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FugitiveHelp Me When She Opens Her Door To A Wounded, Handcuffed Stranger, Laney Jefferson Is Terrified Until She Recognizes Her Unexpected Visitor Thirteen Years Ago, Logan Randal Was There For Her When She Desperately Needed A Friend Now The Wrongfully Convicted Lawman Needs The Widow S Help On The Run From The Law And Guided Only By Laney S Unswerving Faith In Logan S Innocence, Their Mutual Attraction Begins To Break Down The Barriers Around Laney S Heart But The Real Culprit Is Much Closer Than They Imagine A Cunning Enemy Determined To Keep The Past And The Truth Buried Forever.

[PDF] ✈ Fugitive ⚣ Shirlee McCoy – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Fugitive
  • Shirlee McCoy
  • 05 June 2017
  • 9780373675586

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    Fugitive was very good I really enjoyed the wrongfully accused aspect in the story and how the hero had to hide to avoid capture I was a little frustrated with how obvious other parts of the book were, but I was able to get past that.The romance was sweet I loved how they knew each other previously and this was their second chance at love The ending was good.All in all, Fugitive was an enjoyable read and I m glad I read it Disclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention review it on my blog I was not required to give a positive review, only my honest opinion which I ve done All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and I only recommend products or services I use personally an...

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    Laney never expected that after 13 years, the first time she would see Logan again, would be with him wounded,handcuffed and asking for help.Logan was convicted by a crime he didn t commit and when he was going to jail, someone tried to kill him and the guards, where he nearly didn t escape Now, while running from the police and the people who wants him dead, he must try to prove his innocence Sometimes, the worse things we ve ever lived through make us the best people we could ever hope to be Laney had a terrible childhood, with abusive parents that for the whole society, seemed to be the perfect citizens and people Such an example that they would take foster kids into their care just for appearances sake And well, Logan was one of them But instead of running away, he stayed because of Laney and helped her escape her life.Through the story we could see how connected this 2 are, how even after 13 years they still ...

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    Laney Jefferson opens her snow covered cabin to find a nearly frozen man in a prison suit and hand cuff Over a decade ago the man before her, Logan Randal, saved her from her abusive parents and helped her start a new life.Framed for a crime he didn t commit, Laney must decide how far she is willing to go to help Logan Ruthlessly pursued by an unknown enemy with what seems to be a very personal vendetta out against Logan, they must use their wits and all their resources just to survive Fugitive is a Christian based romantic, mystery with a healthly dose of suspense Through it all, the characters search for God s purpose in their circumstances A good, wholesome adventure and a very enjoyable read, Fugitive makes you believe in second chances.T...

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    Fugitive by Shirlee McCoy, Opens with Deputy Sheriff Logan Randal a prisoner on the run from killers He is being transported from court to prison when the vehicle that he was being transferred in came under fire, killing one officer and seriously injuring another He must make it to safety and fast, before he is shot or freezes to death He makes it to a cabin and comes face to face with none other than Laney Jefferson.Laney Jefferson came from an abusive home Saved by her foster brother Logan Randal, who helped her escape thirteen years ago She left Green Bluff and never looked back Helped by a loving couple she graduates college and makes a living as an interior designer But not everything has worked out the way she had hoped She has traveled to the mountains to prepare the cabin she shared with her late husband so she can sell it.Things have not been easy for Logan He struggled as a young adult, but decided to change He helped Laney escape abuse He was also instrumental in putting her parents behind bars He later became a Police Officer and then a Deputy Sheriff But he is still feeling guilty for not being able to save his wife Now framed and convicted for trafficking drugs he is being sent to prison, when he is attacked.I fell in love with both of these characters While Logan is in need of help, he does not want Laney to be at risk of being arrested by police, or killed by the people after him Laney on the other hand can t forget the boy, who is now a man, that sav...

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    Honestly, I tend to avoid Christian romance books because they usually come off preachy to me, but this one was actually enjoyable It was the first one I ve read from the Suspense line of books It might not be my last, either Was it predictable Yes Was it cliche A little bit Nonetheless, I thought the author played well on the chemistry between the characters nothing better for that than a shared history , and it was realistic than I was expecting.I feel there could ve been done with the actual crime of the story There was a lot of running around, trying to avoid the police, and less development of the how and why of the antagonists actions I mean, who attacked Logan at the beginning of the story Who burned down William s cabin We only meet one crone the entire book Danvers who confessed Way too easily but, I know, I know it s LoveInspired, so you can t be torturing the guy though let s face it, that s realistic if you want someone like that to talk But the main focus ...

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    2.5 star readLaney Jefferson did not have an ideal childhood Her parents were abusive and vindictive The only shining light she can remember is her friend, Logan Randal Logan helped her to escape from the abuse when she turned eighteen and she s never looked back Fast forward thirteen years and Laney is a widow trying to rebuild her life Her father had been tried for abuse, neglect and the murder of a foster child Her mother was found guilty of abuse and neglect and spent a few years in prison Now her father is deceased and her mother has been released from prison and disappeared In an effort to address the past, Laney has decided to sell her husband s rural cabin and her childhood home Laney is forced to deal with than she thought when she confronts her childhood savior, Logan Randal Logan is an escaped convict and only wants to clear his name before it is too late He s happy to see Laney after all these years, but he doesn t want to pull her into his messy life Can Laney learn to trust her feelings after all these years or will her fear prevent her from finding happiness Fugitive is a fast paced faith based romantic suspense read Both Laney and Logan attempt to rely on their faith as they attempt to unravel the mystery behind Logan s wrongful conviction The romance aspect of the story is somewhat predictable but it did not detract from the story My only problem with the story is that although Laney and Logan are nice people, they ar...

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    Fugitive by Shirlee McCoy is a quick, well paced tale about second chances and putting your trust in Faith and your own heart.Laney Jefferson ran from her abusive past over a dozen years ago with the help of Logan Randal, a childhood friend and savior Finally having a chance to make a life for herself, she never looks back until she is told she is the heir to her family s estate, forcing her to swallow her fear and return to sever all ties to the painful memories While staying at her small and isolated cabin during a fierce snowstorm, hearing a thump at her door, she opens it to find her past coming roaring back when a wounded man, handcuffed and half frozen falls in and she recognizes him Logan Randal was there for her when she desperately needed a friend Now the wrongfully convicted lawman needs the widow s help as he runs from an unknown entity out to stop him from proving not only his innocence, but uncovering the truth that lays buried in the past Will they survive long enough t...

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    In comparison to the last love inspired suspense novel, this one is a masterpiece Actually, it is about 3 1 2 stars, but GR won t let me give that.

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    Book 8 Fugitive in the series HEROES FOR HIRE by Shirlee McCoy will have your heart pounding in the way you that you can t put the book down You start with a car crash then you have bad guys trying to killer a prisoner who by the way is a ...

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    2.5 starsThis book is part of Love Inspired Suspense Series.If I must say I didn t find so much of suspense.Laney Jefferson is a young widow, she s just received her father s heritage, an ancient mansion with its lands, to the limits of the town where She spent her childhood and the place from which she run from her adolescence The woman decides to put order in her life, check out the house and then sell it and start a new life.During a snowstorm, while she is spending the weekend in an isolated cabin owned by the deceased husband, a man shows up at her door, he s a police s fugitive, still wearing handcuffs and prison uniforms At first she is terrified, but watching him better she realizes that the man is not a stranger, but he s Logan Randal, the same boy,adopted by her family, who helped her escape from her terrible reality The man proclaims himself innocent someone has hatched a plot against him and he even tried to kill him.Laney believes him and she gets involved by events, and by feelings that she discovers to feel for this man who comes from her past, while together they try to find the truth for exonerating evidence.The book is o good reading, but I think that to fit in the category of su...

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