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بنات الرياضA Bold New Voice From Saudi Arabia Spins A Fascinating Scheherazade Like Tale Of Four Young Women Attempting To Navigate The Narrow Straits Between Love, Desire, Fulfillment, And Islamic Tradition For The First Time, The Hidden World Of Today S Upper Class Saudi Women Is Revealed By An Insider.

!!> EPUB ✿ بنات الرياض ✺ Author Rajaa Alsanea – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 331 pages
  • بنات الرياض
  • Rajaa Alsanea
  • German
  • 13 November 2018
  • 9783442466566

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    I think the author wrote a true account of life in Saudi Arabia I am married to a Saudi, and I didn t find anything she wrote about to be in conflict with what I know from my 29 years of marriage, experience in SA, and extended family Most importantly,her story rings true based on what my children who are now the same age as the author have told me about the private world of young people It s an exciting peek into the inner world of young Saudi women, and that is enough to make it worth the read I know it s one particular slice of Saudi female life, but no book can be all things to all people A good book will take you in depth and, depending on the topic, deliberately not function as a survey text I think the book does a good job of making an unknown grou...

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    Save for the last 3 chapters, Girls of Riyadh by Raja Alsanea was a huge let down Sensationalized and immature, the author is clearly looking to cash in on the western stereotypes of the east The 4 female protagonists act in the most predictable, girly movie way.The story did nothing for me, didn t enlighten me to the supposedly hidden side of the Arab way of life and society, as the author promised in many interviews The author assumes this self important, holier than thou tone that got so annoying that after the first few chapters I skipped the introductory passage where she addresses the readers It s only towards the very end that the characters turn fleshy You get a slight glimpse into something profound but it lingers below the surface, at best.The author lacks the craft to tap into the real issues, she states them ou...

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    When this book first came out, I was living in Saudi Arabia and it caused quite a stir so much so that it was banned in Kingdom I was teaching ESL at the time, and the women in my classes were frantic to get their hands on a copy of it Turns out the enthusiasm they felt was short lived as in as soon as they started reading it The book is written as a series of emails between a group of young Saudi women, and to folks who, like my students, had little experience reading fiction, it seemed too true for most of my students Many were offended and defensive, believing the author was telling lies about them and their friends Oddly enough, several of the women I spoke with insisted they actually knew some of the characters in the book Fast forward a few years and I picked up a deeply discounted English version of the book and read it in two sittings I understood how and why my students were upset Although fictional, the scenes and experiences portrayed happen every day in Saudi Arabia, and having the world read about them must have been scary especially for women who live very private and secluded lives.That said, the book is fiction, and readers need to remember that It s well written albeit a translation , and the stories are compelling in a watching a train wreck sor...

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    Malo egzotike Nesto drugacije od onoga na sta smo navikli

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    Girls Of Riyadh Where could i possibly begin I will begin with the first time I saw it on the Best Sellers shelf in one of our local bookshops in Kuwait The cover attracted me so I grabbed it and read few lines of random pages of the book and ended up liking it but i did not buy it at the time and bought Shadow Kiss, Vampire Academy Instead Each time I paid a visit to the same bookshop I saw it there, laying then grabbed it and hesitated to buy it Again Until One time I visited Jareer s bookshop in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and decided to finally buy it with no hesitation whatsoever.I read a few reviews about it, some of them attacked the author and some agreed with her.I couldn t judge the book until I read it So I began reading the book and like most of the girls I somehow related to what was written in it The stories that she shared are whether we hated it or not were true It happened and it is still happening to most of the girls in our society I believe that the author was being judged and attacked because she was as the people claim judgmental, Over reacting, lying and the list goes on. But what I see is that she is only telling the truth, she s telling what she s seeing Where went the freedom of...

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