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Public DomainPoetry Latino Latina Studies PUBLIC DOMAIN Is First Rate, Worthy Of Rerereading And Full Tilt Gesamkunstwerke Treatment, And, Rest Assured, Will Never Rest Which Is To Say The Interplay Of Text Orality, Theory Playfulness, Concrete Lyric Appearing In Every Form Imaginable Heretofore Unimagined, Adds Up To The Most Adventurous Conceptual Mystery Poem I Have Ever Read Performed I Cannot Imagine Poetry Without Her Bob Holman.

➲ Public Domain Read ➺ Author Mónica de la Torre – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 97 pages
  • Public Domain
  • Mónica de la Torre
  • English
  • 22 July 2018
  • 9781931824309

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    After reading Averno s intensely clich d metaphor and maudlin and mopey content, I wasn t sure I could hate poetry I was wrong.I really don t mean to be facetious, and I will qualify this with a deep respect for the exploration of form and style that de la Torre uses here, but I cannot say I actually appreciate the result First the form the first half blends titles, epigraphs, white space, and narrative with poetry, while the second half plays with news and an epistolary format The latter was easier to adapt to, and I think a bit deeper on the intellectual front because it set out to answer a question that seemed clear the former however, to me seemed only like a conceit a trick of an attempt at cleverness, and all I could think while reading was, Really Oh, how quaint Wait, what is this It wasn t the kind of introspective questioning that I think poetry should elicit, but of a confused annoyance.The content itself was mixed i.e I did like the occasional poem in the first half, while the second half did get boring, and occasionally, I just didn t know what to think For example, Imperfect Utterances could have been amazing and cute as simply a title, an epigraph, and then blank space But then she had to go and write 13 pages of...

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    Public Domain is a dizzying, disorienting book You re never sure where you re standing from one serial poem to the next, or even within the same poem But who cares You just go with it because it offers reiterations and illustrations of the limitations and failures of communication and language, in a time when the public domain has gone global Often books in this vein that use a singular procedure, constraint, concept solicit an equally narrow reading whether or not actual reading is needed Public Domain is all over the map The thrust of each poem shifts from one section to another Translations, mistranslation...

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