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Council of Evil (Villain.Net)Jake Hunter Is Your Quintessential Bully Tough, Mean, And Misunderstood While He Likes The Power Gotten From Picking On The Nerdy Kids, He S Sick Of His Dumb Buddies, And He Craves Some Adventure In His Dull Life So When He Stumbles Upon A Web Site Called Villain.net That Lets Him Download Superpowers, He S Eager To Try Out The Laser Vision And The Radioactivity But When He Joins Forces With A Supervillain Named Basilisk, Jake Must Decide If He Truly Wants To Accept The Consequences Of Being A Villain And Of Course, Little Does He Know That Hero.com Is Out There Too, Recruiting Teens For The Other Side

❤ Council of Evil (Villain.Net) free download ➞ Author Andy Briggs – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Council of Evil (Villain.Net)
  • Andy Briggs
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9780802795175

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    This book was awful Unlikable characters galore, cliched dialogue, and very implausible story events On one of the back pages of Hero.com Rise of the Heroes, it reads Tired of being a goody two shoes all the time Ready to get in touch with your dark side This page was an advertisement for the Villain.net book series After reading it, I thought, Why not I ll pick up a copy and see how it is After all, so many people claim that being a villain is fun, and that very sentiment was conveyed by a character in Hero.com Rise of the Heroes Unfortunately, I was disappointed After reading Villain.net Council of Evil, I found myself actually rather depressed The way I had seen it, the main character had gone through a living nightmare And by the end of the book, none of it was resolved As the one and only character in the book that I was capable of feeling any pity for, he was robbed of everything, and left to suffer Alone and in terrible pain If an author is going to write a book with a villain protagonist, this certainly does not seem like the best way to do things The ones who should suffer the most should deserve it the most.As for the rest of the book, it seemed like there was no effort to make certain characters or events believable I understand that it s a fictional work, but if an author makes things too ridiculous, it s bound to disenchant the reader Too many things were simply too convenient and lacking of...

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    Andy Briggs s Villain.Net Council of Evil by Andy Briggs is a book for kids This book talks about a kid named Jake Hunter who is a bully at school When Jake Hunter received an email and click the join button inside the email, he turned from bully to villain Will he adjust to being a villain I picked up this book because I wanted to see the villain s p...

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    Surprisingly goodI started with Hero.com and read that this novel runs alongside that so I gave it a try It is a better story and has a engaging character than hero.com, I enjoyed both novels just this one so

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    andy briggs your books are awesome

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    Reviewed by Jennifer Rummel for TeensReadToo.comJake Hunter is your average bully until one computer class leads him to a mysterious website.The website allows him to download superpowers When a teacher mistakingly witnesses him bullying a much younger student, Jake must serve detention When Jake attempts to unsuccessfully explain the truth, rage pulses through him.Green energy radiates from his body, rendering the teacher unconscious in addition to causing the destruction of the classroom In a wavering decision, after escaping, Jake rushes back in to save the teacher.He s hailed as a hero, but one person knows the truth and sends him an email message with a meeting time and location Jake arrives there to hear an offer he can t refuse He s about to become the world s most sought after villain.Jake Hunter s journ...

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    There are a lot of good ideas in this book, but the execution is pretty terrible Bad descriptions that feel like fanfic where I m already supposed to know how everyone looks and acts coupled with atrocious dialog To give an example of how this plays out, I spent most of the book wondering if superhumans were some sort of secret in this world or not, and only managed to answer that question for myself when it was explicitly explained near the end.There s a lot to like here I like the fact that the protagonist is both sympathetic and a bully or at least that this balance is attempted Jake loses a lot of my sympathy early on after he essentially decides to forget about all of the murders he witnessed his mentor Basilisk committing I like the weird novelty of the idea of downloadable temporary powers, even if it does remind me of the old Dial H for HERO comics I even like that a character and so implicitly the author admits that the names Hero.com and Villain.net were chos...

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    I actually really enjoyed this book I picked it up because my little brother read the entire series in a week, and he normally hates books and anything to do with English so I was intrigued The story follows Jake Hunter, a school bully who meets a villain called Basilisk and is given access to a website where he can download superpowers Soon though, things spiral out of control and Jake becomes a wanted fugitive I must say, I thought it would be difficult to like an anti hero but actually I empathized with Jake the whole way No one was fair to him and even the heroes treated him badly, which I think is Andy Brigg s way of showing children that the world isn t black and white I can see why my brother liked this series, because there is action from the off set and the dialogue is quick and snappy The reader and Jake...

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    Jake Hunter is the school bully Everybody keeps out of his way Except for Pete who Jake seeks out to bully, the cause of the bullying from him self s own loneliness After he hacks the school system with a virus, he starts to revive strange and crypt emails, someone who is inviting him to join them onto the evil side, along with a link VILLIAN.NET After a few clicks Jake is signed up for something amazing, an entire world of supervillians Soon Jake has been summoned by a fiend called Basilisk, a friend of the mysterious Doc Tempest, master of the weather and doom Basilisk and Tempest want to bring down the pesky Council of Evil, the gruesome geeks behind VILLAIN.NET They want to train Jake to do it But how much choice will he have Council of Evil is a great book of the great VILLIAN.NET series Council of Evil introduces Jake hunter or reintroduces if you ve read Rise of the Heroes HERO.COM who has had a sad life, bu...

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    I think that this book was just rushed If it was longer, it would ve been interesting, but it wasn t I also think that this book was a little to childish for me I m 13, but a 14 year old with superpowers is a bit stupid because stereotypically kids around our age our innocent, which is totally not true There are two parts in this story that don t make sense Here are some spoilers btw 1 When the Heros erase Jake from his families memory, they said that they blocked him out of their brain But that doesn t mean they can t see the thinks he does In the book it stated that Jake dropped a family portrait right in front everyone, but no one noticed I think that s just stupid.2 Jake used his superpowers to split a highly dangerous bomb in two It said that it fell safely in the ocean which wouldn t actually work if the dangerous chemicals were set to ...

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    Jake is your average school bully always picking on kids Until one days he finds this website called villain.net which allows him to download superpowers and use them for evil He first chooses radiation which caus...

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