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HazelSweet But Dull That S How Life Has Always Been For Hazel Louise Mull Dare With Money Pouring In From The Family S Caribbean Sugar Plantation, A Father Who Spoils Her Rotten, And No Pressure To Excel In Anything Whatsoever, Her Future Is Looking As Prim And Proper As One Of Her Hats But On The Day Of The Epsom Derby June 4th, 1913 Everything Changes A Woman In A Dark Coat Steps Out In Front Of The King S Horse, Dying Days Later From Her Injuries Who Was She And Why Did She Do It Hazel Is Determined To Find Out But Finding Out Leads Her Into Worse Trouble Than She Could Ever Have Imagined It Leads To Banishment To Secrets That Have Festered, And A Shame That Lingers On To Madness And Misunderstanding In The Place Where Sugar Cane Grows Sweet But Dull That S How Life Used To Be For Hazel Louise Mull Dare Not Any.

[Ebook] ↠ Hazel Author Julie Hearn – Justinfoline.us
  • Hardcover
  • 389 pages
  • Hazel
  • Julie Hearn
  • English
  • 03 May 2019
  • 9781416925040

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    Loved it Especially the first half, set in 1913 London 13 year old Hazel becomes very interested in the suffragettes, as well as in her classmate Gloria, I thought Which ends in disaster and her being sent to her grandparents sugar plantation in the Caribbean the book here felt a bit bi polar I thought, as much as I did love it The two halves were two very different stories for a lot of the time And as interesting as it was to suddenly be on the other side of the world, in the wilds, with the issue of slavery in the recent past, my interests lie much with the suffragette half.I was also glad to finally read this, having read both Ivy and Rowan the Strange The three fit together as a trilogy Ivy is Hazel s mother, and Rowan s grandmother though you don t have to read them in order, or to have read the others at all It s just like a little bonus if you HAVE And having read RtS before this one, I had an OMG moment because I suddenly knew what Hazel s father ...

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    Meh This book was one big meh It felt like the author had read a bunch of other books about suffragettes, London, and sugar cane slavery.and wrote her own book without doing any further research None of the pieces to this book felt real and fleshed out The first half of the book was largely about Hazel being fascinated by the suffragettes in London after seeing one get trampled by a horse.but that whole story line gets dumped when she is sent to live with her grandparents on their Caribbean sugar plantation What follows is a cliche filled, half attempt t...

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    Hazel s life is not perfect.Her father had a breakdown.Her mother is infatuated with dogs.And Hazel s teachers are trying to teach her Shakespeare with all the interesting bits blocked out.Salvation must be somewhere.Perhaps in the American girl who drew the scandalous picture during the class trip to Kensington ...

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    I really really enjoyed this book.The plot might have been lacking at times but overall the novel was very enjoyable.Hazel is a girl that I would say feels like she knows herself where she stands in her life,but when she is sent to live with her Grandparents while her Father is recovering from a breakdown,she discovers a world of secrets maybe also disappiontment.I really liked the ending how things were left With her Father not knowing about Tommy John or his daughter.It gave the nov...

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    This book seemed like it should be two different stories to me In the first half, spoiled, rich Hazel witnesses a suffragette jump in front of a race horse and around the same time she befriends a brash, new girl at her school both give her new ideas and questions In the second half, after her father...

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    Another great Julie Hearn book

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    I liked it a little than the first book, but where I liked the main character in the previous book, I hated Hazel and quite a few of the other characters I did like her in the last few chapters, and the end of the book does circle back to Ivy s story Another 2.5 stars.

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    The jacket copy made this book sound so much adventurous and exciting than it was The context most of the events occur in makes them much lower stakes than I was expecting, and that kind of took the wind out of it for me.

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    Originally published at and dull is not only how I would describe the protagonist s life, but also how I would describe the entirety of HAZEL by Julie Hearn The novel as a whole felt too disjointed the first and the second halves of HAZEL by Julie Hearn are so different that it felt like two separate books.HAZEL by Julie Hearn is technically a sequel to Ivy by Julie Hearn In HAZEL, the protagonist is Ivy s daughter HAZEL by Julie Hearn is like a companion novel than a direct sequel because it can stand alone on its own The only advantage of reading Ivy beforehand is a better understanding of Hazel s mother.Nothing bothers me than a naive protagonist I love my characters to be intelligent and independent They don t have to be a know it all ahem, Hermione , but I d like them to have a decent head on her shoulders Hazel is unfortunately not one of those heroines Admittedly, she is barely thirteen at the beginning of the novel, and she has very much to learn She lives a sheltered life and her education as a gentleman s daughter is pretty limited Hazel s naivete causes her to be easily manipulated by others.My problem with HAZEL by Julie Hearn is also the lack of suspense Hearn has the habit oftelling readers what is about to happen instead of just lett...

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    Hazel is 13 in 1913 and is privileged to be the daughter of a gentleman In Sugar She adores her Daddy, who tells her stories about how he met her beautiful, former artist s model mother at the Battersea dog shelter and fell instantly in love Hazel is sheltered and comfortable in her world but on June 4, she tumbles into young adulthood when she witnesses a woman being trampled by the King s horse at the Epsom Derby The woman was a suffragist, something had never heard about or thought of until that moment Another crack in Hazel s easy existence comes soon after, when her beloved father suffers financial reversal and a nervous breakdown Hazel is kept in ignorance of the true facts and carries on as if her father will return home shortly and everything will be the same She continues to attend the Kensington School for the Daughters of Gentlemen, where her teachers censor Shakespeare and collect nature specimens The new girl at school, Gloria, stirs things up and introduces Hazel to thoughts and feelings Hazel has never experienced before Hazel s crush on Gloria and her new found interest in women s suffrage cause Hazel to create a scandal which results in her being shipped off to her grandparents sugar plantation in the Caribbean where mysterious and uncomfortable even...

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