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Sermons of The Great Ejection A Fine Introduction To Puritan Preaching, This Little Book Also Recalls One Of The Great Turning Points In English Christianity For These Sermons Were Preached On The Farewell Sunday In August, 1662, When Two Thousand Ministers Left The National Church For Conscience Sake Much Has Been Written On That Great Ejection, But Nothing Is Important Than To Hear The Ejected Speak For Themselves Their Watchword WasI Preach As Never Sure To Preach Again, And As A Dying Man To Dying Men This New Edition OfSermons Of The Great Ejectionnot Only Commemorates The 350th Anniversary Of A Noteworthy Historical Event But, Importantly, Gives A Real Insight Into The Theology, Godliness, And Preaching Of The Puritans Why Is This Relevant For Two Reasons I As The Blurb On The First Edition Said, Such Preaching Could Set England Alight Again In Our Own Times And Ii The Issues Of 1662 Are Directly Relevant To The Present Situation In The Church When The Emphasis Is Once Again Upon Conformity And Unity At The Expense Of Truth And Holiness May This Little Book Be An Encouragement To Men Of Gospel Truth And Integrity Everywhere.

☂ Sermons of The Great Ejection  PDF / Epub ✐ Author Edmund Calamy – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 295 pages
  • Sermons of The Great Ejection
  • Edmund Calamy
  • English
  • 14 October 2018
  • 9781848711525

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    What can you learn from 1662 The compact and attractive Puritan Paperbacks series consists of 46 books covering a variety of topics relating to the Christian life If you ve ever had any interest in Reformation Christianity, Sermons of the great ejection is an easy way to get a taste without being overwhelmed The Puritans are often ridiculed and maligned by people who know little or nothing about them After reading this book, you will have a better idea of whether or not they have anything to offer you.Farewell Sunday, 1662On St Bartholomew s Day in August 1662, 2000 ministers were ejected from their pulpits and removed from the Church of England These nonconformist pastors could not agree with one or state mandated policies required of the Church Some like John Whitlock would not read the mandated common prayer Others like Thomas Brooks refused to administer Baptism and the Lord s Supper in...

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    I suppose I have long had an interest in the Pilgrims, that small band of Puritans who braved the wild Atlantic to separate themselves from England to plant a colony where they could worship God according to their Biblically based beliefs I became interested in them while teaching 8th grade honors English aligning with the History department to study literature that paralleled the events in their history studies Key to those studies were a brief look at what it was that brought English settlers to the New World I ve known for quite some time that I have English ancestry and particularly that my Andrews came to the New World to settle at Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1636 Recently I have also discovered that I probably have an ancestor that crossed the ocean on the Mayflower My Mayflower ancestor would have been a Puritan and Nonconformist My MBC ancestor would have been loyal to the Church of England Only two generations ago did those two lines serendipitously meet.The long and the short of it is that I am increasingly interested in what it was that brought them to America Though the Sermons of the Great Ejection come from 1662, they are the result of a law outlawing nonconformity with the Church of England and tie directly to the Puritan Nonconfor...

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    There could be few scathing reproofs for modern Christianity than for us to really attend to the words of these men who gave up livings, homes, liberties, goods and sometimes lives rather than surrender any part of the teaching of the word of God This book provides meaty nourishment for the soul, and is particularly relevant for us Christians in the West who are facing an increasingly hostile culture and need to be equipped and encouraged to live well under trials and difficulties.As is often the case with the Puritan s, these sermons will take a verse, theme or doctrine and examine each facet of it, in a way that shows a great passion for the Lord, and for practical application to personal holiness The fact that these were often the writers last sermons to their congregations before ejection also emphasises the love for their people, and the urgency, that characterised much Puritan writing Well worth your time to read this, as if we could aspire to a fraction of the spiritual st...

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    A very nice collection, giving a good sampling of parting shot sermons from nonconformists Shows a range of the scope of concerns from the soon to be de frocked, which in turn gives insight into the ministers perceptions of the issues which will be facing their congregations with the ecclesiastical hostile takeover, and the last opportunity fatherly advice warning they give their flocks from theirhmm, ministerial death beds The range of fatherly concern is my biggest takeaway With so much church transfer these days, we forget what it was for congregations to have such continuity in worship from cradle to grave, or how invested most ministers used to be in the spiritual fervor and progress of their congregants What a value, to have parting counsel from over half a dozen fathers in the faith and if you haven t started adopting collecting fathers in t...

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    Wow This book has sat on my shelf for ages I love the Puritans but how much help can some sermons on a very specific occasion be But there is something so beautiful in the rawness of these sermons.A standout take home for me was that I should fear sinning t...

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    Excellent book In hindsight, it will be a good introduction to the Puritans The sermons, quite long by today s standards, are short by Puritans writing Also, because these sermons are delivered by the Ministers before they are ejected from the Church of England, the...

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