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Alif the UnseenIn An Unnamed Middle Eastern Security State, A Young Arab Indian Hacker Shields His Clients Dissidents, Outlaws, Islamists, And Other Watched Groups From Surveillance And Tries To Stay Out Of Trouble He Goes By Alif The First Letter Of The Arabic Alphabet, And A Convenient Handle To Hide Behind The Aristocratic Woman Alif Loves Has Jilted Him For A Prince Chosen By Her Parents, And His Computer Has Just Been Breached By The State S Electronic Security Force, Putting His Clients And His Own Neck On The Line Then It Turns Out His Lover S New Fianc Is The Hand Of God, As They Call The Head Of State Security, And His Henchmen Come After Alif, Driving Him Underground When Alif Discovers The Thousand And One Days, The Secret Book Of The Jinn, Which Both He And The Hand Suspect May Unleash A New Level Of Information Technology, The Stakes Are Raised And Alif Must Struggle For Life Or Death, Aided By Forces Seen And Unseen.

➶ Alif the Unseen Download ✤ Author G. Willow Wilson – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Alif the Unseen
  • G. Willow Wilson
  • English
  • 27 August 2019
  • 9780802121226

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    Adult urban fantasy cyberpunk I picked this up because I loved the Ms Marvel comics written by G Willow Wilson, and while this is very, very different stuff, it was a fabulous read Somehow I went into this thinking it was a middle grade or young adult novel It s not The content is quite dark and adult It s the story of a twenty something hacker living in an Arabic city state simply called The City Alif is secretly in love with the daughter of a high ranking family, and SPOILER when she becomes engaged to a government official an official who is in charge of finding hackers like Alif, things become very complicated END SPOILER That in itself would be an intriguing story, but Wilson also blends in the world of the fire spirit jinn, mixing computer magic with ancient magic Alif finds himself in possession of...

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    Dear People who Read Books,Please read this book.No, really, I mean it Okay fine, I will tell you why you need to read this The characters in this novel, while not being teenagers, are young adults and therefore this novel meets the criteria set by me to be called Young Adult Okay, let me begin again Properly this time.Alif the Unseen is set in a city in Saudi Arabia and it is, perhaps, one of the few books I have read that manage to write in a setting like Saudi Arabia without preaching about or demonizing Islam The setting is one of the reasons that I really wanted to read this novel that and the synopsis The synopsis sounds bloody bleeding amazing And I can tell you on good authority that the synopsis does not lead you astray I want to write a panegyric for this novel but I will satisfy myself with a garbled review Sorry about that It will perhaps take a few pages to get used to the setting, especially if you read books that are almost exclusively set in North America There is a definite shift in dynamics, there is a sense of the exotic, a foreign ness about the whole setting that is immediately fascinating Alif is a very compelling character who draws you into his life, into his thoughts, politics, love and family You can relate to him and empathize with him and that s a big deal to me because usually male protagonists are not a favourite of mine as well, I just can t seem to get into their heads the same way I can wit...

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    Just when I think that young adult fantasy has nothing new to show me, this one comes along to change my mind Granted, this is being marketed as an adult novel, but I would disagree with that classification If anything, this is of a hybrid The main character is an early twenties hacker activist hacktivist who s living at home and dealing with his over attentive mom, the annoyingly devout girl next door, first heartbreak, and an all powerful instrument of the state who wants nothing than to track him down, throw him in a dank cell, and starve him to death You know normal stuff Things get even complicated when a dangerously powerful book of fairy tales finds its way into his hands and he has to seek refuge in the realm of the unseen.I ve honestly never read anything like this before It is a Middle East inspired fantasy novel about hackers, djinns, metaphor, faith, and political uprising And for a fantasy novel, it is firmly rooted in reality than most Published in the wake of The Arab Spring, this novel feels incredibly relevant And what s it feels necessary This is the kind of book that I think the world needs right now Here is a recent quote from author G Willow Wilson from an...

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    The end of the year, and I decided to finish with a bang, picking the most promising books lingering on my ToBeRead list It s been one interesting read after another, and if they weren t all equally amazing, most have been thought provoking and interesting Alif came to my attention as a genre bender, an urban fantasy set in the Middle East and about a computer hacker on the run Great characterization, trim plotting, an unusual urban setting with clever fantastical elements means it was one of the successes The tale starts with a short prologue of a man transcribing the stories of a captive jinn, but it truly begins with Alif, sitting on his roof and moping over the lack of contact from his secret girlfriend Alif is the screen name of an equal opportunity computer hacker, serving clients large and small in an unnamed Middle Eastern city Ever since the Egyptian revolution, the computer environment has become perilous, with censors and state agents seeking to track dissidents Alif does his part against the machine, running internet access and digital concealment for bloggers, pornographers, Islamists, and activists from Palestine to Pakistan He and h...

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    VAGUELY SPOILERISH though nothing major.In the introduction to his magnificent book The Great Chain of Being A Study of the History of an Idea, Arthur Lovejoy turns a memorable phrase when he describes those who thrill to the metaphysical pathos of obscurity This book, I fear, is subject to that particular weakness There s lots of stuff about stories computer code metaphor multiple interpretations multiple realities that just doesn t make any sense at least, not to this heathen When Alif realizes that the Djinn authored book, Alf Yeom can provide a blue print for an entirely new way of coding, and simply sits down with his little netbook and spontaneously writes code based not on 1s and 0s, but on metaphor, creating something transcendent and nearly divine, it s not just implausible It s nonsensical.One could forgive this in a book with a great story or with great characters, but the book was, I thought, just s...

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    DnfedI read a chapter and a page of this and I drew the line when this guy was keeping the stained bed sheet of his first time as some sort of pride possession

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    Alif the Unseen is such a unique book It s a computer science heavy fantasy novel set in the modern Middle East There is coding, firewalls, cloud servers and genies, all in the same book Doesn t that sound amazing This book is fantasy blended with real science, something that I ve never seen before It s a big risk that pays off.Very rarely to I go quite as highlighter happy as this book made me It was smart, clever, funny and thought provoking How dense and literal it is I thought it had a much sophisticated brain Your mother s dense, Alif said wearily My mother was an errant crest of sea foam But that s neither here nor there This book just goes It doesn t stop to explain everything I appreciated the respect it showed it s reader Admittedly I don t know a lot about Middle Eastern folklore or legends Anything I need to know I can research The book doesn t info dump, yet I had no problem following the story.This book talks about how sometimes religious people pick and choose what to believe In this instance, it s talking about the Quaran and how people tend to ignore the references to jinn genies even though it s throughout the text However I think it s something interesting that applies beyond just one faith group Superstati...

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    Well, this is a wonderful book I love loved it It s about Alif, a hacker in the Middle East, who has an ill fated romance with a woman, is stalked by a mysterious government hacker called The Hand, and interacts with real Djinn who actually exist, invisible among us It s totally fascinating A really enjoyable read that combines politics and tech and magic in a wonderful way Recommended for p...

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    My friend and I were discussing the problem of finding books featuring non white protagonists written by non North American descended authors We noted that, often than not in our limited scope, we d find non white protagonists written by White authors, or, white protagonists who find themselves in non white environments, written by white authors Generally speaking, the result is hit or miss when it comes to a respectful representation of a culture that one is not raised in.I was impressed by her portrayal of the Middle Eastern culture from dialogue, to religions, to terminology, to class and , because this is a culture I have never gotten to read about before in a starring role She also did an effective job of portraying the hacker culture within that cultural environment The writing and dialogue presented aspects of the hacker culture in ways that I could easily understand, without things being spelled out completely Meaning could be inferred without much effort Of course, I am not familiar with the Middle Eastern or hacker cultures, so I am assuming the portrayal did them all justice T...

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    A clever mashup of equal parts efreet fantasy and golden hackers in a Big Brother Muslim state seems like a winner at first glance to me I love everything about the first two and the addition of throwing it into a Muslim culture MAY or may not have been a winning move Sometimes it can come off strange or cheesy or uncomfortable.Fortunately, Wilson s strong writing and respectful nature carried a number of complex and interesting characters into a great tale with romantic elements, stronger hackereze, and a massive David and Goliath take down that rove right into the Unseen world of the spirits of air and fire.How does this work Well, as a matter of fact Combining the mystical permutations of Allah with quantum computing is as natural as breathing Has anyone ...

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