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A Place Beyond: Finding Home in Arctic AlaskaNick Jans Leads Us Into His Found Home The Eskimo Village Of Ambler, Alaska, And The Vast Wilderness Around It In His Powerful Essays, The Rhythms Of Daily Arctic Life Blend With High Adventure Camping Among The Wolves, Traveling With Inupiat Hunters, Witnessing The Kobuk River At Spring Breakup The Poignancy Of A Village Funeral Comes To Life, Hordes Of Mosquitoes Whine Against A Tent, A Grizzly Stands Etched Against The Snow Just A Sampling Of The Images And Events Rendered In Jan S Transparent, Visual Prose Moments Of Humor Ar Offset By Haunting Insights, And By Thoughtful Reflections On Contemporary Inupiaq Culture, Making A Place Beyond A Book To Read And Enjoy.

[KINDLE] ❆ A Place Beyond: Finding Home in Arctic Alaska Author Nick Jans – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • A Place Beyond: Finding Home in Arctic Alaska
  • Nick Jans
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9780882408071

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    Posted at Shelf InflictedNick Jans, teacher and writer, looking to flee a future that looked all too certain , drove five thousand miles to Alaska In these simply written, brief, and pleasurable essays, Jans vividly describes the mundane aspects of his life in Arctic Alaska, as well as the wild and unpredictable He writes of repairing a snowmobile, camping among wolves, his students love for basketball, the treacherous mosquito season, the breaking up of the Kobuk River, and hunting with the Inupiat Eskimos He writes movingly of a friend s death and burial, and a Christma...

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    I used to fantasize about getting away from modernity and moving to Alaska Unfortunately, I get cold when the thermometer drops under 70 F I might still consider moving to a southern region of Alaska somewhere that still qualifies as wilderness, but where I can feel my toes for than six weeks a year but A Place Beyond has proved to me that arctic Alaska just isn t my cup of tea since, y know, I like my tea thawed But a visit, I can handle I ll do like Jans does with the wolves and go, to co opt his phrase, traveling with my eyes Only my eyes will be looking at books and maybe movies documentaries, not wolves Darn.Beyond proving that I m no Alaskan, native or otherwise, A Place Beyond talks about life in the Arctic Circle in such a way that you realize how similar it is to life anywhere else, while still getting glances at the exotic bits People...

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    God I love these stories Makes me so lonesome for Chicken I could cry Maybe I need to go on a roadtrip The city gets a bit crowded some days.

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    This book was written about a village in my school district It was really interesting to read another outsider s perspective of this place There are some things he talks about that I haven t experienced, but have heard of, and there are a lot of things he talks about that I have seen ...

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    Finished this yesterday, 2 7 18 Goodreads is not allowing me to enter dates other than finished today.

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    I read this through the First Reads program on Goodreads This is an enlightening book of short stories written from the perspective of the author who actually lives in Alaska in a rural area of the tundra Each of the stories has a different introspective message which is vetted through the eyes of someone living in this small village in Alaska Something I appreciated in this book than in others which were historical that I have read is just how COLD it is up there and how difficult it must be for people to live there The author really shows through Western ized eyes how inspiring and amazing these communities are it s almost like stepping back in time the way they live except that they have snowmobiles and motorized boats I really enjoyed this book even though I usually don t like short ...

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    A great little book about one man s life in the sparsely populate upper western part of Alaska If you have an interest in life in Alaska, this is a great read.

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    Nick Jans provides small yet satisfyingly raw images of his life in Alaska He brings the reader into his world filled with survival, snowmobile parts, Inupiat neighboors, and local culture Jans chapters unveil the Alaskan wilderness as a harsh yet manage...

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    A very nice series of essays about life in a remote Alaskan village The author does a good job of describing the wildlife and landscape, and, particularly, how depressing it can be during the dark winter months Would have liked to learn a little about the people living there, both native born a...

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    Deceptively simple.Jans, neither native nor fully outsider, layers snapshots of daily life in the arctic from a truly unique perspective and, in 28 short essays, offers an unexpectedly vivid portrait of a people and a lifestyle that are disappearing into the mainstream.

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