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Not for Greens The Processes Required To Make A Humble Stainless Steel Teaspoon Are Remarkably Complicated And Every Stage Involves Risk, Coal, Energy, Capital, International Trade And Finance Stainless Steel Cutlery Has Taken Thousands Of Years Of Experimentation And Knowledge To Evolve And The End Result Is That We Can Eat Without Killing Ourselves With Bacteria We Are In The Best Times To Have Ever Lived On Planet Earth And The Future Will Only Be Better All This We Take For Granted Greens May Have Started As Genuine Environmentalists Much Of The Green Movement Has Now Morphed Into An Unelected Extremist Political Pressure Group Accountable To No One Greens Create Problems, Many Of Which Are Concocted, And Provide No Solutions Because Of A Lack Of Basic Knowledge This Book Examines Green Policies In The Light Of Established Knowledge And Shows That They Are Unrealistic Policies By Greens Adopted By Supine Governments Have Resulted In Rising Costs, Increased Taxes, Political Instability, Energy Poverty, Decreased Longevity And Environmental Degradation And They Don T Achieve Their Ideological Aims Wind, Solar And Biomass Energy Emit Carbon Dioxide Than They Save And Reduction Of Carbon Dioxide Emissions Does Nothing To Change Climate And Only Empties The Pocket No Stainless Steel Teaspoon Could Be Made Using Green Alternative Energy This Book Argues That Unless The Greens Live Sustainably In Caves In The Forest And Use No Trappings Of The Modern World, Then They Should Be Regarded As Hypocrites And Treated With The Disdain They Deserve.

!!> KINDLE ➜ Not for Greens  ❤ Author Ian Plimer – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 294 pages
  • Not for Greens
  • Ian Plimer
  • 10 May 2019
  • 9781925138191

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    A book about a teaspoon, how boring Not quite Renowned geologist Ian Plimer eviscerates the lunar left in this brilliant polemic Plimer s contempt for the greens is a breath of fresh air.0134% CO2 Carbon dioxide is a miracle gas according to the greens and it s going to destroy everything and everyone you love Hyperbole, sensationalism and fear mongering sell papers and win votes The greens success is unbelievable and the effects of their activism have been devastating From energy poverty across Europe to deaths in Africa the morally righteous greens have a lot to answer for Plimer s confrontational, no hold barred style is powerful He is the alpha male attack dog that the science community needs to stand up to the swindler activists This book contains a lot of science This supports Plimer arguments Reread that sentence greens, it s how science and humanity as a whole have settled disputes since way back when Science has been tarnished by the greens The book outlines the misleading, deceptive tactics used by climate scientists to achieve their agenda What this agenda is is a...

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    I don t give 5 stars lightly This is an excellent book that details the smelting processes of the ingredients that go into a stainless steel teaspoon.There are a number of lessons here the technology involved in refining metals is complex and has evolved over thousands of years.It takes a lot of continuous energy to do so.None of the alternative energy sources lik...

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    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Dr Plimer has a clear understanding of both mineral extraction and the green movement and shares that information in an understandable manner with his audience I was disappointed the book lacked an index andthe proposed Keystone XL pipeline is not planned to run from Alaska.That said, this book will do little to sway any green supporter, but it will add strength to any argument exposing the irrational side of the entire global warming debate The author shows that we benefit greatly from living in a modern industrial society and the caterwauling screeds from the green are aimed at a figment of their own imagination And, listening to them is destructive to our lives He make...

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    A good reading with quite insightful arguments I would recommend this book to those people who want to learn about the downside of radical environmentalism However, the lack of references is a big flaw, and a great deal of information needs to be constantly verified in external resources H...

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