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Echoes of Scotland StreetFrom The Bestselling Author Of On Dublin Street, Scotland S EL James Sunday Post Comes A Seductive Story Of Forgiving The Past And Making Up For Lost Time.Shannon MacLeod Has Always Gone For The Wrong Type Of Man After She Drifted From One Toxic Relationship To The Next, Her Last Boyfriend Gave Her A Wake Up Call In The Worst Possible Way With Her World Shattered, She S Sworn Off Men Especially Those Of The Bad Boy Variety.Cole Walker Is Exactly The Sort That Shannon Wants To Avoid Gorgeous, Tattooed, Charming, And Cocky But His Rough Exterior Hides A Good Man One Who S Determined To Pull Shannon From Her Self Imposed Solitude And Win Her Heart.As Shannon Begins To Open Up, The Passion Between Them Ignites To Blazing Levels But When Her Past Comes Back To Haunt Her, Her Fears May Destroy The Trust Cole Has Built Between Them And Tear Them Apart For Good.

!!> Epub ➝ Echoes of Scotland Street ➜ Author Samantha Young – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Echoes of Scotland Street
  • Samantha Young
  • English
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9780349408163

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    5 stars When I first picked up Echoes of Scotland Street, I was equal parts anxious, excited and a little nervous to read Anxious and excited because it s Coles book and I ve been dying for of him nervous because as much as I loved Hannah in previous books, her book didn t work for me and I was terrified this would happen again I can happily say this one worked for me It was fantastic and Cole Walker exceeded all my expectations So, are you a hero, Cole Walker What is a hero, really I suppose it s someone who saves people Yeah, I suppose it is So, do you save people I m only fifteen Give me a chance Our hero and heroine met one time, about 9 years ago when they were 15 So much has changed for Shannon since then Her choices of picking the wrong man have make her life a living hell and she s not doing it again She is through with bad boys She s on the right track to start over She s got a new job, a new roommate, a fresh start The problem Her boss is a faint memory from her past who is now a sexy, cocky, charming and tattooed hottie It s been a long time, but Cole still remembers Shannon There was something about that fiery red head that stuck out Now she is the receptionist for the tattoo parlor and roommates with his friend Rae Cole is intrigued with her from the start.That is until she brings o...

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    4 Grown Up Stars When she was a teenager, Shannon met a sweet boy that reminded her of a super hero It was 5 amazing minutes and then life went on and they never saw each other again Until 9 years later Now, after a bad past and some very wrong choices, Shannon is starting again She is looking for a new life and she swore bad boys out of her life, because they ve stumped her enough What she didn t expect is to find Cole 9 years later But now he s no longer a boy He is a sexy tattoo artist working in the parlor she is applying to work She is exactly what she doesn t want but somehow she wants him anyway Cole is not like the others guys that messed with Shannon s life Yes, he has the bad boy look but everyone knows that he s an amazing guy Including Shannon except that she is too afraid of her own feelings So it s time for Cole to step it up for the fight of his life And nice years later he s decided not to let her run again Rating 4 Stars Storyline This, as always in this series, was a sexy and heartwarming romance for when you need some reading to pick up your mood Writing Style First person Female POV Eng...

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    Cole meets Shannon when they are fifteen years old and there is an immediate connection Unfortunately, she has a boyfriend and doesn t even live in the same town Fast forward nine years and Shannon moves to Edinburgh and gets a job as a receptionist at a tattoo parlor You ll never guess who her boss is I feel like I ve been waiting for Cole s book forever, so I was thrilled that it was finally out I was a bit disappointed that the story wasn t from his POV and we didn t even get a chapteror five But Cole is a mazing, everything you could want from a guy and That doesn t mean he is perfect but on that later I did like Shannon, the wee fairy , even though she s been screwed over Not only by past boyfriends but by her family as well She has some lessons to learn and they are doozies Things get really steamy with these two but maybe it s me , I felt like the scenes weren t as descriptive I still really enjoyed it There s some fun characters working at the tattoo shop I really enjoyed Rae, who becomes Shannon s roommate I loved how she would just say what s on her mind and how Shannon didn t back down Simon and his boyfriend, Tony, were really sweet And Stu was quite the character But mostly, I loved reconnecting with ...

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    DNF so sad, I m so disappointed If this is going to be Cole s book then

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    Let me tell you a story about a boy. his name is Cole Walker and soon he is going to become somebody s hero Samantha Young does it again in an impressive way Echoes of Scotland Street is my favorite book from the series, in which you can read the story of Cole and Shannon Cole is Jo s brother from the second book, all grown up and ready to steal out hearts permanently Shannon is newly introduced, but as soon as you ll meet her you will realize how good she is for Cole First thing to keep in mind while reading this book appearances can be deceiving When you see a hot guy with tattoos, rocking a wonderful smile and looking at you with piercing eyes, you think he is a player WRONG Cole is everything of those above minus the player part Having had a though childhood, abused my his mother and raised practically by his big sister, he is now a grown up who is trying to figure things out Discovering his passion for tattoos thanks to Cam book 2 , he takes on a hob at a tattoo parlor and there he meets Shannon Well, they already know each other but I will let you explore that on your own.As in all the books when you have a gorgeous guy and a beautiful girl, sparks fly, but Shannon is not letting her attraction to Cole get ...

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    5 stars Cole Cole Walker You sound like a hero I LOVED IT Samantha Young is the one author where I don t care about the nitty gritty details, I love everything this woman writes and will most likely always give her books 5 stars Echoes of Scotland Street is about Shannon, a girl who has been dating all of the wrong men and is tired of choosing the bad boys After an extremely bad breakup that led to even horrible things, Shannon finds herself moving from Glasgow to Edinburgh where she lands a job as a receptionist at INKarnate, the most regarded tattoo shop in Scotland There she meets her new manager Cole Walker, a man she met briefly before when they were teenagers Cole Walker Cole freaking Walker All grown up And he was my new manager I was so screwed After having been burned so many times before, when Cole starts flirting with Shannon, she makes the wrong assumption and tells him off It isn t until later that she realizes that Cole Walker is the furthest thing from a bad boy.I really loved this addition to the On Dublin Street series Hannah and Marco had a great story but I felt there was so much unnecessary drama in that one, that I was worried it would be in this one Yes there is drama, but I felt it fit the story well based on the lives of the characters Young wrote I will never do anything you don t want to do You re...

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    4.5 StarsCole and Shannon meet at the age of fifteen, and in those few minutes there is an immediate connection Despite both of them being able to feel this connection, neither one of them knows what to do about it So they both go on with their lives Shannon gets in the car with her boyfriend, Cole leaves his friends house, and as far as they are both concerned they will never see each other again Fast forward nine years and fate has other plans for them Shannon is running again Simply put Shannon is constantly running from one bad relationship to the next This time she ends up in Edinburgh with limited money and education, she needs to find a job and she can t afford to be picky So when she sees an ad for a receptionist at a tattoo parlor she applies for the job A tattoo parlor is a Mecca for bad guys, this is like where they come to hangout, pay their respect, look for their next victim Shannon knows this goes against her plan, but so does being homeless, so when she is offered the job she accepts it Regardless she knows what her problem is and she will no longer be falling victim to her greatest weakness bad boys.That is until she sees the boy, now a man, she met years ago Cole Walker Hellbent on not trusting anyone, Shannon decides she can be friends with Cole, but that will be the extent of their relationship Cole has other plans for he and Shannon, and he doesn t do c...

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    3 starsThere was one thing I liked about this book and that was Cole He is the only reason I rounded up to three stars Cole is the perfect combination of sweetheart and alpha caveman I loved every thing about him If this book was in his perspective, I might have liked it.That brings me to what I didn t like Shannon UUUgggh It was like being in the head of an immature, judgmental teenager I had heard that she could be annoying, so I was prepared for that What I wasn t prepared for, was her being mean to Cole, and behaving like a complete bitch to him for half of the book He did nothing, absolutely nothing to her to deserve the way she treated him She took one look at him, and decided that because he s good looking and has tattoos, he must be a bad boy Uum, What It made no sense I know, I know, I was supposed to feel bad for her and understand this behavior stems from her horrible past relationships Well, it just felt over the top and contrived Cole had a rough upbringing , but he didn t behave like a whiny bitch I also felt like I was constantly being told how to feel about her past or her behavior, instead of it coming across naturally.This is the...

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    3.5 I liked it butstars Welp This is going to be one of those I like it but reviews I don t enjoy writing Nevertheless, it must be done I liked this book I really did I read it straight through It was short and unputdownable But it wasn t as heart wrenching or as engaging as the previous books in the series I ve read all books in this series except Down London Road, and frankly, I just couldn t connect with this one Shannon was a cool character but I couldn t connect with her That s bad news considering she s the narrator of the story One of the reason why I just couldn t connect was I don t know her character at all She was introduced abruptly We had a glimpse of her in one of the epilogues but that s about it All of the narrators for this series so far had been introduced to readers prior to their books Shannon just came out of the blue really And her indecisiveness and issues became tedious to read and I just couldn t get myself to care Cole gosh, I have been waiting for his book and was disappointed this wasn t in his POV He s hot, for sure, butthe other heroes in this series especially Braden and Nate were still hotter, IMO And the chemistry between Cole and Shannon wasn t there either Still, there are a lot of things to like about this book I loved the cameos of previous characters They re there but they re not as intrusive as compared with Fall From India Place An...

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    You re worth every bad thing that s ever happened to me, because going through them led me to you It s rare to find a series that book after book never disappoints, never fails to capture my attention and make me fall head over heels in love with the characters, but On Dublin Street is not only one of these extraordinary instances, it is also a series that never stopped getting better and better Two characters oh so easy to love, an emotional storyline that kept me glued to my seat for hours on end, literally gasping for the next page this is a book I adored and could not walk away from even days after I first finished it, needing to re read parts of it over and over again I have never not loved a Samantha Young book, but this one just might be my new favourite Are you a hero, Cole Walker What is a hero, really I suppose it s someone that saves people Yeah, I supposed it is So, do you save people I m only fifteen Give me a chance Shannon and Cole met as teenagers, for a brief but unforgettable moment in time, and while their lives have led them onto very different paths, they both ended up becoming survivors of the cruel hands that fate has dealt them...

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