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Diviner Lucas Cantrell Is A Man With A Unique And Frightening Gift In The Same Way That A Dowsing Rod Can Locate An Underground Spring Or The Ideal Place To Dig A Well, He Has The Ability To Divine The Location Of A Dead Body Contracted By Law Enforcement Agencies Throughout The Country To Help Find The Bodies Of Murder Victims, Lucas Has No Love For What He S Able To Do Instead, He Sees It As A Terrible Burden, And Can Only Take Comfort From The Fact That He Can At Least Offer A Sense Of Closure To The Families Of The People He Finds When A Powerful Television Executive Recruits Lucas To Aid In The Search Of A Dead Serial Killer S Property In New Hampshire, His Gift Becomes A Curse His Abilities Lead Him On A Journey Into His Own Past, To A Horrible Incident In His Childhood That May Form A Direct Link To The Serial Killer Who Has Already Been Laid To Rest.

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    The Diviner is wonderfully written book The story about Lucas Cantrell and his ability to find the dead unravels at a fast pace, with a surprise, exciting and satisfying ending The ending is both horrific and positive at the same time I thoroughly enjoyed the book In t...

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