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Star Wars: Yoda - Dark Rendezvous (A Clone Wars Novel)As The Clone Wars Rage, Jedi Master Yoda Must Once Again Face One Of His Greatest Adversaries Count Dooku The Savage Clone Wars Have Forced TheRepublic To The Edge Of Collapse During The Height Of The Battle, On Jedi Knight Escapes The Carnage To Deliver A Message To Yoda On Coruscant It Appears That Dooku Wants Peace And Demands A Rendezvous Chances Are Slimthat The Treacherous Count Is Sincere But, With A Million Lives At Stake, Yoda Has No Choice The Meeting Will Take Place On Djun, A Planet Steeped In Evil The Challenge Could Not Be Difficult CanYoda Win Back His Once Promising Pupil From The Dark Side Or Will Count Dooku Unleash His Sinister Forces Against His Former Mentor Either Way, Yoda Is Sure Of One Thing This Battle Will Be One Of The Fiercesthe Ll Ever Face From The Paperback Edition

!!> Read ➶ Star Wars: Yoda - Dark Rendezvous (A Clone Wars Novel) ➺ Author Sean Stewart – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 329 pages
  • Star Wars: Yoda - Dark Rendezvous (A Clone Wars Novel)
  • Sean Stewart
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9780345463098

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    When you fall, be there to catch you, I will The war rages on and Dooku extends an offer of peace to Yoda and Yoda alone It may be a trap, but Yoda doesn t want to ignore a way out of the war Plus, he would like nothing than to bring his vagrant apprentice back from the Dark Side.I Liked This book is pure enjoyment, the best of the Clone Wars novels written in this era There are so many areas to love the characters, the plot, the emotion, the story, even the writing.Stewart does a fantastic job of writing Yoda, bridging the gap between the prequels and the original trilogy Yoda is wise, insightful, yet quick to poke fun or his stick at a student.I don t think I ve ever read or seen a better version of Dooku By far, he is the best done in the book, and with a book of excellent characters, that is high praise indeed Dooku transcends the stereotypical evil baddie and is a fully three dimensional character From moments where he contemplates whether he will fit in the Jedi Order to when he critiques the Chateau Malreaux house to the final, epic, verbal showdown between him and YOda, Dooku is a tormented man, a man seeking peace and justice, a man tired of the Republic s corruption, a man searching for his home.New characters include Scout, Whie, Jai Maruk and Maks Leem Scout is another Etain from Hard Contact she isn t that strong in the Force and must use her wits and tenacity to succeed It s so easy to cheer for her, to feel her conflict, to feel her earnest desire to be good Whie is a stirring young man, a perfect example of what Dooku might have become if different choices had been made Jai Maruk was one of my favorites I liked his growth with his Padawan, Scout, and how he didn t want her in the beginning and how Yoda made a bet with him Lastly, Maks, who was a cool Jedi, but also a Gran Yippee for recurring species The story is absolutely gripping Yeah, we as the audience can kinda guess that Dooku isn t really meaning to seek peace, but it does keep you interested Watching Yoda sneak off Coruscant, the facedown in the spaceport of all places , and the idea that Dooku would try to trap Yoda like this was much better than a long, drawn out, highly confusing battle, like Jedi Trial Not to mention, I felt the pacing was well done, something that can be hard in any book, but especially a book like this one, so heavily character driven.Lastly, but certainly not least, was the writing style Oh, it was such a pleasure to listen to the beautiful words Stewart wrote It was music to my ears Well written, aptly descriptive without bogging down the plot.I Didn t Like Really scraping the bottom of the barrel hereYoda does come off as original era than prequel, which is a little odd Also, Stewart didn t do as fluid a job writing Yoda s speech in some areas.Dialogue Sexual Situations Violence None.Whie is told to kiss Scout.Scout participates in a vicious lightsaber battle in the Jedi Temple Jai Maruk was captured by Asajj Two important characters at least die in the book Lightsaber battles, shoot outsyou know the drill.Overall Let me put this simply READ THIS BOOK This is an amazing book, an in depth look at Yoda and Dooku and their interesting relationship It is well written, entertaining, and moving You will not want to put it down once you start reading.

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    A rare chance for Yoda to take centre stage, with plentiful meditations on the meaning of Life, the Universe, and EverythingDooku is explored here, as well, as of a complete character with his own motivations and flaws, and Assaj Ventress is unleashed upon some fairly bland Jedi noobs to wreak massive havoc.Obi Wan and Anakin crop up briefly, one suspects on editorial insistence so that the book would feel connected to the Prequels Trilogy story arc in general, but they are really of a sideshow.Stewart has a wry sense of humour, too, which is well deployed when dealing with Yoda s foibles, snooty customs officials, etc., and less so when spending entire paragraphs on the thought processes of an internal security camera.On the whole, however, I do recommend this one for all those Clone Wars era fans there must still be a few of us

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    This came in at a 3.5 for me and was the book chosen by my book club for May.The descriptions were very vibrant and most of the time really enhanced the world Sometimes the techy stuff went a little overboard and I kind of glossed over what item they were talking about.The addition of a Padme pov as opener and closer didn t work for me The story was not her story, and she s got no other scenes, but for some reason she gets the important starting and ending scene I also thought the addition of Anakin and Obi wan was unnecessary We re given about two scenes of them and their roll was to come in and cover Yoda on his mission at the Chancellor s request.I didn t understand why Sidious would want to send two strong Jedi Knights to help Yoda when on the other end there was a chance Dooku would kill him Seemed counterproducive to his goals So what I WOULD have liked to see was a scene in Palpatine s POV to explain his reasoning My best guess was that he somehow knew Anakin s presence would upset Dooku enough to insure he d stay evil But considering Dooku s personality, his through processes, and his choices and dialogue even as he was meeting with Yoda, I think that there was never a strong chance of Dooku repenting we know he doesn t so I don t consider that a spoiler But it s so ambiguous that a scene from Palpatine showing what he was thinking would ve been helpful.Other than the above quibbles, this was a fun book that was easy to enjoy Jai Maruk was probably my favorite character as well as Yoda The different characters have very defined goals and motives, as well as struggles Even if I didn t care that much for some of them, I did feel like they were very well written and they felt real.The over arcing questions faced were intriguing Could Dooku have come back to the light Is even Yoda tempted And how does he deal with all the loss Do we choose darkness Or are we set on a path we can t avoid The scene where Yoda is helping the padawans to cope with their losses was one of the best in the book, as was his line to Fidelis around that time Overall, a fun read with lots of good parts, but wasn t knock me down good and had a few things that could ve been improved on.

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    Really a 3.5 here, but it was Star Wars and it was fun so I bumped it up I liked it well enough, and thought it gave a good look into Dooku s psyche The number of point of views made the book feel a little cluttered There were even a few entirely unnecessary POVs I m looking at you, Anakin and Padme Oddly enough, Yoda dialogue didn t sound weird enough to my ear, so to speak But that one might just be my personal taste The droids are great, and I thought the new Jedi characters provided a good look at Jedi culture outside the normal views we get from most related media, particularly the two kids It s a book to read if you re really craving Star Wars stories, but it definitely wasn t written for someone without a decent knowledge of that universe.

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    In this entry of the well established series, the green little one has to deal with Count Dooku once again The writing in this one was great I loved that the author was able to keep the feel of the beloved Star Wars Universe while focusing on a single beloved caratcher He s no Chewbacca but still beloved none the less The caratchers were exactly like you would remember them to be I have to admit that I wasn t sure if it wouldn t have been able to take the little guy and give him any kind of interesting story But they were not only to be able to pull it off, but actually made it a fantastic read I thought that the way that the action part was dealt with was a little on the slower then usual side It was still there of course, but just took longer to get to At least, it seemed that way to me The action sequences that were there were great It made it seemed so intriguing to see how the little guy learned of the potential threat to stopping it The Book as a whole was a perfect fit I know that this would usually be the portion of the review where I would say what was wrong with the book But there wasn t really anything in it to discount it The action, writing and drama were all top notch This was the type of book that you would expect from the star Wars universe I will have to say that if you are a Star Wars fan, then you will love this book It definetly deserves a spot in the Blockbuster book club.

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    Fans of the little green wizard have nothing to fear when Sean Stewart tries his hands on a Star Wars novel featuring the Jedi Master front and center Here s a story that s just as engaging as the best bits of the movies combined.With the war slowly bringing the Republic to its knees, a surprising offer reaches the capital of Coruscant from an unexpected side Count Dooku, the Jedi knight who fell away from the order and turned to the dark side of the Force, wants peace and asks for a meeting with the head of the Jedi order, master Yoda There s no doubt that the meeting on a faraway planet is simply a trap, set to ensnare the Jedi master and plunge the Republic into further chaos But if this rendezvous is a chance to end the devastating war, it s a gamble Yoda has to make Dark Rendezvous will please Star Wars fans young and old It s a surprisingly well written and elegant book, with plenty of thrills, an engaging plot and some unexpected twists Stewart knows how to carry on with the characters known from the original Star Wars movies, making them sound and act the way we know them to do But the newly conceived characters feel just as much a true part of this universe The new Jedi masters and padawans, taking up a lot of space within this story, feel just as real and familiar as Dooku, Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu.But most important is of course Yoda himself And every aspect of this lovely character is used to its fullest extent within the plot Effortlessly he moves from wise teacher to mischievous warrior, from fierce leader to compassionate friend It all feels so comfortable and pleasant.Especially the relationship between Yoda as the tutor and Dooku as his former apprentice has been worked out fantastically well, bringing the story to a climax that really pops An ending that doesn t just rely on fast moving saber fights which, regardless, are perfectly written , but a dialogue heavy scene in which the meaning of power, loss and friendship are discussed As with the rest of the story, Dark Rendezvous doesn t just rely on the action scenes, it shows some really strong, emotional material as well Serious losses are suffered and there s a genuine feeling of sadness and loss to the failed relationship between Yoda and the Count All of which probably works so well because Stewart has been able to make Dooku so much than the character is in the movies in this book, he finally becomes a fully formed, three dimensional character As good as Steward has been able to get into the character of Yoda, he deserves just as much credit for his work on the nemesis.Though being part of a larger franchise based on six successful movies, this book doesn t feel like an attempt at fan fiction Rather, it comes across beautifully as a fully formed, well rounded story that is able to carry its own weight just fine With plenty of adventure, action, lightsaber fights and just the right amount of humor, Dark Rendezvous is precisely what a Star Wars novel should be lots and lots of fun.

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    I had LOTS of fun with this one, fellas.This book is about Yoda and Dooku, but it is kind of also about the spiritual toll the Clone Wars are taking on the whole Jedi Order Yoda is a hard character to get a read on, in my experience Often, fans project whatever viewpoint they want onto him, and he features most often as a wise or unhelpfully abstruse word or two inserted in someone else s story It was interesting to see him get a story of his own, and to see how telling a story about Yoda is essentially telling a story about the Jedi Order itself He is very much the heart of their community, for good or for ill.So many people show up in this story Ventress, obviously, and Obi Wan and Anakin come around for a minute or two Padme has a cameo Most of the book, though, has Yoda on a mission with a crop of OCs I can see this being kind of annoying under certain circumstances, but honestly I love them Maks Leem She is amazing I love her I want her on the Jedi Council Jai Maruk Really, he s the least important of the OCs but I m fond of him The description of his last fight with Ventress was powerful Really though, Whie and Scout, two very different padawans, are the most vital characters in the book besides Yoda They are on the same mission as he is, but their experience is completely separate For them, confronting the dark world beyond the Temple walls for the first time, it is a coming of age moment For Yoda, his mission is a last, desperate attempt to appeal to the vestiges of Light within Dooku and bring him back home.Some highlights There is a powerful bond between Dooku and Yoda in this Weirdly enough, this book name drops someone else as Dooku s master, claiming that Yoda only taught him directly when he was in the creche But their relationship is deep and poignant here in a way that was COMPLETELY missing in Dooku Jedi Lost, even though Yoda was Dooku s actual master in canon I love an Apprentice Tournament The descriptions of lightsaber combat The intense rivalries The rule disputes The weird last round that they held in the Temple Refectory for some reason kisses fingers Magnifique Ventress in this is intriguingly different from Ventress in Dooku Jedi Lost Shes hungry and ambitious to advance further in the ways of the Dark Side It s interesting to imagine how she could have come from that place, unwillingly enslaved, to jockeying for the right to stand at Dooku s side Half of my purpose in reading this was to meet and love Scout and Whie Mission accomplished I have adopted them, and they are mine now Especially Scout A padawan who is weak in the Force Color me invested I love her and her stubbornness and her brashness and her insecurity and her aggressive friendliness Accidentally befriending an undercover assassin droid Amazing Did I mention that I love her Okay, the whole concept of attend secret meeting with Dooku, turn him from the Dark Side back to the Light sounds legitimately insane to me Like uh, okay Dooku Really But what gets me is HOW CLOSE YODA ACTUALLY CAME Dooku was on the edge, knowing his choices were bad and waffling about whether there was any way back, and then Anakin Skywalker showed up Dooku took one look at his face and immediately went into a towering rage SCREW THE WHOLE JEDI ORDER, ACTUALLY, he said, and then jumped out a window The sheer power of looking upon Anakin Skywalker s face I m aghast And Palpatine specifically sent him and Obi Wan there Did he KNOW that Dooku was wavering, and that a single glimpse of Anakin would be enough to restore his commitment to the Dark Side The Yoda characterization in this book is DEEPLY interesting He s wise and funny and also a complete gremlin exactly the insane, cackling swamp toad Luke first ran into in ESB Clearly, that has always been a genuine side of Yoda s character Honestly, it s obvious that he really does just want to teach and play with the younglings Let Yoda Retire And Be A Preschool Teacher 2k19 Obi Wan and Anakin s like three scenes are iconic It s wild how they just can t exist without completely stealing the show The banter Amazing Anakin throws a grenade on a whim and almost kills Yoda and some children Obi Wan goes off on him Anakin s eyes fill with glassy tears Obi Wan INSTANTLY flips to reassure him They re so stupid All the details and descriptions of how the war has changed the Jedi Order Hints and tidbits about dissident, pacifist Jedi Change brought on by the deaths of so many Jedi Yes give me those sweet sweet details Something about Jai Maruk s angry realization that Ventress is just a better warrior than him as he fights for his life struck me It would be hard to accept that your story is about to end, seemingly abruptly and uselessly, and that you re not going to be the one anyone remembers Whie in general is a good boy and I love him, BUT what s important is this detailed look at what it is like to experience the future telling dreams of a true Jedi Seer and precog It is very interesting and distinct, and nothing at all like Anakin s vague, fear filled dreams All the casual outsider POV mentions of Obi Wan and Anakin It s like nobody can really discuss the war without discussing them Anakin in particular comes up a LOT, especially when anyone is talking about the relative merits of different padawans Qui Gon s brief appearance It seems as if Yoda knows he s genuinely there, and that he s speaking with Qui Gon s spirit, not merely an apparition or vision Very strange Has Yoda been communing with Qui Gon this whole time Dooku is soooooooooooooo jealous of Anakin It s really astounding It s like he thinks that HE was the Order s favorite son, and now Anakin has taken that spot and it s a specific insult to Dooku himself He acts like he s jealous of Yoda s attention to Anakin, which is crazy, since Yoda has never particularly favored Anakin I can only assume that he is actually projecting the jealousy he feels for Palpatine s attention to Anakin All the discussion of the Dark Side and the Light I m always hungry for philosophizing on this topic, ever hopeful that someday it will make sense to me It was very interesting how Jai Maruk echoed a common sentiment among Jedi that there is no going back once a person has truly fallen to the Dark Side while he is literally part of a mission to convince Dooku to do that exact thing Clearly, Yoda doesn t hold the same view The constant mentions of the Jedi Order as a family This book explored the negative impacts of cutting children off from their families and raising them into the Order from toddlerhood almost than any other book I ve read so far Every Jedi is a child his parents decided they could live without, says Dooku And yet the Jedi Order is a family, and that was shown as well.

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    I remembered enjoying this book the first time I read it over 10 years ago, a broad impression that mostly focused on the warmth and playfulness in Yoda s relationship with the main character Scout It occurred to me that this might be a good follow up crossing Legends and Canon to Dooku Jedi Lost, so I slotted it in accordingly I d say it works surprisingly well, at least as much so as Master Apprentice, which was presumably planned to fit that spot It follows up on the relationship between Yoda and Dooku in D JL, ties in Ventress, and seems or less consistent in its use of other random Jedi The only real discontinuity is that Dark Rendezvous feels a lot intentional and mature Actually, I ll go one step farther Dark Rendezvous shows a capacity to write scenes from an individual character s perspective and an interest in using description to set tone and just be artful on its own merits that practically none of the new Canon books seem to even attempt.The strength of this book is twofold First, it does a great job putting us into the perspective of a unique and interesting Jedi Padawan Scout is a great protagonist, thoughtful, observant, emotional, and resilient Her experience in the tournament is classic Boarding School Story drama and it works as well as it ever does Second, Yoda He s so much fun to hang out with, constantly outflanking these other Jedi with his humility and wisdom and playfulness The third half thing is that the story, similar to Hard Contact but to a much smaller extent, imposes a sense of friction and scale on the characters They spend a decent chunk of the book travelling incognito through the galaxy, using public transport, getting food, interacting with other passengers, etc It s a clear riff on the part of AotC where Anakin and Padme do the same, but welcome nonetheless It s only undermined by a very dated scene where they try to smuggle Yoda and their lightsabers through a TSA checkpoint The biggest weakness is just that it s too short to make good on most of that potential There s one good subplot for Scout, one good conversation between Yoda and Dooku, half of a good conversation between Whie and Ventress, and a few nice moments otherwise But it isn t united into a strong story, in large part because it doesn t have time to develop one Why is it so short It s even shorter than Dooku JL, which was already short at 6 audiobook hours This is 5 It makes no sense to me that this wasn t at least a half longer, if not twice as long That s something I always end up thinking about these stories, and this is an especially egregious example since it was already doing so much right Frustrating.

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    In the end, what we are is alone Using the bracket of the ongoing clone wars as a backdrop this book tells of the interaction between many different force users There s this team of young Padawani and their masters sent out on a mission with a disastrous outcome There s the veteran Jedi Elite Team Skywalker Kenobi coming to the ir rescue There s the Sith Couple Dooku Darth Tyrannus is still an inbearably stupid name and his student Assajj Ventress that made her first escape from the Comic books into the true literature with this novel And then there s Yoda having trained most of the afore mentioned in some kind or another And he is forced to remember much of his personal history with the Count while going willingly into a trap, hoping that the once bright and shining young Jedi will be salvageable from the realms of Darkness, just to have everything shatter in one of the Padawans ancestral home where the dark side is strong and madness rules.This book is very different from your classical Clone Wars narrative in that there are only few mentions of the wars at large, no Clone Troopers need to be led in the fields and on most levels it could havwe happened any time during or outside the infamous clone wars But then it s also one of the best written and most well thought out Books that ever were published in this storyline, not the least because it hadn t to take care of all those much clich d story parts and usual random elements inserted into other books And it has those great portraials of Yoda and Dooku in past and present while having the chuzpe to awaken the hope that a new generation of Jedi Knights might grow up during the war but not scarred and maimed by it, only to remember then that it s only months until the temple will get wiped clean of such innocent younglingsI won t pretend it s world literature, but it s as good as they re coming when compared to the other SW novels and does scratch on the must read barrier for every scifi enthusiast who at least knows the movies and might tolerate reading in that universe created for the silver screen.

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    This is perhaps my favorite Star Wars novel It is definitely the best novel in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.In Yoda Dark Rendezvous, we get to see a side of several characters, most notably Yoda, that we did not see in the films, or even in other novels In fact, I prefer Stewart s version of Yoda in this novel over any other iteration Why In Yoda Dark Rendezvous, you get to see both his deep serious wisdom, as well as his humorous side You get to see how Yoda, despite being a 900 year old creature, can still enjoy the company of young children I think he prefers it to interacting with grown Jedi, actually He can joke around, grieve, comfort, educate, all where necessary.The book also very much centers on the relationship between Yoda and Count Dooku Several times during the novel we see flashbacks to when Dooku was a Padawan learner in the Jedi temple These flashbacks include some great wisdom from Yoda, which is influential in Dooku s actions they also include some great pieces that can be applied to the reader s life, as well In the present day of the book , the relationship continues Dooku at one point wonders whether he leans to Darth Sideous or the Jedi, especially Yoda In his turn, Yoda will not give up a chance to redeem his old student, as well as a chance to end the Clone Wars.All in all, this novel is an excellent read It has something for everyone From Yoda s wit and humor, as well as serious wisdom, to the relationships between the characters, to the action sequences several times, this book is no less than a great novel that must be read by everyone.

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