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Glory Days in Tribe Town Relive The Most Thrilling Seasons Of Cleveland Indians Baseball In Recent Memory Remember The Excitement Of Those First Years At Jacobs Field When It Seemed The Indians Could Find A Way To Win Almost Any Game When Screaming Fans Rocked The Jam Packed Stands Every Night When A Brash Young Team Snapped A Forty Year Slump And Electrified The City Those Weren T Baseball Seasons, They Were Year Long Celebrations.Step Back Into The Glory Days With Sportswriter Terry Pluto And Broadcaster Tom Hamilton As They Share Behind The Scenes Stories About A Team With All Stars At Nearly Every Position A Sparkling New Ballpark Wild Comeback Victories A Record Sellout Streak Two Trips To The World Series And A City Crazed With Indians Fever.Revisit Baseball S Most Fearsome Lineup Albert Belle S Mighty Swing And Ferocious Glare Jim Thome S Moon Shot Home Runs Omar Vizquel S Poetry In Motion Play At Shortstop Kenny Lofton S Exhilarating Baserunning And Over The Wall Catches.These Two Cleveland Baseball Veterans Were There For It All Now, They Combine Firsthand Experience And In Depth Player Interviews To Tell A Rich, Detailed Story That Tribe Fans Will Love.

Free ↠ Glory Days in Tribe Town  By Terry Pluto –
  • Paperback
  • 333 pages
  • Glory Days in Tribe Town
  • Terry Pluto
  • 07 August 2019
  • 9781938441356

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    3.5 starsAnd in case anyone cares, the paperback actually has 333 pages.Ideally, this would be a five star book Grammatical errors unfortunately litter it, which my inner English major cannot seem to ignore It s also written rather choppily, and repeats itself from chapter to chapter, as if it assumes you only pick it up to read a specific chapter and then you re done But if you re reading it the whole way through, it gets a little repetitive My favorite chapters were the ones about building the new ballpark, and the hope that it brought, and the players chapters Omar, Kenny, Jim Thome It gets 3.5 stars because this was my team.I was eight years old in 1995 and ten in 1997 I grew up with a poster of Kenny Lofton on my wall alongside the NSYNC and Backstreet Boys posters I got to go to a baseball camp one summer and field grounders from Omar Vizquel I remember drawing up my own sign for the 1997 World Series, as if I were actually going to the game, and held onto it as we sat there watching everything unfold It said ...

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    For most Cleveland sports fans 1994 1997 was almost like a dream and with the help of Terry Pluto and Tom Hamilton the dream can be relived in the Glory Days in Tribe Town The Cleveland Indians and Jacobs Field 1994 1997 This book is written in three different sections with chapters making up each sections The chapters do not connect to one another so a reader could skip around reading the chapters that they find most interesting first My favorite chapters come at the end of each section entitled Readers Letters Pluto collected letters from the readers of his Plain Dealer columns and separated them based on topic It is interesting to read Clevelanders accounts of watching games with parents, meeting favorite players, attending Jacobs Field for the first time and reliving how it felt during and after Game 7 of the World Series against the Florida Marlins in 1997.The stories in the book are collected from interviews that Pluto conducted either during the seasons focused on or in interviews since Hamilton adds his memories throughout recounting being on Jacob s private plan when the trade of Kenny Lofton to the Atlanta Braves was being discussed, finding out that Herb Score was going to retire at the end of the 97 season but wan...

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    Wanted so much to love this book as much as I love Tom It started entertainingly and reminded me of the joy of those years However, the poor writing of the book quickly distracted from the enjoyment It lacked a flow or structure and was often repetitive even down to t...

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    I m not a huge sports fan, but even I remember the heady days, from 1994 to 1997, when everyone had Tribe fever After decades of mediocrity, the Cleveland Indians had a new owner, a new stadium, new and promising players and a general feeling of optimism This combination got the Tribe to the World Series twice in 1995 and in 1997 Of course, Cleveland sports luck being what it is, we fell just short of winning the whole enchilada 1997 was especially painful , and a series of bad trades and bad decisions after 1997 had our all too brief Camelot dreams crash back into reality This was an enjoyable read, even for a very casual fan like me, easy to follow Some of the technical numbers went over my head but the book doesn t dwell too much on numbers Rather, it goes into the stories of the players, the front office, the managers, and there s even sections of the book dedicated to memories submitted by fans It was interesting how many chances the front office and coaching staff took chances that, for the most part, paid off offering long term contracts to young, promising but untried players in hopes of becoming contenders by 1994 Long te...

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    I have read all of Terry Pluto s books on the Indians, and this is another winner Anyone who lived through the glory days of the Cleveland Indians will love this book Tom Hamilton, as co author, also added many insider stories from his unique perspective as a Tribe radio announcer that I think will be new to most Tribe fans I waited fifty years to see the great teams of the Indians of the mid and late 90 s, and it is fun to relive those days again through this book Surpri...

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    The topic is worth the time, particularly for people who lived it the mid 90s in Cleveland or for diehard Tribe fans the world over I had some problem with the writing, however, which seemed a bit helter skelter The stories are worth hearing, the histories worth telling, but in the case of this book, similar statements seemed to be repeated between chapters as if the writer had forgotten he had already written it already This came off as distracting to me Certa...

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    Great topic One dear to my heart But the writing style seems disjointed and choppy If I didn t care so much about this team I d knock down the rating a bit lower.

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    I really enjoyed reliving the 90s Indians in this book A third of this book is repetition though This book makes me feel the current Indians team is on a similar path as the 90s team.

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    I really enjoyed getting Tom Hamilton s prespective in this book A fun read interesting to hear from the players and coaches perspective on the teams of the 90s.

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    I loved reliving the glory days of the 90 s Sometimes it jumped around too much and there were a lot of typos Still, who doesn t love the 95 Indians

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