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The Modern Scholar: Unseen Diversity: The World of Bacteria (Audiobook)Bacteria Are The Most Overlooked Organisms On Your Nature Walk You See Birds, Trees, And Wildflowers You May Even Examine Fungi, Rock Formations, Mosses, Lichens, Nests, Tracks, And Insects However, It Is Likely That You Are Not Seeing Bacteria Even Though You May Know They Are There In Countless Numbers, Far Outnumbering The Other Organisms, And That Their Influence On The Environment Is Vast And Profound.Professor Betsey Dexter Dyer Of Wheaton College Examines The Role Of Bacteria As Major Players In Earth S Biodiversity In The Course Of These Fascinating Lectures, Professor Dyer Delves Into The History Of Microbiology, The Four Billion Year History Of Bacteria And Archaea As The Dominant Organisms On Earth, And The Place Of Pathogens In The Greater Context Of The Bacterial World This Course Serves As Both A Field Guide For Curious Naturalists And A Friendly Introduction To The World Of Bacteria And Archaea.

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    All told, not a great lecture, but not bad It s worth listening to if you know less than I did going in If you know , this is probably a waste of your time Update I keep finding myself referring back to this thinking of what I learned I m not sure what put me off so badly, but I obviously got a lot out of it than I realized at first, so I m bumping it up a star end update My last biology course was 40 years ago, so I started this with a lot of questions I ve kept up with this branch of science only through occasional articles general reading A lot has changed since my school days I think we only had the plant animal kingdoms no domains in our text books, but were told about higher other classifications Bacteria were all lumped in one group at that time possibly a domain of their own but there has been so many changes over the years that I can t really recall Domains sometimes part of empires have been added maybe for eukaryotes, bacteria, archaea, possibly viruses I recently read an article about 7 or 8 ...

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    I picked this up on one of Audible s super sales I think I got it for 5 and I absolutely loved it Yes, I m a science geek, and your average person is not going to appreciate this but, if you re at all curious about microbes and the history of science, I can assure you ...

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    review Bacteria are the most overlooked organisms on your nature walk You see birds, trees, and wildflowers You may even examine fungi, rock formations, mosses, lichens, nests, tracks, and insects However, it is likely that you are not seeing bacteria even though you may know they are there in countless numbers, far outnumbering the other organisms, and that their influence on the environment is vast and profound.Professor Betsey Dexter Dyer of Wheaton College examines the role of bacteria as major players in Earth s biodiversity In the course of these fascinating lectures, Professor Dyer delves into the history of microbiology, the four billion year history of bacteria and archaea as the dominant organis...

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    Added 2 5 17 Release Date 10 31 08 Publisher Recorded Books This book gets fascinating with every lecture The author provides plenty of back up information She seems to know how to clarify difficult concepts, giving good examples and widening one s knowledge in every direction.See at audible.com

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    really enjoyable survey of bacteria.Learned a bunch of interesting stuff, and while there was material I already knew, put in context of the whole course it really emphasized the amazing role bacteria plays i...

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    great book very contemporary Many science books have outdated information But this was great.

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    Extremely fascinating throughout Did you know 10% of our body weight is bacteria I ve been boring my family with bacteria and biome facts now for weeks I don t think that has enticed any of them to read it, though.

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    This was interesting but frustratingly incomplete I learned a lot about bacterial metabolism, but only learned about, say, one mode of bacterial locomotion This was based so much on the author s field guide to bacteria, and as a result I learned an outsized amount about how to recognize certain types of bacteria by their appearance and texture, but lit...

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    If, like me, you took high school biology before DNA sequencing became standard practice then just about everything you learned is obsolete This is a great basic overview of the new microbiology Her enthusiasm is wonderful, and slight digressions very colorful and enriching, addin...

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    This 14 lecture course provides an introduction to bacteria, explaining how many bacteria are all around us and inside us, and explaining why the vast majority of bacteria are harmless and not pathogenic Given the recent anti bacteria craze, it s a ...

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