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Shes Out (Dolly Rawlins, #3) A Novelization Of The 1995 Television Series The Series Is A Sequel To Widows 1 And Widows 2 , And It Features Many Of The Original Cast Including Dolly The Author Also Wrote Three Prime Suspect Novels Which Have Been Televised.

!!> Reading ➷ Shes Out (Dolly Rawlins, #3)  ➯ Author Lynda La Plante – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 469 pages
  • Shes Out (Dolly Rawlins, #3)
  • Lynda La Plante
  • English
  • 09 January 2019
  • 0330340131

    10 thoughts on “!!> Reading ➷ Shes Out (Dolly Rawlins, #3) ➯ Author Lynda La Plante – Justinfoline.us

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    Dreadful Facile style, no real depth to the characters.

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    As I started to read this book, realised inhale read it before done that several times recently but couldn t remember ending, so carried on Dollie Rawlings has just spent 8 years in prison decides to take up a decent life with help of hidden diamonds from p...

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    OMGWould recommend to every adult I have always enjoyed ms la plantes books this didn t disappoint Wanted it to never end but wanted to know how it ended It was very edge of the seat towards the end

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    I felt that this book was not nearly as good as some her earlier books and that maybe La Plante bowed to the pressure of the publishers to bring out a new book when there was not enough material to continue in the series The characters were weak and the plot line rather thin.

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    I usually love Lynda La Plante novels but this one wasn t quite up to her normal high standards I didn t really connect or empathise with the characters and the plot seemed to take a long time to unfold It was readable, but not gripping An average read.

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    I love Lynda La Plante but this one wasn t quite up to her usual standards I persevered but it dragged on and on and then just stopped dead One of those books where you feel cheated at the end.

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    What a steaming pile of crap Want to read a book that feels like it was written by three day old road kill A book with too many characters, zero character development, a keystone cops grab bag of plot twists and an absolutely unbelievable, bizarro heistoh, and don t let me forget the SHOCKING ending that just comes out of the blue Well, this turd of a book is it Do yourself a favour Buy a blank exercise ...

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    Fantastic writingLynda La Plante is a household name because of her fantastic writing and this book is no different She drags you into these ex con s lives and you end up caring about them Only sad thing is it ended so abruptly.

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    Synopsis A novelization of the 1995 television series The series is a sequel to Widows 1 and Widows 2 , and it features many of the original cast including Dolly The author also wrote three Prime Suspect novels which have been televised.

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    Excellent read full of tension and keeping the reader on edge The ending was a bit unexpected as one felt they might get away with it.There were Aaron lot of balls in the air at any one time.

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