news The good news is this is MUCH better than Revan The bad news is it is nowhere near as good as Karpyshyn s Darth Bane trilogy.One of the things I though Karpyshyn did better in Annihilation was the characters Pretty much all the characters were 100% interesting than the ones in Revan and apologies in advance for all the comparisons to Revan, but since Revan so influenced my opinion of Karpyshyn s works, I think it is necessary to have some comparison Theron Shan was definitely not the bland, stereotypical Jedi turned Sith turned whatever I liked how Shan was not a Force user It s fun to see regular guys in Star Wars have to figure things out without a flick of the wrist or a squint of the eyebrows Further, Shan has interesting drama the fact his mother, a prominent Jedi, left him in the care of another and the fact he has no idea who his father is If that doesn t mess a guy up, I don t know what would My favorite character, though, was Teff ith She was great snarky, independent, opinionated, capable, and yet still caring and thoughtful I liked her dialect though I am puzzled over how she can go from such rough, heavily accented Basic to cultured Imperial speech so easily I liked how she wasn t Theron s love interest I liked how she was important to the plot About the only thing I didn t like was that she didn t appear .One of the things that also tickled me was how even minor characters sometimes got interesting developments The Director flirted with Jace s receptionist Satele doubts at times whether it was good to leave Theron with someone else and not tell Theron s father.The biggest character problem is how badly sketched the Imperials Sith are Darth Karrid, while very interesting with her ability to cybernetically attach to the ship, was still your stereotypical power hungry Sith Not much nuance there There are a couple of other Sith the Minister of Logistics who, because he s a logistics guy, of course loves numbers and cannot possibly understand that emotions thing that people talk about don t you know that emotions and logic can NEVER mix and one Sith on the Council who seem to be important in the beginning, but completely disappear by the end Why bring them up if you aren t going to at least touch bases with them at the end Storywise, this book felt a LOT like the early Bantam books to me We have another super powerful, gonna destroy the galaxy superweapon with the Ascendant Spear And most of the story is just that Director and Jace tell Theron to destroy it Theron and Gnost Dural investigate how to do that, snatching up the MacGuffin black cipher in order to pad the word count I MEAN in order to break the Imperial code and find out where the ship is as if a ship like that can hide behind a rock I think the better portions are the ones with Theron trying to figure out how he feels towards his parents and even him working with Gnost Dural Other than that, the story really didn t do anything for me.And now, I ve been looking forward to it and I know you have been tooNERD NITPICKS 1 Is there a definition that says that any government called an Empire must be evil and xenophobic I can understand the Sith Empire being a teensy bit evil, but killing people and destroying perfectly good capital ships just because the ships are fleeing a lose lose situation How stupid is that I wouldn t want to be the person trying to explain THAT to the Uber Evul, Satan Incarnate Emperor Yeah, Empy, I was just trying to show them cowards who was bossno I didn t think about the billions of credits we don t have to replace that brand new, top of the line ship As for the xenophobic, it must be shorthand for evil And I m not saying it isn t, but WHY must every Empire be xenophobic In a galaxy with MILLIONS of species, you seem to be cutting off a LOT Of allies.2 Has the Star Wars galaxy never invented any forms of birth control From Satele Shan to Etain to Padme Amidala, it seems no one in this universe knows how to get the pill or pick up a package of condoms Perhaps this is a jab at those who want to oppose the American laws that insurance companies MUST provide women with access to birth control 3 What do Imperials ALL IMPERIALS wear Uniforms WRONG Hats WRONG Pride and arrogance Because we ve NEVER seen Republic or Rebel officers with pride or arrogance No siree Because Republic and Rebel officers are pure and blameless, always thinking of others and NEVER self seeking.4 The reason the Ascendant Spear is so tubular is because Darth Karrid uses cybernetic implants to directly speak with the ship and thus make everything faster esp when she draws on her Force abilities Soooowhy does she even bother to type things on a screen Why not use her mental powers to tell the ship to do X How can she enter a system and IMMEDIATELY see EVERYTHING Wouldn t it take the ship some time to download Has no one downloaded anything off the internet, even using a fast connection It still takes a few seconds minutes You are telling me their computers are SO FAST that this takes no time I m no computer expert, but I just don t buy it.And this has been anotherNERD NITPICKS About the best thing I can say about this book is it s better than Revan The characters are pretty nicely drawn on the whole, but the story has been done so many times, there really isn t much to make it stand out I had a hard time being interested in it.As for Karpyshyn, I haven t given up on him yet I still think he can write a great book if he has A the right subject, B the right characters, and C enough time Hopefully, next time the balance will be perfect.

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    The actual plot of this book wasn t anything special but Drew Karpyshyn managed to tie all of the previous book into this one very well It was really interesting to learn about Grandmaster Satele Shan daughter or Revan and Bastila Shan from a previous book and her relationship with Jace Malcolm and Theron Shan It does get annoying though when every Star Wars book movie has some big, unstoppable weapon that needs to be destroyed It started with 2 Death Stars, then Starkiller Base, and now the Ascendant Spear Since this book takes place thousands of years before the time of the movies though, the Ascendant Spear was actually the first weapon capable of mass destruction that we see later Theron has to be one of my favorite non force users He is sarcastic with everyone and tends to ignore the chain of command His exchanges with other characters and side remarks made the book alluring Most Star Wars books are just a lot of action with little character development, but Annihilation stands out as one of the best Star Wars books I have read.

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    In my opinion, Drew Karpyshyn is the best Star Wars author currently working in the tie in genre I have read all four of the Old Republic PC MMORPG game tie in novels, as well as Karpyshyn s Darth Bane series set in the Old Republic era and his Mass Effect series of tie in novels Three of the four PC game tie in Old Republic novels have been above average for the usual Star Wars novel Annihilation is the second one written by Drew Karpyshn.I have no familiarity whatsoever with the MMORPG universe or the Old Republic comic book series, but I do have fond memories of the Old Republic era from Bioware s Knights of the Old Republic Xbox games, which Drew Karpyshn was involved with the writing of If you don t know already, the Old Republic era is 5000 years before Luke Skywalker blew up the original Death Star Why a lot of fans enjoy that far flung era is that the dogma of Lucas is a lot less oppressive out on the fringes of history Meaning there are many, many Sith to deal with not just two and that the Jedi sometimes do real human things, like fall in love and have kids.Speaking of having kids, the main stumbling block to credibility in Annihilation is that our main character, Theron Shan, turns out to be the son of Satele Shan, Grand Master of the Jedi Order, and Jace Malcom, the Supreme Commander of the Republic military His folks weren t in such lofty positions of power when they created him, of course, but it still seems like the type of coincidence that has been done to death in many genres I am aware that Karpyshn didn t create most of the characters in this novel, so perhaps some of the blame lies elsewhere Yet once you get past some of the less plausible aspects of the set up, the novel is well written and compelling Annihilation has something of a World War Two feel to it The goal of the protagonists is to destroy the Ascendant Spear, the Sith super cruiser that is capable of decimating whole Republic fleets due to its ability to bond directly with its Sith captain The Sith are losing the war with the Republic, but their use of the Ascendant Spear is the main reason their war effort is still viable The missions leading up to the boarding of the Spear to face its Sith captain, a fallen Falleen former Jedi named Darth Karrid, are gripping and tense To break the unbreakable encyption of the Sith communications, they need to steal a cipher without the Sith knowing that they ve lost one Once they have access to the communication network, they have to use it to find where the Ascendant Spear will be docking And breaching the Ascendant Spear to sabotage it from within is the main goal Though since the Spear is wired directly into the mind of Darth Karrid, technical sabotage is a tall order to achieve.And it wouldn t be a suspenseful story if things went the way of the Republic saboteurs Theron Shan and Karrid former Jedi Master, a Kel Dor named Gnost Dural A pivotal moral choice changes the entire landscape of the mission to breach the Ascendant Spear Anyone who knows WWII history will know the story of the bombing of Coventry by the Nazis A similar situation occurs during the Spear mission and causes a definite shift in the mission and the plot.If you re a fan of Drew Karpyshyn and or the Old Republic era of Star Wars, you ll definitely enjoy Annihilation Though I d say the book is accessible to any Star Wars or sci fi fan not looking for Darth Vader or Yoda or Boba Fett.

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    Annihilation with the possible exception of Revan also written by Drew Karpyshyn is quite possibly the best novel based around the Old Republic video game mini franchise While it is not free of it s flaws it is very enjoyable to read and easy to do so It was one of the few Star Wars books that I have read recently that kept me turning pages.The best part about the novel is its characters Theron Shan, first introduced in a the Old Republic comic series, is an intriguing character considering his background, lineage, and the fact that he is not a Jedi However, I thought that his character lacked a measure of conflict He seemed too at ease with his position in life This made him a bit shallow, despite a deep background The other characters in the novel are a lot of fun, particularly that of Teff ith The character of Gnost Dural, the Jedi Master, was also one of my favorite characters, and I would have loved to see of him.Annihilation Full Review

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