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DC Comics Epub XA DC Comics XF Author Marguerite Bennett Thomashillier The Explosive Creative Team Of Writer Marguerite Bennett BATWOMAN And Artists Including Laura Braga Witchblade , Mirka Andolfo Ms Marvel And Marguerite Sauvage Faith Bring An All New Chapter In The Acclaimed Alternate History Saga Inspired By The Hit DC Collectibles In DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS VOL QUEENSTechnology And Terror Form An Unholy Alliance In A World At War, And Only The Heroines Known As The Bombshells Can Shut It Down As World War II Rages Around Them, Batwoman, Catwoman And Renee Montoya Take A Journey To Africa To Get Help From An Old Ally Vixen, Queen Of Zambesi And Co Founder Of The BombshellsBut They Re Not Alone The Lethal Cheetah Has Her Claws Out, And She S Digging Them Directly Into A Forbidden Site The Dwelling Place Of The Mechanical Gods, Whose Incredible Powers Could Spell Triumph For The Reich And The Destruction Of All That The Bombshells Hold DearNow Vixen, Her Fellow Bombshells Founder Hawkgirl And The Rest Of The Squadron Must Face Their Biggest Threat Yet Can This Brilliant But Beleaguered African Queen Count On The Support Of A Fellow Royal Wonder Woman To Turn The Tide Find Out In DC COMICS BOMBSHELLS VOL QUEENS This Volume Contains The Debuts Of Vixen And Hawkgirl And The Secret Origin Of The Bombshells Collecting Issues

✅ DC Comics  pdf ✈ Author Marguerite Bennett – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • DC Comics
  • Marguerite Bennett
  • English
  • 07 February 2018
  • 1401274072

    10 thoughts on “✅ DC Comics pdf ✈ Author Marguerite Bennett – Justinfoline.us

  1. says:

    My least favorite in the series so far I just never really got into the main story The Batgirls story was great, and the scene where Diana attempts to console Supergirl is really well done, though.

  2. says:

    Everything is so beautiful queer I m in love.

  3. says:

    In this disappointing volume, the story moves away from the WWII battlefront to focus on a fight to control and defeat supernatural mechanical animals I didn t find this plot or the new characters very compelling I also struggled with deciphering who was who in the s...

  4. says:

    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Admittedly this isn t as strong as the previous works, but it s still pretty damn strong There were a lot of things to like about this collection We meet Vixen and Hawkgirl, who are not only founders of the Bombshells, but Vixen is the Queen of Zambesi, Hawkgirl is tech savvy as hell, and they are a loving and kick butt couple Vixen stole Hitler s dog Blondie and took him her on as her own pet We getbackstory as to the relationship between Kate Kane Batwoman and Renee Montoya Admittedly this isn t as strong as the previous works, but it s still pretty damn strong There...

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    More of a 3.5 rounded up This volume takes place away from the rest of the main conflict, instead centering on Zambesi and new characters Vixen and Hawkgirl as Paula Von Gunther and the Cheetah also make their appearances This feels like a calm before the storm kind of story, as the threat of the mechanical gods never really feel...

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    So far, this was probably my least favorite of this collection, so 5 or 4 , because it s farther away from the center of the war, and I really like the historical fiction aspect of this series, but this one ismagical and supernaturalI really LOVE the Batgirls scenario, and I really like seeing De...

  7. says:

    That one was a trifle confusing i think if I had known ANYTHING about DC mythos, it would have been better, but I was doing a lot of at the page Hawkgirl Awesome Diana continues to be my fave Sad about Cheetah s past Sad about Maggie deciding to cheat on her partner with her old partner.

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    This one threatened to lose me with the additions of superheroes with whom I was unfamiliar ahem Vixen, Cheetah , but I caught up and held on tight and the story was again fantastic.

  9. says:

    More exciting than the last one, but I have no idea what s going on Way too much emphasis on fantasy stuff Can t they just fight regular nazis and be done with it

  10. says:

    I like Hawkgirl so much She s fun Still don t know enough about some of the characters to be fully invested in this particular arc, but as ever, I really like this comic.

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