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The Goon, Volume 12 Zombie Rockabillies, Superheroes With Hilarious Gay Abandon, And The Tragicomedy Of Carny Folk Are Just A Few Bizarre Tales In This New Goon Collection From Dark Horse Comics See Why Eric Powell Has Won The Eisner Award For Best Humor Publication And Best Ongoing Series This Volume Collects The Goon 38 41 New Cover By Eric Powell.

[ Download ] ✤ The Goon, Volume 12  Author Eric Powell – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 120 pages
  • The Goon, Volume 12
  • Eric Powell
  • English
  • 19 May 2017
  • 9781616550066

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    Encountering a new Eric Powell Goon book is like checking in with a mad genius who s off doing his own thing in his far off workshop, creating one brilliant thing after another and firing them off every year to be picked up and devoured by those who are smart enough to know these are comic books that are unlike anything else being produced these days Goon 12 Them That Raised Us Lament collects issues 38 41, and like all the volumes that came before it, is utterly brilliant Powell is unable to write draw a bad book While this is Volume 12, there isn t really an overarching storyline that threads through all of the books at least not for the last few books anyway Instead, this book collects 4 disparate stories that are each brilliant in their own way and continue to explore Goon s strange world while going off on entertaining tangents The story that opens this book Kizzie the Iron Maiden tells the tragicomic story of Goon s parentage The story of his mother who worked as a strong woman in a travelling sideshow and his absent and no good father are told and contains a beautiful one line eulogy in the final panel that is as much for Goon s mother as it is for Powell s grandmother, Betty Jean Wheeler, to whom the issue is dedicated to and who passed in 2011 Goon and Franky then go off on a bonkers story of prohibi...

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    There are only a few series I regularly spend money on, and this is near the top of the list This volume includes a touching tale of Goon s past, a nother brilliant skewering of superhero comics, and a prohibition story that includes a creature that is half car half bathtub cough syrup battery acid gin infused primate All drawn as brilliant as usual.Seriously, the h...

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    Hilarious and depraved Low Brow hi jinx I wonder if Eric Powell drinks, because this is Mostly full of gut busters,but with occasional sombre and sappy moments, and some in between weirdness that is hard to classify,

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    I always enjoy reading The Goon In this silly volume, Powell jabs at today s cheesy and predictable super hero comics to try to raise media interest and sell comics Of course, that s not The Goon.

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    The satire was pointed in this one Powell really skewers superhero tropes.

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    The great thing about The Goon is that it s mostly creator run Eric Powell does the writing and illustrations and even some of the coloring And, when both are so fantastic, that s a good thing.The Goon has been an ongoing story for some time, and although the arcs had a beginning middle and end, lately the book has been operating on a one shot basis The writing borders a bit on the absurd sometimes, which isn t exactly my cup of tea, but fortunately, when looking at the big picture, The Goon is still a great book.Collected mostly in 4 issue paperbacks, volume 12 is split into one shot once upon a time stories We get some stories that relate to the ongoing Goon story, like what appears to be Goon s foster mother, and the return of the shaman and how he gets both eyes back These stories are interesting enough, but the superhero one shot Death of the Goon is truly fantastic This story basically makes fun of the current state of superhero comics, comp...

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    The greatest comic books of all time, the comics that are considered literature have a few things in common Your list might not match mine, but I would put Sandman, Watchmen, Y The Last Man, Preacher and Queen and Country on that list There are a ton that I could add, but I really don t spend than five minutes writing these reviews Those exceptional books have main characters that you care about, and an over arching story that pulls you along, but each do a very good job at telling a story in a single issue, and many times about supporting, or non important characters Certain exceptional super hero comics do this as well It is the proper way to use this serialized medium This volume of the Goon shows that this book should be in that collection of stand out books There are single issue stories in here that are better than some novels, and certainly better than many movies The story about the Goon s Mother is my favorite, but the story of wha...

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    I tend to like The Goon most when it s in its serious creepy mode So, the first story in this collection is perfect for that Then there is a sendup of superhero comics which at times sounds a lot like sour grapes Powell complaining about gimmicks common to superhero comics, and how the media only tends to pay attention to comics at all when it is announced that a superhero is coming out as gay Perhaps the funniest observation in the issue is about Powell not having read any superhero comics in many years which makes the humor make a lot sense, but really doesn t make it all that much funnier I mean, I expect a good dose of bathroom humor with everything Powell does, but it works better when it comes in smaller doseswhich is also the problem with the third story in this collection too much juveni...

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    Well, The Goon Them That Raised Us Lament volume 12 is the last available Goon graphic novel to read I m not really sure if Eric Powell intends to publish any Goon graphic novels or not, but if he did, I d probably read them This one wasn t the best, I thought It was entertaining and all, but some of th...

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    Powell brings the funny back Skunk apes Robert Williams tributes Drag racing Even so, it s book ended by two serious pieces about Kizzie s childhood and the Zombie Priest s plans for the future And by the way, compare the drawings of the Zombie Priest to his earliest apperances Powell s clearly tak...

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