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Star Wars On The Planet Tython, The Ancient Je Daii Order Was Founded And At The Feet Of Its Wise Masters, Lanoree Brock Learned The Mysteries And Methods Of The Force And Found Her Calling As One Of Its Most Powerful Disciples But As Strongly As The Force Flowed Within Lanoree And Her Parents, It Remained Absent In Her Brother, Who Grew To Despise And Shun The Je Daii, And Whose Training In Its Ancient Ways Ended In Tragedy Now, From Her Solitary Life As A Ranger Keeping Order Across The Galaxy, Lanoree Has Been Summoned By The Je Daii Council On A Matter Of Utmost Urgency The Leader Of A Fanatical Cult, Obsessed With Traveling Beyond The Reaches Of Known Space, Is Bent On Opening A Cosmic Gateway Using Dreaded Dark Matter As The Key Risking A Cataclysmic Reaction That Will Consume The Entire Star System But Shocking To Lanoree Than Even The Prospect Of Total Galactic Annihilation, Is The Decision Of Her Je Daii Masters To Task Her With The Mission Of Preventing It Until A Staggering Revelation Makes Clear Why She Was Chosen The Brilliant, Dangerous Madman She Must Track Down And Stop At Any Cost Is The Brother Whose Death She Has Long Grieved And Whose Life She Must Now Fear

!!> PDF ⚣ Star Wars  ✈ Author Tim Lebbon – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 263 pages
  • Star Wars
  • Tim Lebbon
  • English
  • 21 October 2017
  • 9780345541932

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    This book is a prequel to Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Volume 1 Force Storm Star Wars Dawn of the Jedi Let me rephrase that it is a Prequel to the main story of Force Storm Issue 0 1 offer a much comprehensive history about the Dawn of the Jedi era Luckily for me I had already read this so I understood much of the history which was alluded to but not explained in this book.The basic history is huge pyramid shaped ships called Tho Yor gathered up many different force sensitive, including the Witches of Dathomir, the Sith species, Humans and others to a Planet called Tython Tython is rich in the Force and very sensitive to changes to it It has two moons Bogan the dark moon Ashla the light moon, these represent two sides of the force The planet is so sensitive that Jedi or in this era Je daii swaying too far to either side are sent to one of the respective moons until they can find balance Cause of the nature of the planet any one born without Force powers Force sensitive is banished from the planet as it is too dangerous for them On a technological note from the sounds of this and this millenniums before the movies outer solar system travel has not been perfected, and you might have noticed the Je daii on the front is carrying a sword Yep the Je daii are going Samurai, no Lightsabers yet.This story Lanoree Brock is a Je daii Ranger the equivalent of a Jedi Knight She is called back by the Je daii counsel for a special mission She is specially selected because the antagonist is her long thought dead brother Del Brock The difference between is Lanoree excelled at using the Force, Del didn t even though he was Force sensitive he shunned and hated the force slowly turning him into a dark and angry young man What makes Del so dangerous is he want to leave the system to the bigger galaxy To do this he need to open a Hyper gate the side effect if this is creates a Black hole wiping out the whole system The story is a now and then format Half taking place when both Brocks are Journeyman and not with Lanoree current mission.In this era the Je daii are taught all areas of the Force, both Dark and Light techniques of accessing it but they must maintain balance As Journeymen they are sent to the different Je daii temples specialising in a different disciplines science, art, medicine, martial arts, and alchemy magic.Lanoree specialises in telepathy and alchemy Del even though he does not use the Force favourite was combat Even though he or maybe because he does not use the Force he has built up way of block or at least sensing telepathic attacks and he taught this technique to his followers the Stargazers who are just as passionate about leaving the system at any cost as he is.Like I said as this is the first book of this era I was expecting to learn of the history The do mention a couple of events like Deposit wars, and a bit about the Great Journey was good but I would have liked difference in the way the Je daii are trained compared to the modern Jedi Je daii training is rawer like a survival course getting from temple to temple Having Lanoree using a sword the battles are a lot bloody and brutal The last 3 chapters run alongside the Force Storm comic There is also a 7 page bonus story about Lanoree previous mission to this one It gives insight to the Je daii thinking and their use of the Force.I good book in all, but I would say read the comic of Force Storm first then this book, as a follow up The Prisoner of Bogan next.

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    Bullet Review This ought to be 3 stars but I m doe rating because no Star Wars book should take me nearly half a year to finish and fill me with such dread every time I pick it up.I don t know that Tim Lebbon gets Star Wars Lanoree is one of the most incompetent Force Users I ve ever read albeit still interesting that the dull as dirt, Kerra Holt of Knight Errant This story was completely pointless and failed utterly at answering the big question of What are the origins of the Jedi It may sound like I hated this book, but that s not true I m just massively disappointed.Not a Star Wars book I would recommend I won t be checking out Lebbon s other works either.Full Review Lanoree Brock is a Je daii Ranger who has now been assigned to find her long dead brother, Dalien, who holds a dangerous device that could ruin the world or send them to the depths of the universe.As a long time Star Wars fan, who has read the likes of Children of the Jedi and Jedi Trial , I must say this was a big fat disappointment and confirmation that it s a good thing I m not going to read past the Legends line.Now, we all can t be too hard on Star Wars For every Crystal Star and yes, that book WAS the inspiration for my screen name back in the day when I was a teenager and didn t have the same standards I do now , there was a Heir to the Empire or Shatterpoint Yingand yang That said, there are SO MUCH Star Wars out there, I m done I m burned out And, yes, I m disgruntled about all of this canon being wiped out, just so Disney can rewrite everything and make a ton of money.But just because Star Wars is prone to bad books doesn t mean I have to tolerate it Just because Star Wars has its rough spots doesn t mean that I have to turn the other way and pretend they don t exist.I m not sure why this book was written, other than to cash in on the mildly interesting comic series of the same name which, to be honest, was much better than anything in this book This was not an origin story It was not an original Jedi story It really isn t an original Star Wars story I mean, how many times will we suffer through the Character X chases Character Y for MacGuffin J plot The characters are so boring and dull and lifeless Lanoree WAS a better character than Kerra Holt but come on, that s not saying much Kerra Holt was pretty bland She makes Saltine Crackers look like they re made of Sriracha sauce Lanoree could have been a kick female Jedi Space knows, Star Wars has its problems showcasing females doing things other than dying of broken hearts or did you retcon that now, George But no she s a complete and utter moron A simple mission turns into a jaunt around the solar system, a 300 page waste of paper electronics however you read this book Her investigation skills are pretty much zero Tre does investigating than Lanoree and he s not a Force User at all A character can leave a heap of bloody clothes in her path, and she collapses and IMMEDIATELY thinks he s dead withOUT checking her surroundings And then the bloodbath Lanoree leaves in her wake I get that Je daii at this time weren t the sparkling brilliant white of the Jedi in the movies, but Lanoree justifies killing people A LOT A LOT And her incompetence quite possibly gets a main character killed And no, that death is not stirring or compelling or heart wrenching in the least unless you mean it in the sense of Lanoree is a moron and should be fired Other stock Star Wars characters The Fat Evil Businessperson The Twi Lek bad guy The Family Member Who Isn t DeadAlso, what are Twi Leks and Noghri doing on Tython and all these planets Isn t this much before interstellar travel What, did all these cultures come from the SAME system HUH And now, before I lose steam, your favorite and mine NERD NITPICKS 1 Landing permissions ain t nobody got time for that Seriously, is there a Star Wars book in which characters actually ask for permission to land, land, and then chase their bad guy 2 Is there a requirement for a Star Wars author to create at least one planet per book wherein there is SO MUCH POLLUTION that acid rain and black skies are the norm Is that in the list that George Lucas sends to all potential authors of his books 3 At one point, Lanoree pilots her ship out of Nox s gravity Only, she just left the atmosphere Yes, the further you get from the planet, the less the gravity will be, but it hasn t disappeared 4 Force alchemy can save a person from a point blank blaster wound After that person has been drug through mines and been knocked out for half a day SURE, let s go with it 5 We are but residents here our true home is in the Force I think the word you mean is foreigners , not residents 6 The book ends at 65% on my Kindle the rest besides a short story going to 68% are a bunch of gorram excerpts of other books I MEAN REALLY I am paying for THIS 7 Force Punch Seriously, Lebbon is never allowed to use this again I ve never heard it called Force Punch before only Force Push and Lanoree overuses it so much, it must be banished from existence.And this has been anotherNerd Nitpicks Seriously, the best thing about this book other than yes, Lebbon did make the protagonist female is the short story Eruption written by John Ostrander THAT was awesome THAT made Lanoree look bad and competent THAT was interesting than anything of this book.Lanoree is an incompetent Je daii doing a stupid mission with boring characters, and the writing is just average This isn t the worst book that I ve ever read, nor the worst Star Wars book, but it took me over 5 months to finish, and for a Star Wars book, that s a crime Not to mention, every time I did pick up the book, I wanted to promptly put it back down.No wait, you know what the REAL best thing about this book is Disney has banished it from canon a move that almost no one will cry over

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    Really probably 2.5 this book for me was rather mediocre and here are a few reasons why This was the first Star Wars book I have read that does not include characters and storyline related to the original You might say Matthew, you went into this knowing it is long before the original trilogy To that I say that the author then should have worked harder to make it entertaining on its own so I didn t care so much about the lack of connection The book goes back and forth between time periods and I often forgot which I was in as the transition was not smooth The overall story was blah It had no teeth It had no pizzazz As I read, often than not, I was like okay, guess this is what is going on, I am not sure why I care I will keep reading Star Wars, but I hope these duds are few and far between.

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    Tim Lebbon s 2013 Star Wars novel Dawn of the Jedi Into the Void is difficult to rate or review.First of all, this is a Star Wars novel, because we explore the Force and an early version of the Jedi, called the Je daii That s why I chose this work, I like ancient history, I like Star Wars, so how far back in the series can we go This is it, look on the Star Wars timeline and this is as far back as any writer has ventured in Lucas interactive vision.But is this really a Star Wars book It reminds me of Frank Herbert s 1976 Children of Dune with the setting of two children in the wilderness training and also that each chapter begins with a quote from a Jedi master This is also gruesomely violent and in many ways barbarously dark than the run of the mill SW book There are no light sabers though there is an oblique reference , the protagonist uses a sword and decapitates with the wild abandon of a samurai on holiday.Set thousands of years before the events we are all familiar with, this is far removed from the goings on of Obi Wan and Anikin And though there are droids, there is none of the campy but fun personality we are used to from R2 and C3P0.Here s my theory and I could be way off Lebbon had this idea and sold it to Lucas with some Je daii lore taped on.Anyway, all that said, not a bad story Lebbon is a good writer and while the characterization is flat, and the dialogue seems also ran ish, I stayed tuned in til the end.Turns out this is based upon a graphic novel series about the beginnings of the Jedi as we know it Lebbon tells about a young Je daii Ranger who tracks down her long lost brother who is Force deficient and mad about it Lebbon alternates between now time and the Ranger s memories of her and her brother s initiation into the Je daii rites and where it all goes wrong.

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    The Dawn of the Jedi series was first produces in comic form and of course the logical progression is novelization It takes Star Wars back to its roots As the title says, it s the origin story to the Jedi, the beginning of our favorite protectors of the universe, users of the force and lightsabers , and purveyors of piety It was radioactive spiders that created the Jedi And you ll never believe how they began In fact, if I gave you infinite guesses, you d never get it And it s not for the reason you think.The Je daii have a mysterious society that does its own thing, which tends to be for the betterment of the universe, saying may the force go with you Yeah, you d never be able to guess because you d be going for something new Also, they use the force and swords and have masters and apprentices So it s definitely an origin story and not just an exact replication of the jedi we know and love.Okay, so if you re reading Star Wars books, you really can t go into it expecting a whole lot And sadly, any of the newer books have the added reputation of being bloated series with little plot.However, what you can expect is lots of action and lots of fun Into the Void delivers on both counts While I make fun of the origin story it s still an entertaining and interesting look at the beginnings of the Jedi These Je daii go through an interesting training period on an incredibly dangerous planet.Into the Void follows Lanoree Brock, a Je daii Ranger, who spends most of her time on her own in solitary missions ranging around the galaxy She s called in for a special mission that could result in the salvation or destruction of the galaxy as they know it, and it s all because of her brother Dal, once thought dead.The narrative switches between the present where Lanoree is in pursuit of her brother in her current mission and her past training where she and her brother participated together It s a great way to introduce Dal and find out what his motivations are for his dark pursuits later in his life Lebbon does a great job with these characters and his narrative structure works well to set things up for an exciting ending while providing plenty of excitement throughout the training on this dangerous planet I m interested to try out Lebbon s other works because he obviously knows what he s doing.Like other Star Wars audiobooks, Into the Void is filled with suspenseful music and every type of sound effect they can possibly fit in Like a movie in your head, I can t recommend Star Wars audiobooks enough And January LaVoy does an excellent job bringing Lanoree and every other character to life.But what I really can t wait for the origin of the origin story That s where the money is.3.5 out of 5 Stars recommended

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    I can t read this book It s just written too terribly to even get past the first chapter The writing is beyond amatuerish and it uses present tense, which I absolutely HATE Examples of this would be The Hunger Games and I Am Number Four I m sorry, but I just cannot stand the use of present tense I absolutely despise it Not to mention the fact that few people who use it in their writing are able to do it well Some Star Wars fans may be able to get past the terrible writing and the present tense, but I cannot Honestly, I sat on my couch for 45 minutes correcting the grammar in the first chapter, than actually reading it before I put it down It was THAT bad I don t know what editor green lighted this for publication, but whooo boy did he fail to do his job This one s going back to the book store for a refund and the writer should be ashamed of himself It s not often I find a book so badly written that I can t even get past the first chapter I ve read writing assignments from high school kids that had skill and grammatical knowledge than this My advice to anyone seeking to read this book Pick up the trade paperback compilation books of the Dark Horse comics that this book is based on The comics are far enjoyable with some very good artwork Don t support shoddy, half assed work like this by paying good money on it that would be enjoyably spent on unanesthetised dental surgery.

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    You know when you were a kid and you went to the store and you saw knock off copies of popular toys Like, next to the G.I Joes would be Action Commando Man or some such Well, this book is the Action Commando Man of the Star Wars universe This fact also makes it very difficult to rate For example, as a generic sci fi story starring a space ninja, it s pretty rad The main character rips people s fingers off and crushes them with her force powers, and when it s time to do some swordplay, sneaking up behind them and decapitating them or impaling them always trumps a fair and noble fight As a Star Wars novel, however, it is barely passable As a description of what the Jedi Order was like in the beginning, it is severely lacking and ultimately disappointing All we learn is that Jedi masters trained initiates by beating the ever living shit out of them And if you are looking for Jedi that actually act like Jedi, look elsewhere see my first point about why this is a great non Star Wars novel In fact, if you take out every mention of the force , then this story could easily take place in any sci fantasy universe This book also felt like the beginning of a series that they were going to pursue but just didn t If this was always meant to be a standalone, then that is even confusing because this book leaves questions and holes about the early Star Wars universe than it answers So, anyway, if you have already read most of the other Star Wars novels out there, then certainly give this a try Also, if you want a pretty good generic sci fantasy novel about killer space ninjas chopping people up with swords and smashing people s faces with their minds, then you will probably enjoy this a bit If you want a true Star Wars experience, however, I would suggest looking elsewhere.

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    I can t believe this was published. this book is just badly written and half of it isn t close to cannon the species mentioned here shouldn t be there at all. Wookiees, Noghri and Sith Did anyone check if this book lined up to the lore and history of the Star Wars universe I m a huge Star Wars book nerd and got so frustrated with this guys book I expected a book that sets its time as early in the history as anyone ever has to have had much better lore it doesn t explain anything why are Sith here this takes place after the Rakata s Infinite Empire was destroyed by the Siths Sorcery right the Sith are met for the first time by dark Jedi after this book possibly at the end of this guys planned trilogy PLEASE GOD DON T LET TIM MAKE MORE OF THESE Cannon issues aside, he s no scientist he mentions at the beginning of the book that Exposing dark matter to normal matter would be cataclysmic It would create a black hole Oisk pure Oisk Dark matter would not act that way ever And by the way don t swear in a star wars book he says Bitch and Piss in the first two chapters, which might not be awful in a PG 13 movie but never have i read a Star Wars book with any kind of bad language at all they say plenty of other words from tons of other languages in the SW universe Please don t let him ruin precious Star Wars novels, the future movies are getting close to tossing the expanded universes Cannon out the window they don t need help from this guy. signed, I weep for Star Wars

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    I have a a lot of friends who like the Star Wars books, so I hope I don t annoy them I just read a review of a book I like immensely where the reviewer said she found the characters whiny and the dialogue wooden I listed the entire series among my favorites Obviously I disagree So, some of you will disagree here.On the plus side I don t plan to greatly trash the book Mostly I just couldn t get into it I may go back and try it again later when I m in a different mood I ve read several books I liked a lot lately and this one just mostly left me cold I couldn t get involved.When it comes to Star wars I ve never gotten into any of the books, for that matter as far as I m concerned only the original trilogy of movies are worth seeing.Just me I guess.Also i need to say that I got this in audio and sound effects didn t helpmostly they just annoyed me I don t need to hear wookiees howling, driods beeping and so on as the book is being read.So, 2 stars mostly because I just couldn t care about the characters or the book Still it s a good idea and I may try againmaybelater.

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    Okay, would it have killed Lebbon to have written the book in one tense It really made the flashbacks kind of annoying I was actually thinking of just skipping them because they really didn t add anything to plot.The rest of the book was just okay Problem 1 is that Lanoree Brock really isn t all that likeable of a hero None of the Je daii are, in fact Second, Dal isn t really evil So you have a weak hero chasing a bad guy who isn t bad Another of the problems is that Lanoree doesn t recognize that her brother isn t a bad guy until late in the book Something that could have made an interesting sub plot is barely touched upon.And the MacGuffin is another problem Lanoree blindly follows orders when she should have been questioning them Why is this stargate bad What s wrong with the idea of exploring space Why do the Je daii Masters think the device that opens the stargate will destroy the planet Lanoree never asks these questions and the book never answers them It s simply Je daii good Stargazers bad.So, die hard Star Wars fans only.

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