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The Witch ElmToby Is A Happy Go Lucky Charmer Who S Dodged A Scrape At Work And Is Celebrating With Friends When The Night Takes A Turn That Will Change His Life He Surprises Two Burglars Who Beat Him And Leave Him For Dead Struggling To Recover From His Injuries, Beginning To Understand That He Might Never Be The Same Man Again, He Takes Refuge At His Family S Ancestral Home To Care For His Dying Uncle Hugo Then A Skull Is Found In The Trunk Of An Elm Tree In The Garden And As Detectives Close In, Toby Is Forced To Face The Possibility That His Past May Not Be What He Has Always Believed.A Spellbinding Standalone From One Of The Best Suspense Writers Working Today, The Witch Elm Asks What We Become, And What We Re Capable Of, When We No Longer Know Who We Are.

[PDF / Epub] ✎ The Witch Elm ☂ Tana French – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 528 pages
  • The Witch Elm
  • Tana French
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9780735224643

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    I actually didn t love a Tana French book the world is broken I just knew I jinxed it by writing that first paragraph in my review of The Secret Place.I keep trying to convince myself to bump this up a star because it s hard to believe Tana French can write anything that isn t amazing It s definitely not a bad book, but The Witch Elm French s first standalone outside of her Dublin Murder Squad series just didn t contain a lot of the stuff I ve loved from this author.To start with, I feel like my love for French is centred around her awesome, snarky, flawed, messy, human detectives The crimes are whatever the detectives their voices, quirks, passions and personal histories are what make her books so damn addictive I shipped Rob and Cassie so hard in In the Woods, and Cassie herself made the implausible plot of The Likeness actually okay I will probably never get over Frank and Rosie from Faithful Place And that s before we ve got to Kennedy, Moran and the ferocious Antoinette Conway.Toby He just doesn t compare He s an asshole, but it s not that because sometimes assholes can be interesting I might want to rewrite that sentence later It s that he s obnoxiously clueless, a self proclaimed lucky bastard wrapped in a bubble of his own privilege He s tall, blond and handsome, works at a PR firm, has a loving girlfriend and a group of good friends, and pretty much gets away with everything He s a person who thinks this about poor, homeless people They could have gone to school Instead of spending their time sniffing glue and breaking the wing mirrors off cars They could have got jobs The recession s over there s no reason for anyone to be stuck in the muck unless they actually choose to be. Flaws are interesting, but Toby s casual misogyny, judgement of others, and condescension make him extremely irritating Plus, French s narrators are typically smart and intuitive, so Toby s head scratching was frustrating.I think I can trace a lot of my issues back to Toby For example, I usually enjoy the long winded nature of Tana French s books She can get away with waffling on because I genuinely enjoy learning details about the characters, and listening to them have pages of dialogue about something unrelated to the plot But I was so uninterested in Toby that huge chunks of this book made me want to go to sleep.It takes so long to get to the main mystery, too I get the point of the lengthy build up in order to understand Toby as a character someone who has been handed everything in life without having to face the struggles others would have, and someone who cannot believe it when he meets his first misfortune but that didn t make it any enjoyable to get through It s a good hundred pages before the main story even rears its head.I also can t deny that I miss the exciting investigations and police procedure the detectives usually take us through.But I don t want this to get too negative French does a lot of excellent things in this book and she digs into something interesting with Toby how someone s luck, privilege, whatever you want to call it can really affect not just a person s physical circumstances but their entire outlook on life He s a conceptually fascinating individual, but it was so hard to find sympathy for him It was this, in the end, that made me unable to care who the murderer was.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    2 and 4 stars If I could give this a dual rating, I would Explanation of rating I had 5 star expectations for The Witch Elm Tana French is one of my favorite authors and while I haven t loved all of her books, I really enjoyed the most recent installments of the Murder Squad series Unfortunately, my expectations were not met There were parts of the Witch Elm that I loved, but others not so much It s hard to describe The Witch Elm it s part mystery, part thriller, part family drama Primarily, it is a psychological character study Toby has had all the luck in the world He has natural good looks and things come easily to him his jobs, his friends, and his girlfriend He comes from a loving upper class Dublin family, who can offer financial support when needed Needless to say, Toby hasn t faced many struggles in his young life, until one night when his luck runs out and his life changes forever The Witch Elm chronicles Toby s decline from golden boy to an empty shell of a man Toby is the primary unreliable narrator I enjoyed getting inside of his head I was riveted for about the first 20% Toby s voice is charismatic and I couldn t wait to hear and learn about him But then NOTHING happens for quite some time Yes, the reader learns details about Toby s family and his current struggles, but these parts could have been edited down quite a bit What bothered me was not that there wasn t much happening and the amount of information provided seemed superfluous This is a repeated pattern throughout the book drama nothing drama nothing drama It seems purposefully done to fully give the reader a full view of Toby s mental decline, but I feel like the same impact could have been achieved without a full on recap of every minute of Toby s life If you are a reader who does not like reading every minute detail about a character s life, you might struggle with this book On the other hand, there are elements of this novel that are fascinating Tana French certainly knows how to write a sentence her characters are finely crafted and well developed The setting is multidimensional and takes on a life of its own I really enjoyed the ending and having the opportunity to witness a complete view of Toby s transformation While this didn t wholly work for me, I would still recommend for those who enjoy unreliable narrators and detailed character studies I received an ARC of this book from Edelweiss and Penguin Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review.

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    after languishing for months who knows where, my review is finally up at LARB you celebrate christmas, read it in line as you last minute shop if you do not, enjoy it with all the free time not having to worry about mulberries and double sided tape and trees going up in flames affords you oooh, goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best mystery thriller 2018 what will happen oh, it will lose to stephen king, the man who wrote a glowing review of this book although his review had a pretty significant factual error she s still a winner in my heart OH MY GOD, IT S HERE AND IT S NOT AN ARC IT S A FINISHED COPY AND IT S MIIIIIIINE goodbye, rest of day you belong to tana french now UPDATE while my plan to corner an unscrupulous intern harlequin presents 945 cornering the unscrupulous intern may have failed, the universe has provided, and i am going to be reviewing this for l.a review of books ARC is en route A MOST FRABJOUS DAY, INDEED these are the penguin random house offices in nyc i am prepared to camp out in front of them until some kindly intern slips me an ARC of this.

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    The Witch Elm by Tana French is a 2018 Viking Books publication Luck Toby has never really considered his, until now He s always had an easy go of things, able to talk himself out of any potential trouble or situation with his easy charm But, Toby s luck has changed overnight First, he gets into serious trouble with his boss, then his home is broken into, and he is beaten within an inch of his life While his parents and faithful, adoring girlfriend are rock solid support systems, Toby is interrogated about the robbery, almost as if he is the perpetrator and not the victim If that weren t bad enough, Toby gets word his uncle has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer With the dual purpose of adjusting to his new normal and to help in the care of his uncle, Toby moves into the family ancestral home, along with his girlfriend Toby s two cousins whom he has seen little of over the years, are also in attendance When one of his cousin s children makes a ghastly discovery in the garden, Toby luck goes from bad to worse Toby is suddenly quite vulnerable, especially with his memory lapses making it difficult for him to alibi himself It looks like Toby s luck may have finally run completely out I have loved Tana French since In the Woods and have read nearly all of her books since then I was aware this book was not a part of the Dublin Murder Squad series, but I was super excited to see what French may have in store for me with this stand alone novel I love TF s style and it is obvious she has some serious writing chops However, this one was a huge letdown The story got off to a strong start Toby s struggles to overcome the physical and psychological trauma he endured is very compelling and realistic However, I wasn t sure if I could trust Toby As the detectives play games with him, I wondered who was behind the break in Did it have to do with the trouble Toby got himself into at work Why such a severe beating I spent the first half of the book wondering when the crime elements would heat up, thinking this was the main thread of the story Then somewhere around the midway mark, the center shifts away from that thread and lo and behold, there is a real live murder mystery to solve Unfortunately, too much time was wasted getting to this part The story moved so slowly, I started getting a little fidgety The plot became knotty and cumbersome, and the pace never picked up, tempting me to do the unthinkable mark a Tana French novel down as a DNF I think I understood some of the deeper aspects of the story, such as, how we view ourselves compared to how others see us, how memory plays a role in our lives, how our actions, or inactions often have consequences we are not aware of, as we go merrily along our way Every action has a reaction, as they say In the end, I plodded onward, but there was something seriously off about the book s structure, and that ending was utterly depressing Yes, one might have a different point of view on that, but I m going with the glass half empty on this one It pains me to rate this one so low, but sadly, it just didn t work for me 2 stars

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    Lucky and genial Toby meets the guys for a night out to celebrate his circumvention of a potentially career wrecking incident at work Afterwards, he is nearly beaten to death by intruders and his life changes dramatically He lands at Ivy House to care for his terminally ill uncle and to recover from his own serious injuries A skull is found in the Wych Elm which takes this finely crafted novel into the events of the past as experienced by the participants looking back from the present day Impaired and confused or is he , Toby tries to unravel the mystery of the skull which leads him to question who he was, who he believes himself to be, as well as, who he has become His familial relationships are equally as distorted This book crackles with realistic characterizations At times, I felt as if I was listening to my husband and his friends good naturedly jab at each other including that eye roll inducing middle school mentality that that tends to resurface when they are together While a mystery exists, this book is of a deep dive into the human psyche and an exploration of the perception of events from different points of view I was transfixed.

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    4.25 Stars rounded down There is something about the feeling I get before reading another Tana French novel that calms me and makes me want to sit in a big old comfy chair, with a cushy pillow and a lush blankie surrounding me I just know that I m going to be settling in for an in depth read with highly intelligent, well thought out, interesting characters and I immediately prepare myself I grab a nice warm cuppa and before I know it, hours have gone by and I am in the thick of it Such was the case with The Witch Elm I have read every book Tana French has ever written, so I knew what I was getting myself into The slower build of the storyline, delving into every aspect of the characters personas and their machinations which you either love or hate I happen to love this it makes me feel like I know her characters inside and out I understand them like the back of my hand and I feel like I could live in their backyard, except for the fact that they all live in Ireland and I don t LOL The Witch Elm is a standalone a blend of literary fiction a mystery, not a police procedural or a detective story, unlike her other novels to date This one is different and it feels quite sinister, even from the very beginning I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop, on edge, stomach clenched The characters are quirky, strange, hard to trust and frankly, a little slimy and that my friends is where it gets interesting Even up till the last second, I was never sure what was real and what wasn t, who to trust or whether or not my instincts were right or not C est la vie.Everything has always gone Toby s way He s just that kind of guy You ve met him before, you know, that good looking guy with the fairly successful job and the sly smile who can talk his way out of anything That is exactly what Toby does until one night when his apartment gets burgled and he gets assaulted Afterwards, Toby suffers from neurological deficits, including memory loss, loss of function in his left arm, his hand and one of his legs Frustrated, Toby knows that his life will never be the same Unfortunately, this just isn t a good year for Toby s family shortly after his assault, Toby s Uncle Hugo suffers a stroke and is unable to take care of himself The family is in bits about it, so Toby goes to look after him Every weekend at the Ivy House, his cousins Susanna and Leon and the rest of his family come round Everyone noshes on food, chills out by the fire, tells stories and reminisces Then IT happens While playing, Zach, one of Susanna s kids, find a Skull inside The Witch Elm past the garden A human skull, no joke From the moment the Detectives arrive, nothing is the same Of course all hell breaks loose, but then, what did you expect This story plays out in a way that only Tana French can spin it Back and forth it goes, like a pendulum swinging, faster and faster and I, for one, grew desperate, afraid of where the tale was going to take me There was however, no reason for me to fear, Tana French was at the helm and she spun this web masterfully I was all in from the first These characters, like them or not, grabbed my attention and held on tight I recommend this to readers who love the feel of a great book how it feels deep in the bones pun intended when the characters sink in, when you hear their conversations in your head and you know every facet of their personality and you just can t shake em, no matter how hard you try Tana French in case it is not obvious, you are one of my go to authors I am desperately waiting for a sequel to In the Woods I need to know what Rob has been up to Also, I cannot wait for another Antoinette Conway Stephen Moran novel I have mini crushes on Rob and Stephen. so help a girl out, would you please Thank you A huge thank you to Edelweiss, Penguin Publishing Group, Viking and Tana French for a complimentary copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.Published on Edelweiss, Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram on 10.25.18.

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    Toby had always thought of himself as a lucky person He came from a good family, he got along with his aunts, uncles, and cousins, and he had a good job, excellent health, a very nice apartment, and a lovely girlfriend.However, somewhere during his 29th year, he entered into his personal time of Job, where he was tested on every front and since part of that was a burglary of his apartment where he suffered serious injury, he could no longer rely on his wits to carry him through He was forced to find his way through multiple challenges and difficult situations the hard way stumbling and bumbling along, with gaps in his memory leaving him vulnerable, and in many respects, his own worst enemy.Sometimes life throws some incredible curve balls at people, and it is difficult to cope when they come in one s or two s, let alone multiples Add to that the long range and sluggishly slow pace of recovery from head trauma, and it can be a recipe for disaster.When the family receives bad news about the health of Toby s bachelor uncle Hugo, Toby and his girl friend Melissa move into his uncle s home, called Ivy House One day, there is a discovery made inside a large hole of the 200 year old wych elm in the garden Thus begins a coalescing of the many trials confronting Toby.Although the title says The Witch Elm , I could only find one occurrence of the word witch in the book and it had nothing to do with trees It could possibly be an Easter Egg within the novel In computer games, Easter Eggs are usually a quirky or fun surprise to discover and they are sometimes so obscure that it might take a few years before finding one But I won t spoil any surprises for people who might want to make their own discoveries This is a long novel and I know it won t be a fabulous read for everyone partly because of the length, and partly because not everyone enjoys spending a few days in the lives of people who are going through a very rough time, eager to discover how they will make their way through That was definitely me, though I absolutely had to know what would unfold for this family.This novel also has moral ambiguity in many different shades of gray For people who prefer shorter reads and black and white plots and characters, this one would not work at all For the most part I have discovered for myself that patience with larger novels is a plus they are the length they are for a very good reason usually , and the quicker I accept that, the better my reading experience Still, not everyone reads the same, which is perfectly fine.For those who do enjoy long novels with excellent writing, a plot full of challenges for the intricately drawn characters to overcome, and an abundance of food for thought, this will be a wonderful read I definitely found it all of that and so much .

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    NO SPOILERS safe to read.It s a sin to spoil a Tana French novel.I ve been reading Tana French since 2007 My memory is clearI walked into Borders looking around Into the Woods was a new release I had never heard of the author but liked what the inside flap said, took a blind chance, bought it came home and inhaled it instantly I became an annoying book pusher I was telling strangers off the street about the new mystery thriller author Tana French and her amazing characters characters Rob and CassieI still have never given up hope that Tana may one day bring back Rob , from Into the Woods Regardless Tana French is truly a great writer She has a distinct voice in crime writing.And this new 2018 release The Witch Elm , is closer in style with her first two books In The Woods , and The Likeness than Faithful Place , Broken Harbor , The Secret Place , or The Trespasser.This is not the Dublin series This is Tana s first stand alone bookThis is also her first book where the protagonist she introduces us to is not a detective Instead, the protagonist we meet in The Witch Elm , Toby , doesn t have any interest in police investigations or mysteries he doesn t have a deeply damage past or demons that haunt him He s been coasting through life as cream of the crop type guy He s annoying He can t even relate to average problems let alone have compassion for the homeless the poor or other misfortunate people.Toby is king of his universe has the girl , the right job , friends , good looks, etc One very bad horrible very bad night along with Toby s cocky confidence , becomes his nemesis Hot shot, semi arrogant guy will have to re evaluate his past and re asses his identity after a serious blow.Not an easy task for a guy who always felt nothing major ever went wrong As a guy that he himself felt was a lucky bastard, he became a kicking and screaming grouchy miserable pill as anyone would be fighting to accept that he was facing a shitty raw deal New Normal were not words in his vocabulary The very beginning of this novel was sarcastic f ck off dialogue between guys.men pissin in the wind.testosterone chatter.Toby and his two best guy friends Dec and Sean were drinking in the pub Guys speak to each other so different than women do to each other It s always a little fun for me to witness male bonding Many readers will think it s a Tana French slow start it is a slow start , but I liked the dialogue conversations better the 2nd time I re read them than the first I had started this book put it aside came back and started over once I could devote my full attention There s some weed pulling in this novel, but I don t always mind pulling weeds as it can be meditative but when the exotic fragrant of suspense becomes grippingits your garden of eden experience It takes a long time to understand Toby s character It s clear we are not suppose to love this guybut it takes to the end of the book to understand why We spend a LONG time getting inside Toby s head.When the mystery murder starts moving like a speeding trainit s hard to put this book down The twists turns are the roses in the oasis Thorns and all The prose is incandescent Tana French does something fresh with every novel Definitely with The Witch Elm My advice best to read this stand alone novel knowing very little It s not a page turner per say It took forever to get to the mystery but it also kinda made sense once you finish it Accept your weed pulling duty and you ll be served a yummy glass of chilled lemonade as a reward 4.5 stars

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    Love LOVE and LOVE for The Witch Elm by the amazing Tana French Amicable Toby is a happy go lucky guy who fancies himself as one the The Lucky Ones He has a great job, although he did create a major mess there but he sorted out his mess so it s all good He has an amazing girlfriend to whom he is faithful, except for a bit of a roving eye And he has two terrific mates who love him, at least he thinks they do But Toby s luck is about to change when he is brutally beaten and robbed in his own apartment Left for dead, in and out of consciousness for weeks, Toby is trying to put his life back together again while recuperating at his uncle s home, The Ivy House, where he and his two cousins summered throughout their childhood and teens That is, until a human skull is found in the Wyche Elm, yes a cute play on words there, isn t it Poor Toby is anything that he thought true and real actually what it had seemed Let me be frank with you, I only dabble in Tana French s series, The Dublin Murder Squad There are those that I absolutely adore and then there are those that I barely make it through French does such an incredible, amazing job at developing her characters that if I don t connect with them, I don t enjoy the book The Witch Elm, however, is a stand alone and I love have I already used the word love Toby My son s name is Toby and, ironically, my Toby and this Toby are very, VERY similar It s not hard to see why I connected with the book, is it More importantly, though, French creates a supporting cast of characters that are quirky, irritating, affable, hilarious and oh so very flawed Through them, as they either look for the killer or attempt to cover up for the killer, we learn about family, forgiveness, love, mistakes, second chances and, sadly, death While there is definitely mystery and suspense here, this is not a thriller It is a slow simmering, beautifully written examination of family, particularly a family in crisis.Interestingly, as I have read other reviews and previews of the book, they seem to be divided into die hard fans of the DMS and the rest of us and the ratings reflect that division This is a book that stands on its own as a marvelously written, creative work that is well worth reading by die hard fans as well as those of us who simply appreciate a well told tale Well done Ms French FIVE emerald green Irish Stars for The Witch Elm.

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    The setting is an important part of this story an old family house outside of Dublin, nicknamed Ivy House, where two generations ago a whole crowd of brothers and sisters grew up and then their children came for summers, weekends and holidays It s now occupied only by the oldest unmarried uncle, slowing dying of a brain tumor The real mystery begins halfway through the book when a skull is found in a tree cavity by one of the grandkids But perhaps the mystery started much earlier in the book, when the main character, a PR guy for an art gallery, was severely beaten during a robbery so severely that he is taking than a year to recover with physical disabilities and long and short term memory problems During recovery he goes to live with the dying uncle so they can kind of take care of each other Two of his cousins visit and stay over almost every weekend It turns out the skull belongs to a male classmate of the children The classmate disappeared twenty or so years ago and at that time everyone thought he had killed himself by jumping off a cliff Now the police are circling round and, based on their investigation, they feel that it must be one of the four who killed him the main character the female cousin, married with two kids the male cousin, gay, and taking a break from his partner in Germany, or the uncle The police focus in on the main character Of course, with his memory problems, he gets to the point where he thinks MAYBE IT WAS ME and I just don t remember, and my family isn t going to tell me just so I can give myself away to the police Little by little as they talk night after night, police visit after police visit, we see that a case could be made for any of the four or perhaps any two acting together.There s a lot of very good writing I recall thinking early in the book, in the passages about the main character s group of buddies at a bar on the edge of drunkenness an incident at his work, and the break in at his apartment all this is very well written There s occasional humor While the main character recovers in the hospital, his mother brings him so many things that random stuff was popping up on every available surface through spontaneous generation and sooner or later the nurses would find me buried under a heap of cupcakes and an accordion So it s a good read but in my opinion has a flaw too dragged out at the end By the middle of the 500 page book, almost every scene is discussion of the murder around the table with the cousins Night after night they make a fire, have dinner and wine, wait to be sure the uncle doesn t stumble up the stairs or drop his wine, and then they go over it again and again A bit much otherwise I would have given it a 5, so a 4.5 The author b 1973 is Irish and American As a child, her family lived all over the world and she was born in the US, but she went to university in Ireland, married there, and makes her home in Dublin Because of her series of best selling crime novels she has been called the First Lady of Irish Crime She also is a well known actress in Irish theater As an aside, it would be fun to make a list of novels where the house is so important to the story that it is essentially a character Off the top of my head I think of Sabato s On Heroes and Tombs set in an old decrepit mansion in in Buenos Aires, and Hatoum s A Tale of a Certain Orient set in Manaus, Brazil Even Virginia Woolf s house in To the Lighthouse might qualify or the beach house in Iris Murdoch s The Sea, The Sea.A house in Dublin from artprintimages.comGrafton Street, Dublin from postmediavancouversun2.files.wordpress.comPhoto of the author from irishamerica.com

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