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The Hatchet Men: The Story of the Tong Wars in San Francisco's ChinatownRichard Dillon, One Of California S Premier Historians, Tells The Compelling Story Of San Francisco S Exotic Pre 1906 Chinatown When Vicious Hoodlum Gangs Held Sway Chinatown, As Demonstrated By Dillon S Fast Paced Narrative, Became A Cauldron Of Chaos Teeming With Thugs, Prostitutes, Gamblers, And Warlords Preying On Scores Of Helpless Victims As The Tong Wars Ripped Through San Francisco S Chinatown, The Chinese Inhabitants Lived Under A Reign Of Terror Opium Was Abundant As Were Slave Girls, Women Imported For The Purpose Of Prostitution Hatchet Wielding Killers Silenced Any Opposition It Was A Lurid And Violent Chapter In American History And, In An Era When The Customs Of An Asian People Were Considered Foreign And Frightening To Begin With, The Very Word Chinatown Came To Suggest The Mysterious, The Sinister The Truth That Survived The Earthquake Of 1906 Was Both Colorful And Tragic Richard Dillon Exposes The Plight Of The Chinese Average Man, Trapped Between The Tongs That Terrorized And Cast Their Shadow Over Him, And A Government That Disastrously Misunderstood Him Richard H Dillon Has Written Than 20 Books About California And The West.

➹ The Hatchet Men: The Story of the Tong Wars in San Francisco's Chinatown Download ➾ Author Richard H. Dillon – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 292 pages
  • The Hatchet Men: The Story of the Tong Wars in San Francisco's Chinatown
  • Richard H. Dillon
  • English
  • 13 December 2018
  • 9781618090515

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    This was another book read for the sake of novel research as I delve into San Francisco as it was before the 1906 earthquake In particular, I wanted to learn about the Tongs their structure, their names, how they functioned, and so on That information isn t available online Hatchet Men was originally published in 1962 it has now been re released by a small press There were numerous typographical errors throughout the book that sometimes distracted me as I read Did the book supply me with the information I wanted Yes It was a fascinating read and gave me the insights I wanted, down to hand signals, rituals, and Chinese phrases I had no idea that the Tongs or anyone else a century ago used chain mail as bullet proof vests I can also use key words from the text to search on my own It s by no means a perfect book, typos aside It s a book written by a white man about Chinatown He doesn t write with intimacy of the place or the people with a journalist s plain prose It s not that he s outright anti Chinese, that it has the definite feel of an outsider looking in Sometimes...

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    19thC crime and criminality in San Francisco s ChinatownThe Great Earthquake of 1906 that leveled and burned Chinatown along with much of San Francisco put an end to the opium dens, whorehouses, and gang meeting houses that had marked the Chinese quarter of the city since 1852 When Chinatown was rebuilt, it was by American Chinese who played by new rules, had different interests and wanted the good life as available in California in those days Hatchet men , like dinosaurs, trudged off into history.Richard Dillon compiled a long winded saga of the intricate relationships between legitimate Chinese companies or benevolent societies , the American police, and Chinese gangs He did it mainly by delving into newspapers and government inquiries, reports, and court ordinances of the second half of the 19th century Turning up a huge amount of information, he ran into trouble trying to digest it for readers The text contains too many names, too many details of too many crimes for anyone not engaged in research to keep straight The basic theme is very interesting however He examines the rise of Chinese criminality from 1852, when first there was a substantial Chinese population in the city, to the end of the century In the early days, ...

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    Written over 50 years ago, this book gives a general history of gang wars in San Francisco s Chinatown from the mid 1800 s until the earthquake of 1906 One thing that stood out for me was that this book does not age particularly well Dillon gives numerous references to turn of the century Californian figures without context, and uses antiquated terms to describe the Chinese in America The book further lacks a notes or references section, which makes it ill suited to use in further study of Chinatown s history Beyond these deficiencies, I found the book to be an entertaining read at parts.I would recommend a reader...

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    I read this book for my research into San Francisco I found it easy to read and very interesting It wasn t just a sensational book on the tongs like some I ve come across, but delved into the political and racial tensions festering in San Francisco, and reasons why the tongs flourished in the latter half of the 19th century I also felt that the information was presented without prejudice, which I m always conscious of when doing research since the newspaper archives of the time period are always rife with prejudice and agendas.Edited to three stars While this was super interesting, I found a number of errors after doing further research on at least two subjects The Bubonic Plague and the death toll of SF In the Hatchet Men, it says that the Bubonic Plague and subsequent quarantine of the Quarter was nothing but a scare and tells ...

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    Detailed but dry Which I suppose is average for a single topic history book If it only had a citation section it would be a great jumping off point for research.

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    wonderful history of San Francisco hatchet wars The life of the Chinese community and its effect on the city I had no idea of how terrible it was back then very interesting

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