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The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16This Is The Latest Edition Of The World S Foremost Annual Showcase Of Horror And Dark Fantasy Fiction Here Are Some Of The Very Best Short Stories And Novellas By Today S Finest Exponents Of Horror Fiction Including Kim Newman, Neil Gaiman, Paul McAuley, Glen Hirshberg, Ramsey Campbell And Tanith Lee The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 16 Also Contains The Most Comprehensive Overview Of Horror Around The World During The Year, Lists Of Useful Contact Addresses And A Fascinating Necrology It Is The One Book That Is Required Reading For Every Fan Of Macabre Fiction.Contents AcknowledgementsIntroduction Horror In 2004 By Stephen JonesForbidden Brides Of The Faceless Slaves In The Nameless House Of The Night Of Dread Desire By Neil GaimanLilies By Iain RowanBreaking Up By Ramsey Campbell The King , In Yellow By Brian KeeneA Trick Of The Dark By Tina RathThe Mutable Borders Of Love By Leslie WhatFlour White And Spindle Thin By L H Maynard And M P N SimsTighter By Christa FaustRestraint By Stephen GallagherIsrabel By Tanith LeeThe Growlimb By Michael SheaThis Is Now By Michael Marshall SmithRemnants By Tim LebbonSafety Clowns By Glen HirshbergThe Devil Of Delery Street By Poppy Z BriteApocalypse Now, Voyager By Jay RussellStone Animals By Kelly LinkSoho Golem By Kim NewmanSpells For Halloween An Acrostic By Dale BaileyMy Death By Lisa TuttleThe Problem Of Susan By Neil GaimanNecrology 2004 Essay By Stephen Jones And Kim NewmanUseful Addresses Essay By Stephen Jones

[PDF / Epub] ✐ The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16 ☃ Stephen Jones – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 610 pages
  • The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16
  • Stephen Jones
  • English
  • 06 July 2017
  • 9781845291174

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    Addendum was able to purchase This Is Now by Michael Marshall Smith from this collection for Pseudopod The episode is here This Is Now by Michael Marshall Smith So, here s another oneThe Year In starter continues to be both worthwhile and depressing such a glut of mediocre material and, seeing as it just keeps coming, such a glut of people accepting of mediocre material oh, I know subjectivity objectivity , yadda, yadda, yadda I guess I m also sorry that Jones didn t like GARTH MARENGHI S DARKPLACE But humor, as they say, is a funny thing Not funny, and always sobering, was the usual collections of death in the Necrology good rest to all those fine people And now, the stories.A few clunkers here, a bit solid but flawed, and a fairly respectable selection of good stories Only two really outstanding tales, alas While I try to be pretty open minded about horror as a very flexible genre, a good proportion of the offerings here fell into some of the niches I m not particularly fond of or, at least, only want to read stellar examples of dark fantasy with horror trappings, uneven horror lit, urban fantasy in general Clunkers The Mutable Borders of Love by Leslie What uses ghosts in a strictly metaphorical sense and, thus, not my cup of tea light dark fantasy ...

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    This is a review reconstructed from mainly brief diary entries made on each of the stories as I read them in 2006 While I recall some of the stories better than others, I avoid embellishing the information extracted from my diary as my recollections are not fresh enough some eight years after reading the book to be reliable enough Regrettably, in a couple of cases, I only recorded that I had begun to read or that I had read part of a particular story These are Lilies by Iain Rowan and The Growlimb by the late Michel Shea I don t recall the former but I remember liking the strangeness of The Growlimb , which might be worth a re read As for Christa Faust s story, Tighter , I recorded nothing about it at all, although I presumably read it The same goes for Stephen Gallagher s story, Restraint , and Michael Marshall Smith s This is now.I found the first of two Neil Gaiman stories in this anthology, Forbidden brides of the faceless slaves in the nameless house of the night of dread desire , to be a mildly amusing tongue in cheek Gothic tale, but the second, The problem of Susan , I dismissed as another unsatisfactory story with no further elaboration While I recall very much enjoying Brian Keene s tale, The King , in Yellow , I didn t record at the time what I thought of it Neverthless, I was moved to draft an email to the editor of the now defunct Dungeon magazine suggesting this story as an additional resource for anyone wanting to extend Mat...

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    This is quite a collection of thinking and writing I have gathered some names of writers to keep an eye out for Neil Gaiman is included and I usually like his stuff Michael Marshall Smith, Tim Lebbon, Poppy Z Brite and Glen Hirshberg are a few other names If you get this collection...

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    This book has a pretty pretentious title for its content It should include the best new short stories of the horror genre, but unfortunately only a few of them are good, and only half of them are truly scary.I guess the purpose of the book is to introduce us with the work of not so famous writers like Poppy Z Brite, Christa Faust, Brian Keene and Lisa Tuttle I was pleasantly surprised by them and equally disappointed by some well known names such as Neil Gaiman.The stories I liked are My Death by Lisa Tuttle It s the longest story of all and meet us with a writer who wants to write a biography of a long forgotten woman In order to do this, she has to do a lot of research into the mysterious woman s past which reveals many secrets and one of them will change her live forever Spells for Halloween An Acrostic by Dale Bailey It s not much of a story but it still feels good to read it Stone Animals by Kelly Link This is my favorite story of all There is almost everything a good horror story should include black humor, an old haunted house and bunnies The Devil of Delery Street by Poppy Z Brite Scary story about a sick little girl who can t go out of her house and the creepy stranger who she sees through her window every night across the street Restraint by Stephen Gallagher A single mother with her two children is chased by an unkno...

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    appeared in

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    Forbidden Brides of the Faceless Slaves in the Nameless House of the Night of Dread Desire by Neil Gaiman 1 starLilies by Iain Rowan 3 starsBreaking Up by Ramsey Campbell 2 stars The King , in Yellow by Brian Keene 4 starsA Trick of the Dark by Tina Rath 2 starsThe Mutable Borders of Love by Leslie What 2 starsFlour White and Spindle Thin by L H Maynard and M P N Sims 2 starsTighter by Christa Faust 3 stars bondage gone wrong, or right lol Restraint by Stephen Gallagher 2 stars Assholes would be assholes, even in death Israbel by Tanith Lee 2 stars it was boring The Growlimb by Michael Shea 1 star couldn t finished it.seriously what was the point This Is Now by Michael Marshall Smith 2 starsRemnants by Tim Lebbon 1 starSafety Clowns by Glen Hirshberg 1 star something about cocaine and ice cream DNF d ...

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    This volume has a diverse tone than many, with dark humor taking up a little of the book than usual Forbidden Brides, Spells for Halloween and The Problem of Susan have black comedy and a sense of dark, grisly humor at their root, while Kim Newman s Soho Golem sits on the border bet...

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    Good collection of fairly new horror stories Unless you ve picked up any other new horror story collections, you shouldn t see any repeats Had some really interesting stories Good inspiration for the horror writer.

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    My favorite stories from this book are Lilies , King,in Yellow , Restraint , Israbel , Safety Clowns , Apocalypse Now, Voyager and Soho Golem All the stories have an element of the macabre or the weird, but only a few were really scary.

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    The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 16 Mammoth Book of Best New Horror by Stephen Jones 2005

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