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Star Wars: Labyrinth of EvilThe War That Erupted In Star WarsEpisode IIAttack Of The Clones Is Nearing Its Boiling Point, As The Dauntless Separatist Forces Continue Their Assault On The Teetering Republic And The Diabolical Triumvirate Of Count Dooku, General Grievous, And Their Master, Darth Sidious, Fine Tune Their Strategy For Conquest In Episode III Revenge Of The Sith The Fates Of Key Players On Both Sides Of The Conflict Will Be Sealed But First, Crucial Events That Pave The Way To That Time Of Reckoning Unfold In A Labyrinth Of Evil Capturing Trade Federation Viceroy And Separatist Councilmember Nute Gunray Is The Mission That Brings Jedi Knights Obi Wan Kenobi And Anakin Skywalker, With A Squad Of Clones In Tow, To Neimoidia But The Treacherous Ally Of The Sith Proves As Slippery As Ever, Evading His Jedi Pursuers Even As They Narrowly Avoid Deadly Disaster Still, Their Daring Efforts Yield An Unexpected Prize A Unique Holotransceiver That Bears Intelligence Capable Of Leading The Republic Forces To Their Ultimate Quarry, The Ever Elusive Darth SidiousSwiftly Taking Up The Chase, Anakin And Obi Wan Follow Clues From The Droid Factories Of Charros IV To The Far Flung Worlds Of The Outer Rim Every Step Bringing Them Closer To Pinpointing The Location Of The Sith Lord Whom They Suspect Has Been Manipulating Every Aspect Of The Separatist Rebellion Yet Somehow, In The Escalating Galaxy Wide Chess Game Of Strikes, Counterstrikes, Ambushes, Sabotage, And Retaliations, Sidious Stays Constantly One Move AheadThen The Trail Takes A Shocking Turn For Sidious And His Minions Have Set In Motion A Ruthlessly Orchestrated Campaign To Divide And Overwhelm The Jedi Forces And Bring The Republic To Its Knees From The Hardcover Edition

[Reading] ➹ Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil ➯ James Luceno – Justinfoline.us
  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 370 pages
  • Star Wars: Labyrinth of Evil
  • James Luceno
  • English
  • 10 October 2017
  • 9780345475732

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    While this book is most certainly not an easy read typical James Luceno , it is none the less fun and informative Many of the Clone Wars novels most notably The Cestus Deception and Jedi Trial have been lacking or not very cohesive Attack of the Clones movie only shows the beginning of the Clone Wars And Revenge of the Sith ends the Clone Wars, leaving us, the audience, yearning for answers as to how we get from AotC to RotS.This is where Labyrinth of Evil comes in.Plot Anakin and Obi Wan are fighting in the Outer Rim worlds, thrown their by our favorite almost Emperor, Palpatine They discover the mechno chair used by Nute Gunray and discover the location of the feared General Grievous, finally revealed in fine detail.Meanwhile, Bail Organa watches the changes in government and begins to worry about the outcome He and a few others Mon Mothma from Return of the Jedi start the outlines of what will become the Rebel Alliance.Anakin and Obi Wan race closer and closer to the true identity of Darth Sidious as the events tumble into what was made into the movie, Revenge of the Sith.Good Little references from all the Clone Wars novels well, mostly the good ones, Yoda, Shatterpoint, etc are integrated into one cohesive work The end blends perfectly with the beginning of RotS I just loved reading each little detail that blended with AotC, the previous Clone Wars novels, and even The Phantom Menace, making sense of all the wanderings that previous novelists have done.Bad Probably the only reason this does not receive a full five stars is the apparent conflictions with the Clone Wars Animated Shorts almost as good as the movies In the shorts, the end is completely different than that in Labyrinth of Evil Anakin and Obi Wan are on completely different systems with completely different reasons for being there I still wonder how this is reconciled in Star Wars canon.Dialogue Sexual Situations Violence No coarse language No sexual situations This is Star Wars during the Clone Wars expect Star Wars type of violence lightsabers, blasters, war, etcOverall If you wonder about what happens to Anakin and Obi Wan just before RotS, this will answer your questions It is way, way better than The Approaching Storm which merely told an unimportant, filler story in this regard Definitely worthwhile and important to truly understanding the nuances of Revenge of the Sith.

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    As per usual, after I saw Star Wars Episode III The Revenge of the Sith for the first time, I wanted This novel is the prequel to the movie, occurring between episodes II and III It fills in nicely a lot of plot data, but it doesn t do much else Luceno seemed afraid to explore the Obi Wan Anakin dynamics of this time period, something which, thankfully, did not hamper Matthew Stover when he wrote the novelization of Episode III Obi Wan and Anakin are the reason I love Star Wars, and I was a bit disappointed I only learned what they did, rather than how they felt.

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    A few months ago I finished reading the novelizations of all 6 Star Wars movies When I read Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith I found out that there were 2 books that covered the events immediately preceding and immediately following Episode III This book is the prequel to the Episode III novelization The writing style was decent better than some of the Star Wars books I ve read Unfortunately, I didn t really get into the story until the last quarter of the book maybe the pace just wasn t right, or I didn t care enough about the plot.The book fills in several gaps between Episodes II and III You read about the politics on Coruscant as the Loyalists ask Palpatine to give up the emergency powers he s gathered, and the origin of General Grievous Count Dooku s background is also covered, including how he originally came into contact with Sidious, how Sidious ordered him to kill Sifo Dyas, a rebellious Jedi, and how Dooku erased Kamino from the Jedi archives.Much of the book covers the battles of the Clone Wars There are space battles, several scenes where Obi Wan and Anakin demolish battle droids, and the climactic attack on Coruscant which brings you to the point at which Episode III opens.I m a Star Wars fan, so I liked the book for the additional information it provided However, I can t say I enjoyed reading it I can t imagine anyone besides a Star Wars fan getting anything out of it.

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    Abridged AudiobookIt s Star Wars, so you don t get a long review The audiobooks by Random House come complete with sound effects and music They re really well done If you like audiobooks anyway, the Star Wars ones from Random House are worth your time The only thing you really need to know about this is that it takes place between the 2nd and 3rd movies in canon order, not release order It doesn t do much for background and assumes you ve seen the first couple of movies so you know the names and general state of the galaxy While it may say 1 in a trilogy, it s not a starting place But you already knew all of that and are just wondering if it is good Yeah, it s pretty good What we get is a lot Anakin and Obi Wan off trying to save the galaxy We get to see some of Anakin s brashness and frustrations with the Order, and how well Palpatine plays everyone I think there needs to be even of how Anakin went from Jedi to Dark Lord, but there s a solid foundation of anger and frustration here that was never explored well in the movies I assume there is in the 2nd book which I think is the 3rd movie in book form , so between those two books we might have the story the movies failed to tell.If you re the person who desperately wanted Revenge of the Sith to be good, but couldn t get past Anakin s jump from whiny brat to full Sith over an afternoon, try this book out.

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    As a run up to movie Episode Three, Labyrinth of Evil succeeds As a standalone novel it was nearly unintelligible All the usual suspects go through all the usual motions, but what about the hapless reader who wanders into the Star War universe at this book That said, Luceno also flunks astrophysics On one page 326 he uses the phrases closing rapidly on the rim of the gravity well and punching through Corusacant s sheath of gases outward bound Similar statements throughout the book confirm only partial understanding of the physics behind the well or the thinning of planetary atmospheres.Having Grevious clueless to the identity of Sidious is a welcome element.Lucent also gives some needed growth to the relationship between Kenobi and Skywalker as well as Skywalker s seduction by Sidious The movie s rapid treatment of both lacks depth.A must read for Warriors perhaps, but of scant interest to anyone else.

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    Surprisingly enough, I found this pre movie novel to be both well written and quite engaging I would have liked there to have been character and motivational development, but unfortunately, it seems that Separatist and Sith characters are never flushed out, as they must be portrayed as evil and corrupt as possible which I don t agree with at all, but it s canon and I cannot change that However, Labyrinth of Evil is audacious and intricate than most of the Star Wars prequel novels, and I believe it to be because of James Luceno s fluid writing, which is not difficult to read but still contains the subtlety you d find in a good novel.Even though this is considered heresyI did find enjoyment in the Star Wars prequels and I loved the animated Clone Wars series from 2002 2003 Seeing a good not great, but good novel that explores the themes and political turmoil we didn t get to see in the films was a treat I actually found the politics of the Star Wars prequels to be very interesting, but poorly portrayed in the films I d recommend James Luceno novels and a binge watch of the Clone Wars Animates series to explore the true intricate fascinating nature of the politics and turmoil that brewed beneath the shadows of the Republic and the Confederacy.

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    I finally got this read after looking at it in the library for awhile and it is a great book the does some good story line before the Revenge of the Sith It shows Anakin starting to change a little bit, but it really helps to show how things started to come about with the rise of The Empiror It also does a nice job of feeling in some of the story from the Attack of the Clones.I would probably see Attack of the Clones and or Revenge of the Sith to get a better feel for the book I remembered most of it, but other parts I had to think of the movie.Another quick read and well written.

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    you know how episode iii is just a gaping 2.5 hour long plot hole to anyone with a brain this should be required reading for anyone stepping into that swamp it sets the stage, by which i mean, EXPLAINS the bloody conflict, grants the jedi council agency and doesn t set them up to just be inactive dupes, makes obi wan at least 3% believable as a supposed mentor, and actually explains who and what grievous is and how he fits in the sith scheme of things the only thing not saved by this is padme but i mean it s a book, not a miracle.

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    I love the Star Wars novels of James Luceno It s not easy to pick up the plot, but as soon as you re getting familiar with the author s way of writing, it s a fantastic enjoyment This book covers the events during the Clone Wars and is situated between Star Wars The Clone Wars and Star Wars Revenge of the Sith What I like was the growing maturity in the person of Anakin Skywalker, who is now a Jedi Knight and Obi Wan s friend and partner Both are serving as generals in the Republican army leading the stormtroopers clones of Kamino Sinister plots, orchestrated by Darth Sidious, count Dooku and general Grievious, keep them away from Coruscant, where Padm fears for Anakin s life and the secret of their marriage The events at the end of the book are the prelude to the beginning of Revenge of the Sith Although this novel has become a Star Wars Legends, after Disney took over LucasLtd and announced their own canon of the Star Wars, this story is still a good sequel in between the Star Wars canon

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    This was fun, but heavily bogged down by the baggage of being a Star Wars book.The story, almost by definition, couldn t go much of anywhere We know what happens before, and we know where it ends up Nothing can be resolved because nothing starts resolved in the next movie It makes Annakin s slide a bit gradual than just watching the films, but even in that case the book has to start with already sliding and end before it actually gets to any interesting values of slid So it ends up with some nice backfilling of character details, and some decent action scenes but not much else Annakin is still a petulant uninteresting child, and Obi Wan appears to have been reduced to comic relief, but a number of the side characters get some interesting fleshing out.Speaking of the pitfalls of being a Star Wars book, there are a few consistency problems in here that kind of annoyed me I m not one of those details fanatics that writes a tirade on the internet because the main character s childhood pet had the wrong name on an irrelevant picture frame in the background somewhere, but I do like things to be internally consistent At one point this book contains a history lecture that includes someone infiltrating Count Dooku s _cadre_ of multiple apprentices, while discussing his training of Grievous, and his or possibly Sidious training of someone called Ventris And Dooku s own training at the hands of Sidious along with Darth Maul s before him And then the book tells me with a straight face, in the very next paragraph that there are never than two Sith in a generation a master and an apprentice What You ve just listed like a dozen I can forget the details of my own breakfast given half an hour, but even I notice when you contradict yourself from one sentence to the next And then I realised the entire reason for that line and indeed much of the history lesson of a chapter is to placate the details nerds who memorised a line from Yoda to the effect of Always two there are no , no less A master and an apprentice and decided it had to be literally true of the entire universe, instead of just meaning that a master trains one student at a time The annoying inconsistencies in this book come from the author desperately trying to reconcile his story with every last obsessed over detail of the annoyingly inconsistent movies and other books He d have been better off writing his own story where he was free to make stuff up but then we re back to the baggage that comes with writing a Star Wars novel.Luceno writes pretty well though, so I will read the next one, where he is at least less shackled by being wedged between two movies Hopefully there the plot will be allowed to go somewhere.

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