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Girl Stays in the PictureDevon, The Hottest Chart Topping Sixteenyear Old Diva, Has Just Landed In The South Of France To Film Her Hollywood Movie Debut With Her French Caribbean Beauty And Ethereal Voice, She Aims To Secure Her Newest Crown Blockbuster Box Office But She Discovers Sometimes A Girl Can T Get By Without A Little Help From Her Friends So When She Befriends Livia Romero, The Producer S Insanely Gorgeous And Insanely Spoiled Daughter, Whose Slammin New Body Is Thanks To Dropping Two Hundred Pounds Via Stomach Stapling Surgery And Casey West, A Personal Assistant To The Rival Star, An Entourage Is Born And The Paparazzi Can T Get Enough Of Them.

PDF / Epub ☉ Girl Stays in the Picture Author Melissa de la Cruz – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • Girl Stays in the Picture
  • Melissa de la Cruz
  • English
  • 14 July 2019
  • 9781416960966

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    At first glance, Girl Stays In The Picture looked like a classic rich girl novel You know what I m talking about, right The type of novel that is like a Gossip Girl or The A List copy cat since it mainly focus on fashion, money, and boys Though, don t get me wrong I love those type of novels, but unfortunately they seem to lack in two things reality and substance Luckily, Girl In The Picture had those type of drama issues but with substance and girls that you could relate to in one way or another The characters were one of my favorite parts of this novel I loved how they all came from different backgrounds and had different problems they had to face each and every day For example, Devon is the it girl pop star turned almost movie star turned rehab star turned movie star once again Throughout this novel you got to see her fight to be recognized as a girl who can do anything and succeed, not a trashy star who went to rehab Another one of the girls was Cassey whose plan was to act like assistant to her best friend, Summer, while Summer worked on her new movie I really liked how Melissa added the typical girl next door in Cassey because I loved how Cassey would do anything for anyone no matter what they did to her Lastly, there was Livia who is the daughter of the world famous producer Sol Rome...

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    I actually really enjoyed Girl Stays In the Picture By Melissa De La Cruz It s one of those books that I thought I wouldn t have liked as much as I did There were some flaws with the writing and the plot Mostly in the end, and some parts started to get a little predictable It s mainly about celebrities, and their lives, how they climb up to the top, and how they come crashing down, the good, the bad, and the tragically ugly in the life of stardom, and how the pressure of stardom can make you get out of control I highly recommend this book if you re looking for a good read At some parts, I did feel it was getting a little dull, which made me hesitant to pick it up, but I m glad I did, because it didn t take long for it to get interesting again The characters were fairly well written Most of the characters do meet up with the same problem complications with love In the end, everything is resolved with their love life, and for ...

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    yeah you know what don t even judge i went through a melissa de la cruz phase and i had this downloaded in my kindle it was a fast read and i didnt hate it that much

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    There was just something about this book that kept me reading until 3 AM At around 420 something pages, it took me about three and a half hours to read I just simply couldn t put it down I ve read many of Melissa de la Cruz s books and I ve noticed that many her books have some of the same things changing POV, a normal average girl thrown into a new world, and lots of drama.I liked the rotation of POV between the three main characters Devon, Livia, and Casey It allowed me to get a feel for each girl and just let me understand the characters a bit better I did feel that the author mentioned Livia s body issues too much and I found myself skipping those parts when they were mentioned in all of Livia s chapters.Devon s struggle to remain sober added authenticity to her character, but I found it odd that she didn t notice that her mom and Randall were just using her I mean Devon s been in the business for many years and she still can t tell when she s being used That was a bit odd.And Casey was the stereotypical normal girl who gets to experience the rich and famous lifestyle I was a bit annoyed that it took Casey a while to find out that her friend, Summer, had changed But I did like the insight into assistant s jobs and the other s...

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    Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Girl Stays in the Picture was a fun and fluffy read Now that s not really true it was fun and fluffy, but it was also a tad bit serious at times I enjoyed it a lot than I thought I would I was worried that this would be a meh read.I was wrong It may have been light and fluffy, but on a rainy day this was exactly what I needed to cheer me up My only real issue with this book is that it s part of a series, and ends on a cliffhanger Normally, this wouldn t be such a big deal, except this book was released in 2009 and freaking goodreads doesn t show a sequel in the works o.OI m actually having problems writing this review I don t really know what to say I liked Casey, Livia and Devon I can t really pick a favorite, but I definitely relate to Casey , because I m a small town southern girl too The difference between me and her is that I can t stand it when people talk down to me Everyone puts their britches on one leg at a time, and you Well, you re not better than me, just like I m no better than you.As a resu...

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    Three gorgeous girls One sexy location Girl Stays In The Picture by Melissa de la Cruz tells the story of three girls who are in Saint Tropez for the summer.Devon is a pop star fresh out of rehab She has been cast in a movie that is filming in Saint Tropez and she is hoping that she can gain her career and respect back She is ready to make a change in her life and is determined to stay sober.Casey is a regular old teenager whose best friend Summer is an up and coming singer and actress Summer was cast in the same movie as Devon and she hires Casey to be her personal assistant for the summer Casey is so excited to live a glamorous life for once, but she struggled when she realizes that her best friend has changed for the worse.Fat girl turned skinny and gorgeous Livia is in Saint Tropez for the summer because her dad is the producer of the film Devon and Summer are working on Livia has serious body issues and after weight loss surgery, she is still struggling with her image Livia becomes friends with Casey and Devon.The story rotated points of view which is my favorite kind of story It s even what I m doing in my own novel I loved getting to hear what was going on in each girls head and each of their individual voices truly stood out I loved getting to know each girl and he...

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    For me, Girl Stays in the Picture was squee worthy to the tune of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Sleepaway Girls Pretty much good clean fun I was surprised at how on their own these teenagers were but I think that goes along with the whole Hollywood lifestyle I loved the glimpse in to film sets and overworked assistants.One thing that really excited me about this book was that I couldn t pick a favorite character, usually I gravitate towards one or two that I feel like I understand better but in Girl Stays in the Picture I loved them all equally For me that shows the strength of the characters They all had their own uniquestorylines , Devon and her mess of a mother and the chance to clean up her act, but does anyone care Livia, always in the background until a weight loss surgery brings her out of the shadows, and Casey who s totally out of her element with theHollywood elite I just loved them all You better believe I m excited beyond belief that this is a series.This book was an addiction for me, at 432 pages I wouldn t call it short I somehow was finished it within 24 hours, which is pretty much unheard of for me with a book this size I just couldn t put...

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    It s like reading all the gossip blogs but better.

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    Love it Not your typical girlygirl book.Was very enjoyable and the ending is left as a cliffhanger Darnnn just when it was getting so good too.Spy x Devon 3

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    Liked the book till the very ending I hated that it ended the way it did then there isn t another book to answer the readers questions that come up at the end.

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