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A Song for You After Decades Of Silence, Robyn Crawford, Close Friend, Collaborator, And Confidante Of Whitney Houston, Shares Her Story Whitney Houston Is As Big A Superstar As The Music Business Has Ever Known She Exploded On The Scene In With Her Debut Album And Spent The Next Two Decades Dominating The Charts And Capturing The Hearts Of Fans Around The World One Person Was There By Her Side Through It All Her Best Friend, Robyn CrawfordSince Whitney S Death In , Robyn Has Stayed Out Of The Limelight And Held The Great Joys, Wild Adventures, And Hard Truths Of Her Life With Whitney Close To Her Heart Now, For The First Time Ever, Crawford Opens Up In Her New Memoir, A Song For YouWith Warmth, Candor, And An Impressive Recall Of Detail, Robyn Describes The Two Meeting As Teenagers In The S, And How Their Lives And Friendship Evolved As Whitney Recorded Her First Album And Robyn Pursued Her Promising Division I Basketball Career Together During Countless Sold Out World Tours, Behind The Scenes As Hit After Hit Was Recorded, Through Whitney S Marriage And The Birth Of Her Daughter, The Two Navigated Often Challenging Families, Great Loves, And Painful Losses, Always Supporting Each Other With Laughter And FriendshipDeeply Personal And Heartfelt, A Song For You Is The Vital, Honest, And Previously Untold Story That Provides An Understanding Of The Complex Life Of Whitney Houston Finally, The Person Who Knew Her Best Sets The Record Straight

✼ A Song for You  Epub ✿ Author Robyn Crawford – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 336 pages
  • A Song for You
  • Robyn Crawford
  • 20 July 2017
  • 9781524742843

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    This is a searing indictment of the Houston family and the way they exploited and manipulated Whitney, enabled her addiction, drove a wedge between her and the love of her life, and only served themselves They are all trash Absolute trash Bobby Brown, also trash This is the most depressing book Crawford tells a compelling story of her life, her life with Whitney and her life after Whitney What s interesting is that don t really know Whitney that well, even at the end of the book I think even in death, Crawford is protecting Whitney and her privacy I don t believe for a second that they stopped being physically intimate But I respect why Crawford might say that s the case And I could be wrong The book is in desperate need of copy editing and proofreading There is no excuse for the misspellings and other grammatical issues But to repeat, the Houstons are trash They should live the rest of lives in shame because Whitney and Bobbi Kristina s blood is on their hands We knew her family were a pack of vultures but goddamn, now we KNOW Fuck Clive Davis, too.

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    I read this book in 6 hours Contrary to popular beliefs this book is not a tell all book It s a book about Robyns life, before and after she met Whitney Houston And since Robyn met Whitney in her teens, and was with her for 20 years, it is understandable that Whitney would be a part of her story This honestly to me is the most real, raw, and honest version of Whitney Houston that I have read since her death Robyn talks about Whitney in a loving way, but also discuss both of their struggles with drug use and Whitney s self esteem issues which we already knew However, the portrayal of Whitney Houston was not negative as in the most recent documentaries and biographies I believe that this book will provide Whitney Houston fans with the knowledge and understanding of maybe the reasons why Whitney chose to use drugs at such a young age and was never able to quit Unfortunately it was secrets and the feelings of abandonment and loneliness that failed this Fallen Angel Coincidentally, it s the truth portrayed in this book that could ve set Whitney Houston free ALSO, I don t understand the 1 2 star ratings given before the book was actually available for the public to read And the fact that these ratings are not accompanied by actual reviews leads me to believe that the ppl who rated did not actually read the book, but chose to rate anyway b c of their personal feelings about Robyn writing this book To those who did this you are not true Goodreaders b c if you were you would understand that everybody deserves to tell their truth If you don t agree with it you don t have to read it Therefore you shouldn t a review.

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    A Song For You My Life With Whitney Houston by Robyn Crawford is a truthful and bittersweet memoir of love and friendship, recalling the highs and lows of Houston s extraordinary rise to fame and fortune, and the support Crawford provided for her beloved friend in her career and personal life, also the impact of change, sacrifice, and loss as Crawford s life moved in a new direction.In 1980, Crawford introduced herself to Whitney Elizabeth Houston 1962 2012 aka Nippy after spotting her at a Community Center event East Orange, N.J Crawford was in college, and the pair struck up a fast friendship and soon became inseparable The focus of Houston s life always centered around music, and Crawford wrote extensively the first time she heard Houston sing in her church choir Whitney was very religious and sang like an angel, yet she smoked cigarettes and weed on a regular basis Crawford smoked weed with Houston and was introduced to cocaine, and reflected that it wasn t a difficult decision to eventually quit using substance altogether though this wasn t the case for Houston, who spent years battling substance addiction.Crawford was raised by a no nonsense single mother that led her family by example whereas, Houston s family seemed most concerned about how they were viewed and regarded by others Throughout the book, Houston s parents usually avoided direct and open communication, and may have been in denial about Whitney s sexual orientation, her disturbing marriage to Bobby Brown m.1992 2007 , and escalating use abuse of substance Houston became mega famous when she signed with Arista Records with a string of number one hit records and sold out concert tours world wide her relationship with Crawford was constantly scrutinized by the press Instead of giving interviews, which may have improved her social standing somewhat, Houston made harsh and derogatory statements against homosexuality and defined herself rigidly as a man s woman Behind closed doors, Houston often said that she couldn t be herself, as she made plans to go through with her marriage to Brown Immediately following the wedding the couple became tabloid fodder with their very public fights and drama, and Houston s use of substance escalated.Houston had a few close friends and devoted staff who were committed to her success and wellness, this would quickly change following her marriage Certain staff members were demoted or unable to care for Houston Crawford seemed to be unable to have a private conversation with her Despite Houston s heavy touring schedule, that considerably wore her down Cindy Madnick, the bookkeeper of Nippy Inc stated that Houston was funding large sums for the living expenses of others senior employees, Brown s mother was using Nippy Inc like an ATM machine, her father had set up an account where gas was paid at a Mobil station that a number of people were taking advantage of Houston ordered stop payments and credit cards be taken away, but the financial exploitation continued anyway It was unclear why wasn t done to protect Houston s assets and best interests financially and otherwise The decision Crawford made to resign her position working for Houston was rough, she had spent all her adult life with working with and for Whitney Throughout the years Crawford has been approached by several publishers for her true story, and in sharing it, Houston s legacy can be understood in a manner that wasn t always possible Robin Crawford lives in New Jersey with her wife and children, and writes full time.

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    An intimate look into life of Whitney Houston through the eyes of her best friend and loyal assistant of 20 years Robyn allows readers to peer into Whitney as a person, not just the superstar A love letter to her best friend after remaining silent for decades, Robyn gives readers everything you want to know, including the answer to the rumors that circled them for years.

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    I like Whitney Houston s music a lot but am not a super fan and was not familiar with a lot of the history and her story I read this because I was interested in the secret relationship aspect of stardom and how homophobia presented itself in Robyn and Whitney s relationship This is not a tell all, as other reviewers have said, and it still feels like Robyn is holding back due to how private of a person Whitney was It was a fascinating, quick read, very poorly ghost written but interesting to look at the rise to stardom, the effect of rumors about sexuality, a young, codependent relationship, and the sad descent into addiction and the people around Whitney Houston who enabled her addiction, rather than promoting treatment, for their own personal gain.

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    An honest book about true friendship Reading the book you get a sense of the deep love and admiration that Robyn felt for her friend, Whitney The truest line in the book comes early on when Robyn writes that she wished those early days could go on that way forever Whitney, on the other hand, seems determined to be successful at all costs, and I think one of those costs ended up being the loss of Robyn by her side Interwoven throughout the book is also Robyn s longing to rescue her friend from her self destructive habits and her dysfunctional family relationships In the end, they proved to be too much for even a great friend and she left Whitney s company feeling frustrated and defeated Nevertheless, she never stopped being loyal to Whitney or their connection only speaking out now long after her death She does so in a loving way that seeks to stop speculation and also highlight both the beauty and limitations of a lifelong friendship.

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    This was one of the most honest and vulnerable books I ve ever read Whitney went through a lot, and Robyn really shared her story in such an honest way.

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    I didn t write about this book immediately after reading it because I honestly didn t know what I thought about it After giving it time to sink in, I realize the reason I was so conflicted was because this book is not so much about Whitney Houston, as it is about Robyn Crawford As I began to process it from that perspective, it all became clear.Robyn Crawford has been this mysterious woman that we ve all seen by Whitney s side from the very beginning of Whitney s music career We ve heard many stories about Robyn But we ve never heard from Robynuntil now In her long awaited memoir she finally shares her side of all the stories we ve heard from so many others But clearing up rumors is not the only thing this book is about A Song For You is importantly, the story of a woman that chose to walk away from her best friend the extraordinary life they built together, in order to save herself.The essence of this book is the story of Robyn as an individual Stories about her family, the pain of losing both her mother brother from the same horrible disease, taking care of her mentally ill sister, starting a new life from scratch after having lived the lifestyle of the rich and famousthese are the stories that are the foundation of this book This is the story of a woman who loved herself enough to walk away from a toxic friendship, a lavish lifestyle, a successful career, without ever turning back.I began reading this book thinking it was going to be all about Whitney Houston I thought I was going read new and positive stories about Whitney Some stories were new, but not all of them were positive However, it is the life they shared After analyzing my thoughts I have come to realize this book is the story of a woman that couldn t save her friend so she saved herself It s a story of courage, strength and determination It s proof that self love conquers all

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    I just finished this book All I have to say is if you are one of the people saying things like Why now or She s trying to make money off of a dead woman s name or Whitney isn t here to defend herself , I warn you that you sound misinformed and proving yourself to be unreflective This isn t a book about Whitney, this is a book about Robyn She is not accusing her of a crime or slandering her name She is diving into a professional and personal relationship that spanned decades One in which she made tremendous sacrifices and investments One that shaped an enormous chunk of her life Don t be that person pick up the book, read it, then comment That s what I did, and I give it 5 stars and commend Robyn for writing her story If you are truly a fan of Whitney then you should accept the things that made her human Yes, there are countless perspectives to every story Unfortunately we will never hear Whitney s, but I assure you, there would be nothing for her to defend It made me love Whitney even A wonderful tribute to a very real part of an Icon I think Robyn would know better than us and I m grateful to her for sharing Bravo

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    I have lots of thoughts about this book but I ll try to be brief I initially heard about Robyn Crawford from a background singer that told me there were rumors of Whitney being gay Never gave it too much thought as I don t take hearsay as facts Then I saw the documentary and knew there was some truth to the rumor.I too believe this book was Robyn s honest account of her life with Whitney But there was also an underlying indictment of the Houston family and how they utterly failed their sister, daughter, niece, cousin friend It also showed how, when one doesn t live in their truth or indulge in self care, you wilt away mentally, physically and emotionally Whitney was surrounded by a lot of family but they ultimately used and abused her instead of keeping her grounded in a great foundation She had the voice of an angel with demons all around her.I m thankful Robyn was in her life However, Robyn was ultimately pushed out by the ugliness along with Sylvia Its a crying shame she wasn t even able to attend the service Whitney was the voice of a generation Yet she was broke by 1987 and again later in life by unknowingly bankrolling lazy n selfish individuals that called themselves family Robyn also endured tremendous loss with her mom, brother and father Father because he was so abusive and wasn t present Finding out her sister was bipolar at 30 something AFTER having professional trouble and personal loss I know her therapy sessions left her eyes burning from all the tears and pain I hope writing this book was cathartic for her as she too needed a hug or two after witnessing all that was revealed in this book Sometimes even if your NOT the victim, bearing witness to such drama can take its toll.I ve said than I was going to say so I ll end here.

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