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Feet of Clay On Foot AustraliaFfyona Campbell Was Thirteen When She First Dreamed Of Walking Around The World At Sixteen She Walked From John O Groats To Land S End At Eighteen She Walked 3,500 Miles From New York To Los Angeles At Twenty One She Broke The Men S World Record By Walking 3,200 Miles From Sydney To Perth In Ninety Five Days In April 1991 She Began Her Monumental 10,555 Mile Trek From Cape Town To Tangiers, The Penultimate Leg In Her Round The World Hike Related With Frankness And Intimacy, This Is The Story Of A Wilfully Independent Young Woman S Journey Across Australia Traversing Some Of The Toughest Country In The World, Whe Endures Dehydration, Tarmac Melting Heat, And Blisters That Outnumber The Flies Her Money Runs Out And Her Relationship With Her Back Up Driver Alternately Sustains And Devastates Her Not Only A Compelling Adventure, Feet Of Clay Is The Realisation Of A Dream

[Epub] ➤ Feet of Clay On Foot Australia ➥ Ffyona Campbell – Justinfoline.us
  • Feet of Clay On Foot Australia
  • Ffyona Campbell
  • 22 January 2019
  • 9780752826035

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    The back cover of this book describes Ffyona Campbell as wilfully independent The picture I built up of her during her retelling of the journey was one of a selfish, self centred and petulant teenager Fortunately this was immediately punished on this walk by the equally charming David, her back up driver and supposed personal trainer Of course, the concept of such an incredible long distance walk is preposterous, and Ffyona was let down by her footwear and the planning The only possible reason for making such a journey would be to raise money for charity, and this was supposedly the aim of this walk, apart from beating a world record However, there was no proper media back up and coordination, and so a relatively small amount of money was raised Later on she completed her circumnavigation of the globe by walking from the southern tip of South Africa to Tangiers, and then on through Europe, and raised a huge amount for charity as a TV programme was made about her trip by the BBC I also have to admit that I would also be ungracious if I was in the same situation, but her attitude spoilt this book for me I have read enough climbing and exploration boo...

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    If I had ever stopped to think of all the places where my body hurt, damage which made the return of perfect walking impossible, it is doubtful that I would have remained confident about finishing Ffyona Campbell set records in becoming the first woman to walk around the world across the USA, Australia, Africa and Europe , and Feet of Clay chronicles her walk across Australia.Firstly, kudos to someone who can walk across Australia around the world.However That does not an author make.Maybe I came into this with too high expectations, but I quickly tired of ...

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    i had read previous reviews of this book and it convinced me that you should not always listen to what others say this book was brilliant, i m astonished by this young woman and her accomplishments i do not see a spoiled brat, on her own egoistic mission whoever wrote that in their reviews in wrong in my eyes ffyona had a tough childhood and her walking for me is her cry for acceptance, for app...

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    I agree with many comments made by book review but living inAustralia I could relate to some of her incidents having been to Africa and loved it could not resist reading this walk too.

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