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Demon DownloadThe Earth Is Ravaged By Catastrophic Climactic Changes Society Is Marked By A Resurgence Of Tribalism The World S Economies, Civilizations, And Even The Laws Of Nature Are On The Brink Of Collapse Introducing Sister Chantal Juillerat, Papal Agent Extraordinary Her Nubile, Cat Suited Form Belies The Lethal Assassin Concealed Within And Now The Beautiful Cyber Exorcist Faces Her Greatest Challenge, From Within His Frotress Temple, The Immortal Nguyen Seth Plots The Apocalyptic Climax To A Conspiracy Older Than The Human Race.

[BOOKS] ⚣ Demon Download ⚡ Jack Yeovil – Justinfoline.us
  • Paperback
  • 241 pages
  • Demon Download
  • Jack Yeovil
  • English
  • 05 March 2019
  • 9781852835552

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    Excellent post apocalyptic pulp from Jack Yeovil aka film critic Kim Newman about a demonic computer virus unleashed on the Americas datanets via the US Cavalry s Fort Apache It was written in the 1980s pre internet heyday of cyberspace cyberpunk science fiction and has aged remarkably well The 1999 of Demon Download strikes me as a credible alternative timeline, and it s fascinating to revisit how the future looked from the perspective of the late 80s The novel is peppered with entertaining popular and political culture references from the 80s, which is great for nostalgia but may pass by readers who didn t live through that decade The 80s world view, focused on small wars in Central America was also quite interesting US presidents included Oliver North and Charlton Heston.The demon of the title provides for effective horror, as it takes over buildings and machines, using them against the people that try to stop him The demon was unleashed by Elder Nguyen Seth, the Josephite leader, and this provides the central link to Jack Yeovil s other Dark Future novels, along with a few appearances of common characters I liked the return of the US Cavalr...

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    Technically the first book in the Dark Future cycle, set in a dilapidated decaying alternative United States, most of which has been reduced to scorching desert, plagued by roving bands of armed gangs, with only the reconstituted US Road Cavalry keeping the highways open There are dark forces at work, ushering in the end of the world, and as part of their plans, they unleash a demo...

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    Bei der Macht Gottes ich treibe Euch aus, Loveletter, Stuxnet und DNS Changer Heutzutage kommen Viren und Trojaner per Mail auf die Rechner von unvorsichtigen Mailanhang Klickern Was passiert Im schlimmsten Fall sind ein paar Daten weg oder Passw rter ausgesp ht In Jack Yeovils Vision einer nahen Zukunft sind die Konsequenzen einer solchen Computervirus Infektion deutlich gravierender ein paar Dutzend Tote, gesprengte Geb ude und amoklaufende Panzerfahrzeuge mit schweren Waffen sind noch das kleinste bel, denn der geheime Cyberkrieg zwischen einer Scientology hnlichen Sekte und dem Vatikan f hrt zu einer weltweiten Anspannung, die sich in einem Feuerwerk von Gewalt mitten in der W ste Arizonas entl dtDie Dark Future Reihe bildet die Hintergrundgeschichte eines Brettspiels aus den 80ern ab, die viele Elemente aus Cyberpunk, Postapokalypse la Mad Max und religi sen Endzeitszenarien miteinander verbindet Wie bei praktisch allen Games Workshop Szenarien ist letztlich die Mischung der von berall zusammengeklauten Elemente das Reizvolle bei Dark Future ist das Ganz...

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    More clever and entertaining pulp from Kim Newman Heavy doses of delightful political satire and countless in jokes leaven the vivid, fast paced action.These novels, originally published in the 1990s, were set in the period in which we are now living When the publisher decided to reprint the books this was evidently regarded as a problem, and some bungler has dealt with it by simply moving the story s events forward in time by about twenty years This results in grotesquely protracted longevity for some of the real life pop culture figures and politicians whom Newman referen...

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    Not as good as Comeback Tour Interesing enough in its own way, but somehow anticlimatic after having read the third part and seeing the characters allude to this book s events I expected a bit , I guess.

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    La verdad que no pinta muy interesante que digamos, pero esperemos que al menos valga los 10 que me sali.

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    Pretty entertaining interesting twist on viruses and demons kinda sounds like the cyber papacy from the RPG Torg Liked it, was interesting and fun Four out of Five

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