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The Girl with the Golden ScissorsFrom The Bestselling Author Of The Lioness Of Morocco And The Elephant Keeper S Daughter, The Story Of An Ambitious Young Woman Discovering Friendship, Love, And Her Own Identity On The Eve Of World War I Christmas A Baby Is Born In The Early Hours At Vienna General Hospital, Only To Be Abandoned By Her Unwed Mother And Entrusted To A Foundling Home And Its Loving CaretakerFanny Schindler Grows From A Precocious Girl Into A Strong Willed Young Woman Undeterred By The Rules Of Her Station, She S Determined To Rise Above Her Humble Origins And Pursue Her Dreams At All Costs, Becoming An Apprentice To One Of The Most Glamorous Fashion Houses In Austria Hungary All The While, As Fanny Searches For A Sense Of Belonging, Her Path Crosses With Those Of Three People Who Will Change Her Future To One, She Is A Cherished Friend To Another, A Confidant And To A Handsome Career Soldier, SomethingWhen Hostilities In Europe Burst Into Flame As A Brutal World War, The Future Of The Dual Monarchy Is At Stake, Friendships Are Strained, Loyalties Are Tested, And Everything Is At Risk And When Long Buried Secrets About Fanny S Past Come To Light, She Must Decide What Truly Matters And What Is Worth Fighting For In A New World Of Infinite Possibilities

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    Thank you, Netgalley.com, for giving me a chance to read a free copy of The Girl With the Golden Scissors in exchange for a fair review.Historical fiction is a genre I like to read during the winter months The Girl With the Golden Scissors is the story of an illegitimate child of the Austro Hungarian empire, became an independent woman, and an essential person in the fashion industry before and during WWI.It is the first time that I am reading a book that the perspective is from the losing party of the war.It has a book that has an LGBTQ character, and through this character, you can learn the customs of acceptance or not acceptance of them Also, you see that those years the thought of treating beeing homo sexual with psychoanalysis Fanny is a strong character she is fierce, and during her life, has to overcome a lot of struggles Fanny knows what her social economic status is, but at the same time, she is a true friend and knows to hold back even if it means to live with heartbreak The husband and wife, writing as Julia Drosten and the translator Deborah Rachel Langton had me devouring me the book I could feel the cold entering into my bones while reading the passage where Max, the main character, posted in the military position close to the Russian border, before his commander, the remaining soldiers surrender I had a little trouble with the pacing at the beginning, but about 10% of the book, I got used to it and enjoyed it.Yes, this book a translation, and as I am familiar with translated works, it is a good translation What is a sure thing is I will be on the lookout for the other books that have been written by Julia Drosten TheGirlwiththeGoldenScissors NetGalley

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    Set in Vienna in 1889 Fanny born in a hospital and given up and raised in what what was called foundling home for orphans So many were mistreated and abused in foster care, that Josepha who had been working there for years, kept Fanny in the home and raised her Fanny grew to be an independent woman who loved to sew D you know, I ve been thinking about the first time we ever came here, and now this whole place is yours I m so proud of you Not just for that but because of the way you didn t always listen to me You followed your own stubborn path This was a wonderful, well written novel I absolutely loved it Thank you NetGalley and publisher for the eARC

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