[PDF / Epub] ★ Close to You: How Animals Bond ✪ Kimiko Kajikawa – Justinfoline.us

Close to You: How Animals BondParents And Their Young Have Unique Ways Of Bonding, Especially In The Animal Kingdom A Baby Kangaroo Nestles In Its Mother S Pouch, While A Mama Alligator Carries Her Baby Gently In Her Mouth Polar Bears Cuddle, And Penguin Parents Take Turns Warming Their Chicks In The Antarctic Winter Just Like People, Animals Kiss, Rub Noses, And Snuggle.Through Endearing Pictures And A Lyrical Text, Kimiko Kajikawa Explores The Parent Child Bonds Of Animals Large And Small.

[PDF / Epub] ★ Close to You: How Animals Bond ✪ Kimiko Kajikawa – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Close to You: How Animals Bond
  • Kimiko Kajikawa
  • English
  • 05 August 2018
  • 9780805081237

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    I would recommend it for both early primary grades, kindergarten through first grade, as well as middle grades, fourth through sixth grade I would categorize it as informational nonfiction.This is a great nonfiction book for lower and upper elementary grades There are many different animals in the book, and it explains how they show affection to their parents It s a great way to introduce new...

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    Age Lower Elementary K 3rd Genre InformationalI really enjoyed this book The realistic pictures help students understand that this is a true story and part of non fiction At the end of the story there is a list about each animal and about their bonding As Dr Fish said in Children s Lit, you could read this book and have upper elementary students read the back and fin...

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    A simple to read book about animals and how they bond It features beautiful photos of the different animals and their young that are very eye catching This book is excellent for units on animals for not only preschool but features detailed info that the child can learn about as they develop their reading skills.LEARNING EXPERIENCE Children can bring in a picture of their parents or loved ones and create a collage of how they show thei...

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    Book can be read with children of multiple ages Explains how animals bond a good segue into talking about that and how people bond At the end is a longer explanation of the bonding rituals of the animals in the books Discusstion starter, rhymes, vocabulary, and a healthy dose of sweetness.

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    Sweet non fiction book for a young child about the love between and mother and child Information at the end of this picture book about the different types of animals talked about.

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    This should definitely be in your collection of bedtime books Soft and gentle and cozy like a Mommy s love.

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    Mothers and young animals Bond.

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    This is a GREAT storytime book for toddlers Bright photographs of baby animals and their mom dads, short rhyming lines of how animals show affection.

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