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The Sonnets On The 50th Anniversary Of Ted Berrigan S And The 25th Anniversary Of Bernadette Mayer S, Bloof Books Is Thrilled To Publish THE SONNETS By Sandra Simonds As Simonds Has Written, There S No Consensus On How To Do It Does It Have To Have A Traditional Rhyme Scheme Does It Need To Be Written In Iambic Pentameter Does It Have To Be About Unrequited Love Does It Even Need To Be Fourteen Lines Ask Twenty Poets These Questions, And You Ll Get Two Hundred Answers And Simply Calling A Sonnet A Sonnet Doesn T Really Make It A Sonnet THE SONNETS Is This Poet S Exploration Of The Tradition, As Well Her Testing Of The Probably Apocryphal Remark Made By William Carlos Williams That It S A Fascist Form As For The Classic Theme Of Love It S Easy For Me To Fool Myself Into Thinking That I M In Love So Sometimes I Get All Tangled Up In Love Triangles, Squares And Octagons, Simonds Explains Maybe It S A Poet S Disease In Real Life Relationships People Are Always Vying For Power But In The Sonnet, It S The Poet And The Sonnet That Are In A Struggle To The Death The Problem Is That The Poet Is At A Huge Disadvantage Because The Sonnet Has The History OF THE SONNET On Its Side And Almost Always Wins Each Of The Sonnets Here Indeed Has Fourteen Lines And Each Section Fourteen Sonnets Some Of The Poems Rhyme Most Do Talk Of Love, As It Burgeons And Fades But As Always With Simonds S Work, The Reader Should Come To THE SONNETS Expecting To Be Upended Sandra Simonds Is The Author Of Two Previous Collections Of Poetry, Warsaw Bikini Bloof Books, 2008 And Mother Was A Tragic Girl Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 2012 Her Poems Have Appeared In The Best American Poetry 2014, The American Poetry Review, Fence, Poetry, And Other Journals.

[Ebook] ↠ The Sonnets  Author Sandra Simonds – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 80 pages
  • The Sonnets
  • Sandra Simonds
  • 04 March 2018
  • 9780982658772

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    w out reservation excellence.

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    I could stay locked in this room listening to the Replacements for the next two years 3

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    Fresh sonnets, they re lively and inviting to read and also clearly there s something happening behind the words.

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    A book both pure brilliance and biting observations reflections Simonds has shown what is possible for this classic form Content will not be deterred by any such metric constraints instead the shape and style help deliver a very distilled and poignant while a...

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    I really wanted to like this book I don t know Sandra Simonds personally, but from following her on social media she seems like a super cool person Unfortunately, this collection did not deliver for me The sonnets in this collection are not traditional in the slightest, which I am okay with I do like modern poetry and I m not opposed to bending the rules Yet the modernization of these sonnets was not up my alley For example, one poem has multiple heart icons, one poem has excessive fuck s, and another has a YouTube link A lot of the poems were too casual trivial for me, or just not focused on subject matter or with the tone that I prefer To contradict my past statement there are important topics in some of these poems I do appreciate what Sandra is trying to accomplish with these poems they re bold, honest, new, and so very real So, bravo for those components They re just not the type of bold, hon...

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    Sandra Simonds earthy dramatic monologues come in fourteeners, which she characterizes as sonnets, though few of them share the devices or conventions most readers will associate with the high form of sexual practice initiated at court Eccentric in their movement, only occasionally narrative, Simonds would prefer a sound tripped hurtle toward the sentence and hang the consistent p.o.v Next, make me a lost mutt by calling animal control Put fur in one corner and then follow her wag to the shelter Animal Kingdom There s an easiness in the errs and utz here that gives me confidence, but also, typically, Simonds hurtles past lexical sets to build her types, the persons she only reluctantly satirizes Like your husband saying Good luck with your life, a rare Florida orchid gets drunk on doomsday The detail about the husband is just stranded, it doesn t amount to than a candid sly joke, ostensibly at someone s expense The poems feel poured out, and sometimes the lid doesn t com...

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    A new word for this book heart dark Simonds writes about everything and anything, politics to family to love, easily transitioning from cutting truth to touching hope, spanning Florida to LA I devoured this over 1 elliptical workout If you like Bernadette Mayer and...

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