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22 daydreamsA Journey, Yes, Of Sorts With Purpose, Yes, That Too An Author From Another Time, Endeavouring To Unearth Space In Today S Cyber World And Hopefully Be Less Ambiguous With His Planetarian Galactic Metaphors And To Generally Find His Way Around In The Attempt All With The Lofty Dream Of Becoming A Known Author An Author Of Merit And For The Right Reasons To Bring Literature Back Down To Earth To A Place Like, Say, Where Fangs Are Still Utilized For Ripping Into Traditional Foods With Success, Too Umm Maybe That One Is Down To You, The Reader What You Ll Find Here Are 22 Of His Favourite Posts Carefully Chosen From His Own Website, And From A Writer Who Never Claims To Own The Answers To His Queries And Observations, But Who Simply Articulates Them As They, Seemingly, Seek To Trip Him Over He S Adept Enough At Tripping Over His Own Shoe Laces Sometimes He S Amused Sometimes He S Bemused And Sometimes, Well, He S Completely Flummoxed And It S All For 0.77p Book Form So Come Along For The Ride Who Knows, He May Even Persuade You To Purchase His Debut Novel, Wood Talc Mr J, Set In 1970s Northern England, To Which Each Of These Posts Refers, By Way Of Comparing Its Numerous Themes With How We Might View Them Today

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    22 daydreams is a collection of blog posts coming from Chris Rose blog I found them pretty interesting as you can know a lot about an author by reading his everyday stories and the topics he s passionate about.Some posts are a bit frivolous, some are serious, some makes you think or laugh.Reading a collection of blog posts is like having a quick read about life That s why I liked it.It s also a good light intro for Rose s book Wood, Talc Mr J which I m about to start reading.

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    This is a lovely, highly readable collection from the author s blog.It includes musings on topics as varied as personal hygiene, language and linguistics, the Northern Soul scene, life in Britain now and in the past, parenthood..highly recommended

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    Suitable for Teens to Adults 22 Daydreams by Chris Rose takes his readers on a trip down memory lane , with his nostalgic look at growing up in the north of England, during the 70s, emphasising that he didn t just find camaraderie among his family and work friends, but his Soul brother s and sisters They breathed the soul into Soul music Rose s account is light hearted and peppered throughout with quotations from Phillip Rowling s his main protagonist in Wood, Talc Mr J , and anecdotes made by a range of celebrities who were prominent during that period of time 22 Daydreams will appeal to readers who share an affinity for the 70s and or Soul music, or anyone who would love to learn about this genre of music era.

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