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!!> Read ➵ Enduring Love ➸ Author Ian McEwan – Justinfoline.us
  • Audio CD
  • 8 pages
  • Enduring Love
  • Ian McEwan
  • 11 June 2019
  • 9781405671040

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    This is a mid career novel by McEwan, 1997 It s about erotomania, the syndrome characterized by the delusional idea, usually in a young woman, that a man whom she considers to be of higher social and or professional standing, who may be a complete stranger, is in love with her He sends her signs and messages that only she can interpret, keeping the delusion alive It can occur in males too, as it does in this story, especially in men who have social disabilities are disconnected loners with no friends, and may already have schizophrenia or other disorders McEwan doesn t use the word erotomania though, he calls it by its original name, De Clerambault s syndrome.The sudden and obsessive love is directed at our main character, a married male journalist who writes science articles for magazines The onset of love is provoked by a tragedy a ballooning accident in which a father is killed, dropping from clinging to the balloon, while his son is saved inside the balloon A group of men in a park try to grab the balloon in a moment of democratic chaos of attempted rescue without a...

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    In ____ place time , _______________ name of character does __________ action so that __________ goal , but _________ conflict This book is _______ adjective , ______ adjective , and made this reader _____ verb.

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    There is a vague memory of me watching the film adaptation of Enduring Love some years ago starring a pre 007 Daniel Craig, the fact I hardly remember a thing helped not to spoil the book, which turned out to be an interesting read, but was far from being anything particularly special The story mainly consists of two vastly different men, Joe Rose, writer, model citizen, well respected, and Jed Parry, a strange obsessive lunatic The novel starts with a dramatic set piece of high tension, a hot air ballooning accident in the Chiltern Hills and the men trying to stop it Joe is one of them, Parry is another, where for a moment the men are hanging on by ropes, trying to keep the balloon grounded as strong gusts of wind play havoc The combined weight of all will keep the basket s occupant, a 10 year old boy, on the ground But after a tragic outcome, this is where Jed Parry and Joe Rose become acquainted, and the start of a living nightmare for Rose.The opening was the highlight for me, and after the accident, Joe has ...

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    Even though I liked much of Choupette s review this morning, I disagreed with her conclusions so, although I m clearly in the minority here, let me present my take Choupette starts off by observingreally what the book is about is the conflict between a way of thinking based on logical scientific reasoning and one based on emotions Literature, versus science Do the scientific illiterates who run the National Library really believe that literature is mankind s greatest achievement or something to that effect , the protagonist is heard to say on one occasion A provocative statement, Mr McEwan.It is indeed provocative, and I also think it s at the heart of what the book is about To me, however, the passage is intended to be deeply ironic The hero, Joe, is a science journalist, and embodies a world view arranged around a rather facile interpretation of science Note that he isn t a real scientist at one point he tries to get back into the world of scientific research, and is politely but firmly told that he s missed the boat Through no fault of his own, Joe is placed in a bizarre situation where, for reasons he doesn t understand, he discovers he s being ...

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    Ian McEwan s novels tend to revolve around a single event, a single moment, or day This day will change the character s life and everyone around them It shows the past and the future spiraling around this one narrative point in the story He s at his best in this format, and that definitely shows in Enduring Love It is essentially a case study of a man suffering from extreme, disturbing delusions and a fierce obsession, and the man who struggles to deal with being the object of that obsession But it never felt clinical to me It did start a bit slow, a bit ponderously, I will admit that But his language got me anyway, with a great deal of beautiful imagery and explorations on various themes After that, McEwan rapidly builds the tension and suspense, despite the fact that the whole thing remains wrapped up in psychological analysis, rational reasoning and scientific analogy, the study of it is so rapid and consuming that it feels like constant action.The villain if we can really call him that manages to be horrifying and eerie and completely disturbing and yet, there is still a kind of terrible beauty to him that forces you to think about your own obsessions and your own loves He represents the kind of...

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    Enduring Love is either a brilliant camp comedy or one of the worst attempts at serious fiction ever.Joe and his wife Clarissa are having a picnic when they spot a falling baloon A man tries desperately to pin the balloon to the ground to save his son who s inside, traumatized Joe and a group of men who happened to be at the place run to help The experiment goes bad the man rolls to the ground while Joe and other men let go of the balloon The balloon goes up into the air with one of the strangers still holding it nevertheless, he lets go too at considerable height and falls to the ground, dying instantly.One of the stranger, Jed, starts looking at Joe Joe doesn t know what s going on but we do Jed has developed an obsession with Joe He fell in love with him and wants to be happy with him under the watchful eye of God.He s desperate.The characters are so unsympathetic that the reader finds himself rooting for Jed to kill them all Clarissa is the one of the worst and most boring women ever written She likes kids but she can t have one of her own she likes books and is big on Keats she s an university professor a...

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    During this stressful work week I was looking for a quick escape from one of my favorite authors, with much anticipation, but ended with a disappointment Enduring Love was the weakest among the 9 McEwan s books I ve read so far.Scientific writer Joe rose met Jed parry during a heroic group act to rescue a 10 year old boy during an air balloon accident, and unfortunately the uncoordinated act led to the death of one of the rescuers Jed became obsessed with his unrequited love for already guilt stricken Joe, and started stalking and threatening him This put a strain on Joe s previously harmonious relationship with his partner Clarissa, and the stress continued to build when Joe took the matters all into his own hands Did Joe choose to do so The answer was both yes and no This psychological thriller kicked off with a bang, but was half baked after, and fell flat at the ending there were so many possibilities to deliver a powerful and less predictable resolution,, given the rich material McEwan provided throughout the book.The moral of the story was the fragility of love between couples having had long shared affection and loyalty Joe and Clarissa s 7 year relationship had been a time bomb anyway They were great match...

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    O ingl s Ian McEwan n 1948 um dos meus escritores de refer ncia e O Fardo do Amor 1997 foi a minha d cima terceira leitura do conjunto da sua obra liter ria que revelam uma enorme criatividade e alguma controv rsia, quase sempre valorizada pelo p blico e pela cr tica, e que invariavelmente se reflecte nos in meros pr mios liter rios recebidos Num campo agr cola e no meio de um relvado fresco e primaveril, h um enorme bal o de ar quente Nesse bal o e no interior do cesto est uma crian a de dez anos de idade Junto ao cesto, agarrado a uma corda, est um homem a precisar de ajuda o piloto ficara com uma perna enredada na corda que estava atada a uma ncora, no momento em que o bal o tocou no ch o Uma s bita rabanada de vento arrasta o bal o para uma escarpa rochosa V rios homens surgem a correr para tentar ajudar a segurar o bal o Um desses homens era o nosso narrador Joe Rose, um jornalista de temas cient ficos A sua mulher Clarissa, uma acad mica que investiga a morte do poeta ingl s John Keats 1795 1821 em Roma, It lia, assiste a todos os acontecimentos Entre in meras d vidas, inten es falhadas, aus ncia de comando, incompet ncia, ego smo, falta de car cter, tudo falhou ...

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    Read it years ago A tragic accident..love, guilt, moral dilemma..Thought provoking prose..A terrific writer One of my favorites

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    Trying to describe the deeply intimate personal with psychopathology this is precisely what made Saturday the worst book ever contrived Emphasis on CONTRIVED Now, this dish is not devoid of that ingredient it is again about a member of the upper class DON T EVER FORGET IT dear reader crashing head on with a creep o misfit, a defective misanthrope who has this eerie pathological condition stalking the incredibly intelligent and quick witted protagonist for pages a neo noir, a la Saramago but not turtle paced like his are usually, thank god The premise is incredible, too many coincidences create a rift in an otherwise stagnant life two events, including the aforementioned illness of the antagonist and the event which propels the reader to continue reading the novel in 1 sitting , the hot air balloon accident, are one too many things to occur to a science journalist who functions intellectually in a plane above you me he s British after all That all these occurrences happen at once is almost a literary impossibility.But Damn it if this isn t O so readable You must know what happens next, and at all costs, and ignoring your outside life will become a necessity It is bizarre, ugly in the clinical definition of the word Sterile, bleak, sad I love the fact that the central problem in the book is the su...

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