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Stalin Arguably No Person In History Had Such A Direct And Negative Impact On The Lives Of So Many As Joseph Stalin Under The Red Tsar Terror Knew No Limits, It Did Not Discriminate No One Was Safe, No Institution, No Single Town Or Village Was Immune Yet, Following His Death In 1953, Stalin Was Deeply Mourned He Had Received The Country With A Wooden Plough, And Left It With A Nuclear Missile Shield And No One Else, Some Claimed, Could Have Led The Soviet Union To Victory In The Second World War.So Who Was Joseph Stalin, What Was His Role During The Russian Revolution How Did He Come To Power, What Made Him Such A Destructive Tyrant, And How Did He Impose His Will On The Soviet Union For So Long Love History Know Your Stuff With History In An Hour

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    Too broad of a subject for that short book.

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    This is a great little series The books give you a nice overview of the topic This one on Stalin is no different.

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    interesting enough but quite short as the title suggests.

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    Don t know much about Stalin, but this book makes me want to read up on the man and fined out on him.

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    A mitad de camino entre un art culo de la wikipedia y un tocho de 600 p ginas, el libro cumple lo que promete una visi n de conjunto breve sobre la figura de Stalin.

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    As you d expect from something called History in an Hour the book moves briskly, skimming across the top of a broad lake of facts A single reading or listening for the audiobook will only give a vague impression, while subsequent visits to the text allows for greater elucidation One of my chief grumbles, however, is the single bias in the portrayal of Stalin While I do not believe that Stalin was someone to be necessarily admired or held in high regard and he did many things that were unquestionably cruel and brutal the text is so clearly biased in its uniformly evil man image of him that it becomes a little hard to take at its word, even though it is true My own knowledge of Stalin s history is not as well informed as I wish it were, which is why I was drawn to a speedy but detailed overview This book is that to be certain however, my interest is invited to in depth biographies simply because this goes a little too much like a bullet point list of the vicious and self interested acts of a simply paranoid and evil man There must be to the story, or at least a removed, journalistic approach to the presentation of these events However, the history does in many ways speak for itself, and the book is sti...

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    Another enjoyable introduction to a topic from the history in an hour series With so many works published about Stalin this makes for a good starting point Some have described this as merely a chronology but ...

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    stalin worked his way into a couple of the other history in an hour books i read so, i feel like i got out of this because i came into it with a little bit of knowledge.anyway, not a cool dude died because because were too scared of helping him wrong.

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    This short book was wonderful I knew a bit about Stalin, now I m quite interested in learning so much That s the beauty of this series, it awakens your interest and forces you to go out and learn a bit Highly recommend

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    Clear and concise I wish it had gone into detail about the cult of personality surrounding Stalin though, there was little mention about this in the book and that had been what I was interested in reading about.

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