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Fashionably Fatal Fashionably Fatal Is An Insightfully Revealing, And At Times Wry Examination Of Some Of The Extreme And Often Injurious Lengths That People Have Gone To In The Pursuit Of What Was, And Is, Regarded As Fashionable Developing A Detailed Picture Of The Often Absurd Fashions Which Have Trended Throughout History, Shaping Our Desire, And Often Our Bodies, Into Conformity With Contemporary Tastes, Each Chapter Focuses On A Different Facet Of What Has Proved To Be Catastrophically Chic From Those Corsetted To Conform With The Aesthetic Ideal Of The Hourglass Figure, Only To Have Their Internal Organs Rearranged, Or Worse Speared Through The Heart By A Snapped Stay, To The Fatal Fashion Phenomenon Of Crinoline Conflagrations That Killed In The Region Of 3,000 Women In England Alone In The Decade Succeeding The The Late 1850s If It Was Fashionable And Proved Fatal, You Ll Find It Amongst These Pages Meticulously Researched, Surprising And Sometimes Shocking, Strevens Also Looks At The Historical Background To Each Fatal Fashion, As Well As Unravelling The Influential And Determining Factors That Human Evolution Has Brought To Bear On The Vanities And Insanities Driving The At Times Narcissistic Excesses That Were, Though Sometimes Unknowingly, Consequently Detrimental To The Wearer S Well Being An Accessible, Informative And Often Droll Look At Some Of The Extraordinary Manipulations And Abuses To Which The Human Body Has Been Subjected, And All In The Name Of Fashion, This Book Is Bound To Appeal To Anyone Interested In The History Of Costume And Well As Those With A Fascination For Human Folly Alike.

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    Fascinating This book is like a true crime novel about clothing, cosmetics and accessories It s a gruesome fun read and I feel kind of bad for enjoying it so much.

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