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The Seventymile Kid A True And Complete Account Of The First Successful Ascent Of Mount McKinley Setting The Record Straight The Summer Of 2013 Marks The 100th Anniversary Of The McKinley S First Ascent Features Archival Photographs, Including Rare And Never Before Published ImagesThe Seventymile Kid Tells The Remarkable Account Of Harry Karstens, Who Was The Actual If Unheralded Leader Of The Hudson Stuck Expedition That Was The First To Summit Mount McKinley In Alaska All But Forgotten By History, A Young Karstens Arrived In The Yukon During The 1897 Gold Rush, Gained Fame As A Dog Musher Hauling U.S Mail In Alaska, And Eventually Became The First Superintendent Of Mount McKinley National Park Now Known As Denali National Park And Preserve Aided By Karstens S Own Journals, Longtime Denali Writer And Photographer Tom Walker Uncovered Archival Information About The Stuck Climb, And Reveals That The Stuck Triumph Was An Expedition Marred By Significant Conflict Without Karstens S Wilderness Skills And Alaska Honed Tenacity, It Is Quite Possible Hudson Stuck Would Never Have Climbed Anywhere Near The Summit Of McKinley Yet The Two Men Had A Falling Out Shortly After The Climb And Never Spoke Again In This Book, Walker Attempts To Set The Record Straight About The Historic First Ascent Itself, As Well As Other Pioneer Attempts By Frederick Cook And Judge Wickersham Fans Of Alaska Literature, American History, And Mountaineering Lore Will Love This Adventurous Biography Of The Largerthan Life Sourdough Karstens, In Which Alaska Its Wilderness, Its Iconic Mountain, And Its Pioneer Spirit Looms Large.

[Epub] ↠ The Seventymile Kid  Author Tom Walker – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Seventymile Kid
  • Tom Walker
  • English
  • 05 July 2017
  • 9781594857294

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    It is amazing how the people lived and survived the harsh winters in Alaska during 19th Century.

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    This is another perspective on the first ascent of Denali, but also much Besides just that, it follows the life of Harry Karstens from the time he left home thru his nearly disastrous journey to the Alaska gold strikes and his work and experiences in the undeveloped interior Those experiences and his personality made him into the person who, than anyone else in his expedition, had the ability and the desire to climb Denali Walter Harper may have been even stronger physically and done work, but Karstens had experience and was the one who directed what had to be done Karstens also had a long held desire to climb Denali, and it is not clear whether this was something that Harper wanted No one has written a book from Walter Harper s point of view yet of which I have heard Not only is this a great history of the first ascent of Denali, but a way to learn what that was like from day to day I had learned from Hudson Stuck s book about some of the details, but for anyone who hasn t read Stuck s book and doesn t know much about the history of mountain climbing, this ...

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    Chock full of facts and stories of the pioneers of Alaska The attempts on the mountain were daunting I was glad I read it in the winter, wrapped in a blanket by the fire The ordeals that these men endured in sub zero weather were amazing I have been to ...

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    If you are looking for a fun read that will flesh out the history of the first attempts to climb Denali, this is the book for you It gives good insight into the difficulty of living in the Alaskan frontier and into the character of the men and women who called it...

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    First, my confession I don t tend to read, cover to cover, straightforward history books, even locally relevant history books written by my neighbors I appreciate them, use the index, and read them in selected, disordered spurts This was an exception, and i m grateful i...

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    I m biased..

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    Really enjoyed this read Some mountaineering history I had not known before.

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    Excellent account of Alaska pioneer life and the early attempts to climb Mt McKinley.

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