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Sammy going southSammy Hartland Is A 10 Year Old English Boy Whose Parents Are Killed In The Bombing Of Port Said In 1956 He Knows He Has An Aunt In Durban, Which He Knows Is Somewhere South Of Port Said, So He Sets Out To Cross The Continent To Reach Her He Crosses Deserts And Mountains And Savannah, And Meets Many People, Some Of Whom Help Him, While Others Simply Try To Exploit Him For Their Own Purposes.

[ PDF / Epub ] ★ Sammy going south Author W.H. Canaway – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 171 pages
  • Sammy going south
  • W.H. Canaway
  • English
  • 02 January 2018
  • 9780326565988

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    At one level this is an adventure travel story, of a boy with no money, trying to make a long journey alone, dependent on the help he receives from strangers on the way At another level it is a story of growing u...

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    The original title was Find the Boy when it was published in the U.S in 1961 When I was 9, my mom took me to the movie U.K title Sammy Going South U.S title A Boy Ten Feet Tall starring Edward G Robinson I really enjoyed it but haven t seen it since Since it s about a 10 year old boy making his way down through Africa from Egypt to South Africa, I was afraid it would be full of then current racial stereotypes, but the book steered clear of all of those The down side to this otherwise fun adventure tale is that nearly all of the characters, Sammy included, aren t too likeable Only the poacher diamond smuggler played by Robinson in the movie tha...

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    He s not literally ten feet tall, of course Robert Pershing Wadlow was the tallest reliably measured human, and he was a little less than nine feet tall when he died in his early twenties.The idea behind the title is that the boy is of inhuman stature emotionally But he isn t, of course He undertakes quite a marathon trek But he s really quite an ordinary child, as I understood him.The main thing that struck me about why the boy distrusts others especially adults occurs quite early in the story The boy is being given immunizations, and he asks if they will hurt They will, of course but he s told they won t This combines with o...

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    Also found under the titles Find the Boy, and Sammy Goes South A Huck Finn kind of story about an orphan who leaves Egypt and walks the length of Africa in search of his Aunt in Durban South Africa Sammy meets a cast of characters along the way some who offer compassionate aid, and some who see only profit in helping the boy get to his destination After witnessing horrific sights that cause him to withdraw and not trust anyone Sammy fina...

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    The American film version of this book is A Boy Ten Feet Tall starring Edward G Robinson

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    High adventure.

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    .i knew this story via the film,but never read it before.interesting book wasn t disappointed.

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    This is a story about an orphaned boy who set out from the Suez Canal area in Africa to find his aunt in South Africa and about his adventures and dangers along the way.

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