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White Devil The Amazing True Story Of The Only White Man To Rise To The Top Of The Chinese Mafia.In August 2013, Bac Guai John Willis, Also Known As The White Devil Because Of His Notorious Ferocity, Was Sentenced To 20 Years For Drug Trafficking And Money Laundering Willis, According To Prosecutors, Was The Kingpin, Organizer And Leader Of A Vast Conspiracy, All Within The Legendarily Insular And Vicious Chinese Mafia.It Started When John Willis Was 16 Years Old His Life Seemed Hopeless His Father Had Abandoned His Family Years Earlier, His Older Brother Had Just Died Of A Heart Attack, And His Mother Was Dying John Was Alone, Sleeping On The Floor Of His Deceased Brother S Home Desperate, John Reached Out To Woping, A Young Chinese Man Willis Had Rescued From A Bar Fight Weeks Before Woping Literally Picks Him Up Off The Street, Taking Him Home To Live Among His Own Brothers And Sisters Soon, Willis Is Accompanying Woping To Meet His Chinese Mobster Friends, And Starts Working For Them Journalist Bob Halloran Tells The Tale Of John Willis, Aka White Devil, The Only White Man To Ever Rise Through The Ranks In The Chinese Mafia Willis Began As An Enforcer, Riding Around With Other Gang Members To Encourage People To Pay Their Debts He Soon Graduated To Even Dangerous Work As A Full Fledged Gang Member, Barely Escaping With His Life On Several Occasions.As A White Man Navigating An Otherwise Exclusively Asian World, Willis Was At First An Interesting Anomaly, But His Ruthless Devotion To His Adopted Culture Eventually Led To Him Emerging As A Leader He Organized His Own Gang Of Co Conspirators And Began An Extremely Lucrative Criminal Venture Selling Tens Of Thousands Of Oxycodone Pills A Year Long FBI Investigation Brought Him Down, And John Pleaded Guilty To Save The Love Of His Life From Prosecution He Has No Regrets White Devil Explores The Workings Of The Chinese Mafia, And He Speaks Frankly About His Relationships With Other Gang Members, The Crimes He Committed, And Why He Ll Never Rat Out Any Of His Brothers To The Cops.Told To Halloran From Willis S Prison Cell, White Devil Is A Shocking Portrait Of A Man Who Was Allowed Access Into A Secret World, And Who Is Paying The Price For His Hardened Life.

!!> Read ➱ White Devil  ➵ Author Bob Halloran – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 255 pages
  • White Devil
  • Bob Halloran
  • English
  • 25 August 2019
  • 9781940363790

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    I found this book through iBook s Featured section, and although somewhat skeptical, I took a chance.Don t take a chance It s not awful, but it s certainly subpar The target audience for this book, I imagine, are young white males who crave validation The entire narrative of John Willis, touted as the first White Asian crime boss , is thoroughly eye rolling and unworthy of your precious time It centers on showing how a white guy steamrolled through the Asian gangs of Boston s Chinatown and dominated the scene It will be extremely popular among white men with an Asian fetish who have no issue exploiting other cultures and long for tales of other white men who prove themselves in front of men of color and lead them I have no problem believing John Willis exists, and if this were a purely journalistic take on Boston Chinatown gangs, it might be halfway decent, but the thrust of the narrative, even with the common ane...

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    Entertaining ReadThis is an entertaining read, but I think what holds this book back the most is it s brevity The descriptions and interviews just lack enough depth and detail for me as the reader to feel fully immersed.

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    Fun read very fast pace.If he hadn t been caught this story would never had been known.So unbelievable, it is funny and violent.

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    A nonfiction account of a white man s rise to the top of the Chinese Mafia.John Willis is an American mobster who became part of the Chinese Mafia in Boston and New York In 2013 he was sentenced to 20 years in jail for drug trafficking and money laundering and is not due to be released until at least 2028.Bob Halloran, the author, is a news and sports anchor at a television station in Boston and in 2014 was granted access to John Willis and spent in total 7 hours with him discussing his life He then, after diligent research and interviews with John s girlfriend, family members, a gang member and the FBI has written this account of a story that started when John was 16 and became an orphan.John was working as a bouncer in a bar in Boston frequented by members of the Chinese criminal fraternity when he rescues a young Chinese man, Woping, from a bar fight and is given a card with a telephone number written on it and told to call if he is ever in need John with no money and nowhere to stay, calls the number and is taken to a home occupied by the Chinese gang Ping On Soon he becomes an enforcer encouraging people to pay their debts in Boston, is sent to New York as a bodyguard to a Chinese gangster where he learns to speak Chinese This is a crucial factor to help him rise within the Chinese organized crime hierarchy and whilst working again in Boston for a gangster named Bai Ming a series of fights ends up with Bai Ming becoming the most i...

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    I won t repeat the story, others have done that I thought John Willis s life took some interesting turns to get him where he is today The Chinese mafia took in a white teenager who had no where else to go You have to give them credit for that I felt the book was well written other than it dragged a bit toward the end It was a fast read It exposed me to a life I am not at all familiar with other than The Godfather which validat...

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    I was excited to read this book as I m from Boston actually Dorchester where the subject was from generally enjoy books set locally I also thought it was really fascinating that a white kid rose to power in Asian mob I ...

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    This book was horribly written and researched It felt like a rush job, and barely scratched the surface of the motivations and personalities of those involved A huge disappointment as the subject matter is very intriguing.

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    Best true crime book on the inner workings of Asian organized crime in the United States coupled with an amazing personal story of survival in one of the most secretive and ancient criminal organizations in the world In stores January 12, 2016

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    Very poorly written book that should have been an interesting read Over repetitive throughout I don t think much of Halloran s writing skills The story line jumps around constantly in this difficult to follow narrative It was so bad, I didn t even finish it, which rarely happens for me.

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    Interesting tale of a gangster lifeInteresting tale of a young white man who ended up in a Chinese gang and became an oxy drug kingpin

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